Fox’s Gotham
Season 3, Episode 2: “Burn the Witch”
Directed by Danny Cannon
Written by Ken Woodruff

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Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.53.16 PMBruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is taken to the Court of Owls. He meets with Kathryn (Leslie Hendrix), she removes her mask for a chat. He’s angry, about Indian Hill, everything they’ve done to him and his family. So, she has to make a deal with him, or else it could spell the end for the young billionaire. He agrees to the terms Kathryn lays out for them, albeit reluctantly. Then back into the shadows she goes.
At his place, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) receives a knock at the door from Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung) of the Gotham Gazette. She wants the two of them to work together, even if he’s extremely sceptical. While Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) is out there, the skills of a bounty hunter could come in handy.
Their first stop is to see Barbara Kean (Erin Richards). The woman’s doing just fine, her club doing well. Jim just wants to track down Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), looking for any info on her whereabouts. To get it, he only has to give Barb a smooch. He won’t do it, but she gives over the location, anyway. Afterwards, Vale leaves the bounty hunter stranded on the sidewalk for spite.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.53.48 PMThere are other strange things happening in Gotham City. Remember when Ivy Pepper nearly got snatched by Marv (Victor Pagan) and fell into the water main? She was washed out to sea. And because Marv briefly touched her, she’s now a much older Ivy (Maggie Geha) than before.
Dt. Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) is leading the GCPD on a raid where they’re looking for Mooney. Only problem is Fish and her mutated friends are way more than the cops are prepared to handle. Bullets don’t do a whole hell of a lot. The fracas lets Fish slip out the back. Simultaneously, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) is calling out the public to “kill every monster you see” after they all spilled out of Indian Hill. The city streets are about to get even wilder.
Young Bruce is safe back at Wayne Manor. He tells Alfred (Sean Pertwee) he spoke to the shadowy sect controlling Wayne Enterprises, Gotham, everything. He believes everything worked out, except now he can’t investigate further into the murder of his parents. A bitter pill to swallow. And he never considered the Court of Owls might not hold up their end of the deal.
At the PD, Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) tells Jim about Ethel, her withered state. They wonder why Fish left her that way. This soon leads them to the best, the only conclusion: Mooney is continuing her search, looking for Hugo Strange (BD Wong). At the very same time, she’s picking Harvey up for a chat, she needs help in her quest. She uses her power to manipulate him. Although that only makes her a tad weaker, too.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.54.28 PMA guy finds Ivy near the shore, offering her a bit of hospitality. They go back to his place, she has a glass of water and talk. She’s not too eager to get hold of anybody in Gotham, no family, no friends. She’s also very touchy about plants. I’m talking maybe murderous touchy.
Jim and Lucius are worried about Harvey after finding his car and his badge on the street. They take the info to Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis), he’s got the location for Strange, some old mansion where he’s being debriefed about whatever he discovered at Indian Hill. Just like the Germans and Project Paperclip; even evil sometimes benefits medical science, sadly.
Well, Harvey’s got the location, as well. He brings Fish and her crew up there, then the monsters wreak havoc with a hypnotised Dt. Bullock. Not long before Fish has the run of the place. She finds Hugo locked up in a cell, working away. She tells him he must fix her, and create her “an army” to takeover the city. Strange says he can’t help Fish, but she’s intent on making him do whatever she wants.
The GCPD and Gordon get to the mansion. Mooney calls Barnes on Bullock’s phone. She tells them how things are going to go, if they don’t her hostage dies. This sets the police outside in motion. Jim worries for his friend inside.
This whole time Penguin has been plotting. He wants to take his opportunity to rally Gotham under his umbrella, to help him finally get Fish and finish her off. He leads an angry mob of citizens up to the mansion, swarming the place and causing big trouble for Barnes and his officers.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.55.40 PMFish Mooney dies tonight!”
Jim sneaks around the back while everybody is busy screaming at each other. He gets into the mansion, only to stumble onto the monsters and their various powers. They take him in to Fish, who’s not sure why she’s keeping him alive. Jim offers to get her out in exchange for Harvey. She demands on taking Strange, to which the bounty hunter agrees without hesitation. Thus begins a double crossing, as Jim calls Penguin to arrange for him to get his hands on Fish.
The mob breaks through the doors. They fight the monsters, looking to kill. Out the back go Jim and Fish with the rest. This leads her right into the hands of Penguin, gun pointed at her and Strange. She says “turning Oswald Cobblepot into the Penguin” is one of the greatest things she’s ever done. The emotional reunion doesn’t last long. Penguin lets them leave, running into the night unharmed. After all is said and done, he’s lauded as a champion by the people of Gotham, and the monsters are killed, thrown on the fire.
At Wayne Manor, Aflred and Bruce get a visitor in the night, from subject 514A; the kid billionaire’s doppelganger. Yikes. Elsewhere, Jim gets another knock at his door from Valerie, after that they fall into each other’s arms; the perfect time for Dr. Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) to come back to the city again.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.56.48 PMFun, wild episode. Not uncommon in a season of Gotham. There are some crazy and dark things happening. Lots of new additions to the world of Gotham City to look forward to in the future.
“Look Into My Eyes” is the next chapter of Mad City.


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