[Fantasia 2022] THE ARTIFICE GIRL: A Contemporary Sci-Fi Fable of Ethics

The creation of an artificial intelligence in flesh and blood, modelled after a young girl, brings up all manners of ethical debate in this brilliant little film.

[Fantasia 2022] HYPOCHONDRIAC: Buried Traumas & Mental Illness; Or, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

A young artist spirals into madness after his estranged mother makes contact again after many years.

[Fantasia 2022] MOLOCH & The Terrifying Dominance of Folklore

A woman in a small village uncovers a terrifying Gothic secret about the village, as well as her own family.

[Fantasia 2022] A Complicated Web of Societal Violence in PIGGY

When a young fat woman is bullied by her peers she winds up on a desolate road where she witnesses something horrific. But will she tell anyone?

[Fantasia 2022] SISSY’s Wonderfully Depraved Social Media Satire

A social media influencer's life starts to fall apart, and she does everything under the sun to protect her brand.

[Fantasia 2022] OUT IN THE RING: The Past, Present, & Future of 2SLGBTQ+ Wrestling

A brilliant, thorough documentary on the past, present, and hopeful future of 2SLGBTQ+ wrestlers.