Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 11.09.45 AMSeason 1
1×02He’s Back
1×03The Man with Fire in His Eyes
1×04Hello Little Light
1×05How Do I Remember?
1×06The Problem with the Truth
1×07The Man Behind the Curtain
1×08You Don’t Understand Me at All


Father Gore is first and foremost a passionate lover of film— especially horror. He's also a Master's student at Memorial University of Newfoundland with a concentration in postmodern critical theory, currently writing a thesis which will be his debut novel of literary fiction, titled Silence. He also used to write for Film Inquiry frequently during 2016-17 and is currently contributing to Scriptophobic in a column called Serial Killer Celluloid focusing on film adaptations about real life murderers. As of September 2018, Father Gore is an official member of the Online Film Critics Society. Get in contact ( if you want to chat movies or collaborate!

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