Season 1 –
The People v. O.J. Simpson

1×01From the Ashes of Tragedy
1×02The Run of His Life
1×03The Dream Team
1×04100% Not Guilty
1×05 The Race Card
1×06Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
1×07 Conspiracy Theories
1×08 A Jury in Jail
1×09 Manna From Heaven
1×10The Verdict


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.47.45 PMSeason 2 –
The Assassination of Gianni Versace
The Man Who Would Be Vogue
2×03A Random Killing
2×04House by the Lake
2×05Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
2×06 “Descent”
2×07 “Ascent”
2×08 “Creator/Destroyer”
2×09 “Alone”

I'm a B.A.H. graduate & a Master's student with a concentration in pre-19th century literature. Although I've studied everything from Medieval literature onward, I've also spent an extensive time studying post-modern works. I completed my Honours thesis on John Milton's Paradise Lost and the communal aspects of its conception, writing, as well as its later printing and publication. On top of that, I'm using that thesis as the basis for a book about Milton's authorship and his influence on pop culture (that continues to this day). My Master's program involves a Creative Thesis, which will become my debut full-length novel. I most recently got to work with Newfoundland author Lisa Moore; she's now supervising my thesis. I am also a writer and a freelance editor. My short stories have been printed in Canada and the U.S. I've edited Newfoundland author Earl B. Pilgrim's latest novel The Adventures of Ernest Doane Volume I. Aside from that I have a short screenplay titled "New Woman" that went into production during late 2017 and post-production in early 2018. I was part of a pilot episode for "The Ship" on CBC, when I told a non-fiction story of mine live for an audience with nine other storytellers. Meanwhile, I'm writing more screenplays, working on editing a couple novels I've finished, and running this website/writing all of its content. I used to write for Film Inquiry frequently during 2016-17. Please contact me at or hit me up on Twitter (@fathergore) if you want to chat, collaborate, or have any questions for me. I'm also on Facebook at Cheers!

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