Fox’s Gotham
Season 3, Episode 7: “Red Queen”
Directed by Scott White
Written by Megan Mostyn-Brown

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Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.55.37 PMValerie (Jamie Chung) is recovering in hospital, and she realises that Jim (Ben McKenzie) told Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel) to kill Lee (Morena Baccarin) in a reverse psychology move. Ah, I knew it! However, she knows the former detective is “nothing but trouble.” Thus, the end for these two.
Far as the Hatter’s concerned, he is preparing things for his sister Alice’s infected blood. A dealer sells him a psychotropic drug called “Red Queen” – one I bet is gonna be used on our pal Gordon. And maybe more Gothamites. The Hatter’s plan involves spreading his sister’s “legacy” and it looks like he’s going to do something terrible. I can only imagine.
In the city, Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is getting to know Isabella (Chelsea Spack) better. Looks like Ed blew off Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), though. That could come back to really bite him in the ass. Mostly it seems that Oswald was concerned his friend went missing, until he hears of Ed’s new love. Damn, that’s got to hurt.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.59.05 PMAt Wayne Manor, Bruce (David Mazouz) is cooking like a true chef, not requiring a hand from Alfred (Sean Pertwee). He’s waiting for Selina (Camren Bicondova) to show up. A cute little date for the two of them, even if she shows up extremely late for dinner.
When Alice’s body goes missing at the morgue, GCPD are on the scene. Bullock (Donal Logue) and Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) are joined by Gordon, though the cap doesn’t care to have the bounty hunter around. Regardless, all of them are worried about the infected blood. Lucius (Chris Chalk) shows up with more results on the lab rat tests, which of course worries the cap in particular.
A Gotham Founder’s Dinner, tradition annually for a couple centuries, is being attended by Penguin. He’s a bit distracted by Ed’s little tryst. So, he takes a trip to see Isabella, where his jealousy only gets darker, deeper. He spills the beans about Ed being a former resident of Arkham Asylum. Tsk, tsk, jealous boy.
The Hatter leads Jim on a chase through the hospital, rhyming and taunting. Soon enough the bounty hunter walks right into a cloud of the Red Queen drug, heading for a “bumpy ride” on one hell of a psychedelic head trip. And Jervis leaves for the Founder’s Dinner.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 8.03.16 PMDown the rabbit hole Jim goes. Barbara (Erin Richards) is the elevator operator he first meets in his hallucination. They go down, down, down. He walks through a dreamy GCPD, seeing visions of Bruce, then he’s in the middle of a war zone with Oswald speaking like he’s stuck in The Black Lodge. After all that there are piles of dead bodies everywhere, Bruce speaks to him through a mask of his own face, then shoots him in the gut before pulling out a string of pearls like intestines.
The effects of the infected blood on Barnes are becoming more obvious, he just about pops a guy’s head off in the interrogation room in front of Bullock. They get the info about Tetch and the morgue, but Barnes is getting so much worse. Eventually, he and Bullock figure out the Hatter’s heading for the Founder’s Dinner.
That’s exactly where Jervis is dropping his sister’s infected blood into a bunch of drinks. “The ruling class” are about to get fucked up.
In nightmare world, Jim is still hanging out with Barbara. Before he has to go to another floor. There, he steps into a space like a classic movie, where he’s married to Lee with kids, the typical happy life. Except it’s too good to be true, of course. Just another dark hallucination in his head that vanishes. Instead he’s stuck in that elevator, he and Barbara at each other’s throats violently. They’ve still got to go down to the basement, too.

Penguin chats away at the Founder’s Dinner, not realising he’s speaking to Kathryn (Leslie Hendrix), from the Court of Owls. She tells him they’ve got their eye on him. Very intriguing. Hope we see more of the Court coming up. Right now, the Hatter and his men are crashing the party. He’s going to force everyone to drink. But the GCPD shows up before anything else occurs.
Its not easy to face who you really are.”
Still hallucinating, Jim is looking for a way out. This takes him back to see his own father, Peter (Michael Park), on the street. Simultaneously, Mario (James Carpinello) finds the former detective lying on the hospital floor, eyes open, unconscious. Inside his head, Jim takes a car ride with dad. They have a deep talk about being a man, being a hero, the “code” of the Gordons. And suddenly, Jim is back to the real world again.
Ed has to explain to Isabella about his situation, though she already knows. She looked into his past, but doesn’t care. She’s somehow willing to throw caution to the wind, to be with Ed, a killer. Creepy shit. Particularly when you throw in the longing of Penguin.
At the PD, Jim visits Barnes to let him know he wants to come back to work as a detective again. The conversation with his father has brought him around. Surprisingly, this pleases the cap, despite their antagonistic relationship. A new day, once more.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 8.10.22 PMMore exciting things happening. Love a return of the Court of Owls, really interested to see more of them soon, and it’s poised to happen.
“Blood Rush” is the next chapter of Mad City.



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