[Fantastic Fest 2022] DEEP FEAR Unearths Hatred Barely Beneath the Surface

When a trio of friends go into the sewers and catacombs of Paris for a journey, they find a violent buried history instead.

[Fantasia 2022] Confronting, Conquering, & Decolonising Trauma in DARK NATURE

A bunch of women go into the forest to try confronting their traumatic pasts, but they confront something dark and terrifying instead.

[Yuletide Hauntings] BLOOD BEAT (1983): Colonialism, Sexual Repression, & (Christian) Christmas Day

What's an undead samurai warrior doing in rural Wisconsin? Coming home for Christmas, duh.

[Fantastic Fest 2021] Gothic South African Legacies in MLUNGU WAM

MLUNGU WAM is a terror-filled, Gothic tale about the lingering legacies of colonialism and apartheid in South Africa.

The North Water—SERIES FINALE: “To Live is to Suffer”

Sumner heals up at a missionary camp, eventually making it back to land months later. But he must face Drax again, one final time.

[Fantasia 2021] An Encyclopaedic Perspective on Genre in WOODLANDS DARK & DAYS BEWITCHED: A HISTORY OF FOLK HORROR

Kier-La Janisse's documentary explores folk horror's roots and its evolution through a wide range of interviews from many perspectives.

The Human Horrors of Misogynistic Violence & French Colonialism in KANDISHA

Kandisha tackles heavy, significant social themes underneath a blood and guts tale of supernatural revenge.