[Fantasia 2022] MOLOCH & The Terrifying Dominance of Folklore

A woman in a small village uncovers a terrifying Gothic secret about the village, as well as her own family.

[Fantasia 2021] DON’T SAY ITS NAME & the Lingering Violence(s) of Colonialism

A group of Indigenous people come together to stop a supernatural threat terrorising their land in Rueben Martell's DON'T SAY ITS NAME.

The Human Horrors of Misogynistic Violence & French Colonialism in KANDISHA

Kandisha tackles heavy, significant social themes underneath a blood and guts tale of supernatural revenge.

Siren 3×06: “The Island”

Ryn and her folk fight for their lives against Katrina. Maddie finds out a huge secret.

Carnival Row – Season 1, Episode 5: “Grieve No More”

Philo tracks down new info on one of the murder victims. Imogen and Ezra try to manipulate Agreus in high society.

Carnival Row – Season 1, Episode 4: “The Joining of Unlike Things”

Breakspear loses his cool. Another murder has Inspector Philo seeking alternative investigative methods.

[Fantasia 2019] STARE Terrifies via Horror in Postmodern Folklore

Hirotaka Adachi digs in the J-horror claws with the help of modern folklore's terrifying power

Happy! – Season 2, Episode 7: “Arlo and Marie”

Nick tries to save Amanda, but there are stranger, more dangerous things happening than he ever imagined.