FSHG Introduces: The Queer Gothic Lecture Series

Another premiere here at Father Son Holy Gore, as we introduce a new Queer Gothic Lecture Series.

This lecture series (and other series’ to follow)–like the Audio Tales of Terror–will be exclusively available at my Patreon. The first lecture is free right here! All following lectures will be available for only $6 per month, which also includes a ton more monthly content, including short stories, various columns, and other exciting treats like the Audio Tales of Terror.

The inaugural Queer Gothic Lecture is on The Old Dark House (1932) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). I’ll explore the Queer Gothic resistance of both films, how they challenge (and/or conform to) heteronormativity, as well as their connections to both WWI and WWII.
Make sure you turn off your cellphones and take notes!

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