FOX’s Scream Queens

ScreamQueensSeason One
1×01 “Pilot
1×02 Hell Week
1×03 “Chainsaw
1×04 Haunted House
1×05 “Pumpkin Patch
1×06 Seven Minutes in Hell
1×07 “Beware of Young Girls
1×08 “Mommie Dearest
1×09 Ghost Stories
1×10 Thanksgiving
1×11 Black Friday
1×12 Dorkus
1×13 The Final Girl(s)cover Season Two
1×01Scream Again
1×02 Warts and All
1×03 Handidates
1×04 Halloween Blues
Chanel Pour Homme-Icide
1×06 Blood Drive
1×07 The Hand
1×08 Rapunzel, Rapunzel
1×09 Lovin the D
1×10 Drain the Swamp


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