My name is Chris Newell.  I’m a Bachelor of Arts Honours graduate and now a Master of Arts candidate (completing a Creative Thesis a.k.a my debut fictiona novel) at Memorial University of Newfoundland, a writer, wannabe filmmaker, and screenwriter.
I love horror movies, with my heart and soul. Everything from A Nightmare on Elm Street to A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin to The Prowler to Bava’s A Bay of Blood or Black Sunday up to newer things like Starry Eyes and Spring; plus, everything in between. Film in general, though, is my passion. Film can not only entertain us, it can also encourage us to think, and give us new ways to express ourselves and foster discussion. When it comes to horror I love all types whether it’s psychological horror, a good & gory slasher, or an old fashioned creature feature.

I went to film school for a couple years in Ontario where my main focus was Film Theory. Then I decided to be an electrician. After a few years, I gave it all up to go back to university. In the summer of 2016 I finished the requirements for my Honours English degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland. My Honours Thesis was written on John Milton’s Paradise Lost and the communal aspects of its writing and printing (finished April 2016). I wrote regular articles up to the middle of 2015 for the Arts & Culture section in The Muse newspaper at MUN and frequently review new films.
I am in the process of writing my first novel – long is the way And hard. The first of my short stories to be published, “Funeral”, was included in the November 2014 publication of The Cuffer Anthology Volume VI. My second short story was published during 2015 in The Cuffer Anthology Volume VII; the title is “Sight of a Lost Shore”. I have two upcoming stories that will be printed: one in Centum Press’ upcoming anthology, the story titled “Night & Fog”; the other possibly at the end of this year with SF Reader, titled “Skin” and one of my only Science Fiction pieces to date (this can be seen now here & it will eventually be printed in one of their anthologies). Centum Press printed another anthology with my story “The Book of the Black Moon” debuting in 2017 – a contemporary horror tale of a man who finds the one book he wished he’d never seen. Another anthology from Centum Press will also print my story “In the Eye of the Storm” in mid-2017.
Recently I edited Earl Pilgrim’s new novel The Adventures of Ernest Doane, as well as proofread an upcoming RCMP pilot’s memoir (Staff Sergeant Roger Haddad).
I have seen over 4,200 films and counting including features, documentaries, and shorts. That doesn’t make me an expert. Though, I’d like to think I’ve come across a bit of movie knowledge over the course of watching all those titles.

So far my website has been viewed by everyone from William Friedkin (The ExorcistCruisingThe French Connection, and more!) to Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (ResolutionSpring), actor John C. McGinley, as well as others like Nacho Vigalondo, Greg Francis, and many indie filmmakers.

Any and all inquiries can be sent to my primary contact:


I'm a B.A.H. graduate & a Master's student with a concentration in pre-19th century literature. Although I've studied everything from Medieval literature onward, spent an extensive time studying post-modern works. I completed my Honours thesis on John Milton's Paradise Lost and the communal aspects of its conception, writing, as well as its later printing and publication. My Master's program involves a Creative Thesis, which will eventually become my debut novel. I most recently got to work with Newfoundland author Lisa Moore. I am also a writer and a freelance editor. My stories "Funeral" and "Sight of a Lost Shore" are available in The Cuffer Anthologies Vol. VI & VII. Stories to be printed soon are "Night and Fog", and "The Book of the Black Moon" from Centum Press (both printed in 2016) and "Skin" from Science Fiction Reader. Newfoundland author Earl B. Pilgrim's latest novel The Adventures of Ernest Doane Volume I was edited by me, too. Aside from that I have a short screenplay titled "New Woman" that went into production during late 2017. Meanwhile, I'm writing more screenplays, working on editing a couple novels I've finished, and running this website/writing all of its content. I used to write for Film Inquiry frequently during 2016-17. Please contact me at or hit me up on Twitter (@fathergore) if you want to chat, collaborate, or have any questions for me. I'm also on Facebook at Cheers!

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