A General Disclaimer

After receiving certain comments and feedback, I’d like to lay out a couple small things on this page. Just so that, going forward, anyone who cares enough to check this site out will be in the know as to what they can expect.

i) The reviews of television series I’ve done and currently do, they are both a recap and a review. Mostly they’re recaps. However, within those I also provide general insights you’d see in reviews. I don’t call them recaps specifically because, to be raw and honest, it help with hits. So sue me! Either way, 99.5% of people who drop by my site like how I do things. If you’re simply a passerby and don’t dig, don’t worry too much about it.
On the contrary, my movie reviews are strictly reviews. Many contain a short plot description, but otherwise it’s all review material on the films, their themes, cinematography, score, so on and so forth.

ii) My star rating is for movies only. I don’t bother to rate each television episode individually. So, I go from zero ★s to ★★★★★.
That being said, a ★★★★★ horror movie is not the same as a ★★★★★ drama, or a thriller, everything else. Not all ★★★★★ films are the same, either. It’s a case by case basis. So don’t assume because I gave an indie horror ★★★★1/2 stars that I necessarily mean it’s as good as a big budget thriller I may have also given the same rating. You may disagree with my specific ratings, but don’t come at me trying to compare certain films solely on their rating. Dig in, read what I have to say, then we’ll have a chat.

iii) If you have inquiries of any kind, contact me. Do not, however, contact me with an offer then disappear after I reply. If that happens I’ll never be doing any sort of business with you, ever again. Luckily, this has only happened once, but for anybody soliciting or hoping to get ad space, anything – only one chance. I do well enough with my website I don’t need to wait around for people only to bail on offers without any follow-up.

Anything else I think of will get added to this disclaimer.
Also, if you steal my stories or screenplays, I’ll know. Let’s say I’m super meticulous about my intellectual property.