THE OUTWATERS: A Gruesome Trip Through Flesh, Space, & Time

Robbie Banfitch's film takes a trip through time and space, specifically American history, with gruesome results.

[Fantasia 2021] The Dark, Ugly Realities of Social Media in #BLUE_WHALE

A girl tries to figure out why her sister killed herself, only to stumble onto a horrifying online game and a den of digital predators.

MURDER DEATH KOREATOWN: Exploitation & Ignorant Whiteness in True Crime

The line between found footage fiction and non-fiction blurs in this horrific true crime mystery.

Mothers & Martyrs: Terrors of Morality in M.O.M. MOTHERS OF MONSTERS

What's a mother to do when her little boy grows into a monster?

388 ARLETTA AVENUE: Infiltration of a Complacent Private Sphere

388 ARLETTA AVENUE is a chilling reminder not to get too complacent about security in the suburbs.

THE DEN’s Online Horror: Erasing Boundaries + Internet as Physical Space

THE DEN touches a nerve because of how much time we spend in our daily lives attached to screens.