The Romero Dead Series

Like so many of you, I bow at the altar of George Romero. He’s the grandfather of the modern zombie sub-genre in horror. His Dead series is a masterpiece altogether and several of them separately are works of horror genius. While I’m not huge on the last two of the series, at last so far as it stands, they’re still decent enough that I think the whole series is pretty wonderful.

So click on the images for each film (listed in chronological order) and as I’ve finished reviewing them you’ll be able to check them out. If you’ve got any sensible and intelligent opinions of your own on any of these movies, as always, I’d love to hear them! Drop on in at the comments section for any/all of them and we can have ourselves a chat.

night-of-the-living-dead-iv dawn Day Of The Dead (1985) - Original British Quad Poster land_of_the_dead_poster diary_of_the_dead_ver3_xlg survival-of-the-dead-title-800x337



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