The Hills Have Eyes Series

Having recently died at the time of my writing, Wes Craven is heavy on my mind. A great horror filmmaker, dare I say an auteur. Not every last one of his films was perfect, but he did a great job crafting some of the most memorable and iconic horror we’ve seen.
In particular, I’ve always loved The Hills Have Eyes. Even further, while not all of them are good at all, I’m a big fan of the whole series. So I figure I’d put all the reviews in one place.
Just click on the image – they go in order of release, The Hills Have EyesThe Hills Have Eyes Part IIThe Hills Have Eyes (remake), The Hills Have Eyes II (sequel to the remake) – and you’ll find a review for each individual film. Hope you’ll enjoy! If you have comments, go ahead and drop them on the reviews and we can have a civil chat about nasty horror movies.

292_The_Hills_Have_Eyes_masthead TheHillsHaveEyesPart2 the-hills-have-eyes-2006-remake-aaron-stanford 1322268399_1080p_0055



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