Cinemax’s The Knick


S01 Season 1
1×01Method and Madness
1×02Mr. Paris Shoes
1×03The Busy Flea
1×04Where’s the Dignity?
1×05They Capture the Heat
1×06Start Calling Me Dad
1×07Get the Rope
1×08 “Working Late a Lot”
1×09 “The Golden Lotus”
1×10 “Crutchfield”

theknick.w529.h352Season 2
2×01Ten Knots
2×02You’re No Rose
2×03The Best with the Best to Get the Best
2×04Wonderful Surprises
2×06There Are Rules
2×07Williams and Walker
2×08Not Well at All
2×09Do You Remember Moon Flower?
2×10This Is All We Are