Frontier – Season 3, Episode 2: “La Fin Du Monde”

Discovery Canada’s Frontier
Season 3, Episode 2: “La Fin Du Monde”
Directed by TJ Scott
Written by Russ Cochrane

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Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 12.56.32 AMThis episode starts out with a great quote from Joe Strummer of the Clash, dealing with the inhumane dangers of fanaticism. We’re seeing lots of that, on both sides, in Frontier, as Lord Benton (Alun Armstrong) is a fascist in the British Empire’s pocket, and Declan Harp (Jason Momoa), destroyed by the man and the Empire at once, is in danger of letting his hatred consume him.
Across the snowy hills, Harp, McTaggart (Jamie Sives), and Charleston (Demetrius Grosse) find two Redcoats around a fire. They’re looking for info, but the British soldiers are so fearful of Declan’s legendary status it isn’t too successful, and one of the men survives a gunshot, running off into the snowy horizon. For now, they split up, with Harp heading further towards Moose Fort, and his friends heading to the outpost for supplies.
At the pub, McTaggart and Charleston walk into the “lions den” fairly unprepared for whatever comes next. The Scotsman’s less inconspicuous in his approach than his pal. Charlie tries keeping a lid on McTaggart until they’re able to pull up the floorboards, looking for stashed supplies. It all ends in a vicious fight.
Elsewhere in the woods, Grace (Zoe Boyle) and Chaulk (Kathryn Wilder) are trying to make sure Benton’s men aren’t following them. The lord is back with Wadlow (Ryan Tarran), chewing him out for letting “silly girls” dupe him and his men. Benton’s concerned his captive will find his enemy before they locate either of them.
Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 1.08.30 AMIn Montreal, Michael (Landon Liboiron) finds Douglas (Allan Hawco) to talk business, only finding a bitter, drunk widower. Douglas doesn’t feel too keen on working with anybody. The young Irishman wants to work with him instead of Samuel Grant (Shawn Doyle), yet Mr. Brown feels the Black Wolf involvement with Grant and Cobbs Pond (Greg Bryk) is unforgivable, blinded by hate because of what befell his wife.
Not long later Michael runs into Clenna (Lyla Porter-Follows). Both of them have changed since last they saw one another. He wants to meet with Mr. Grant about his business proposition. She advises it wouldn’t be smart and mentions Major Vinnicombe (Paul McGillion) looking for him. These two former lovers may be able to come together again in a mutually beneficial way if Clenna can arrange some business.
Back at the mansion, she tells Cobbs, and he agrees to meet with the Irishman. Michael comes to see Cobbs while Samuel is away. They talk about the hopeful “demise of the HBC.” Pond is unsure of being in business with a thief, yet the young man assures there’s a unifying hatred of the company across the territories and colonies, believing he can unite them. Only caveat? No dealing with the Carruthers Company on Michael’s part. Plus, money upfront as a demonstration of good faith from Pond.
Something beautiful Frontier has done is treat Indigenous characters with respect, allowing actual Indigenous actors to portray the tribes, as well as including stories that focus on their struggles during the 18th century— struggles that, in many ways, haven’t ended. Not only that, Sokanon (Jessica Matten) and Kamenna (Tantoo Cardinal) speak during one scene entirely in their own language. If any Indigenous readers are reading this recap/review: are these women speaking Cree? Father Gore doesn’t know anything outside English + French, and would appreciate knowing what language they’re speaking. Speaking of Sokanon, she seems like she’s headed for Ft. James once again.
Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 1.16.16 AM

“Was that a bittersweet goodbye?”

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 1.23.42 AMGrace and Chaulk are captured and brought back to Benton. Finally, Chaulk is revealed as a young girl to the lord, who’s intent on punishing her to the full extent. Sick bastard. Just the look in his eyes speaks of nastiness.
On the streets of Montreal, Malcolm (Michael Patric) finds Michael, wanting to make a deal with him on the alliance. He wants to steer the Carruthers Company right in lieu of his drunken brother’s mourning. But things are complicated now. Michael’s back at the mansion later dealing with Cobbs, then he’s over with Malcolm signing a deal there, as well. Dangerous for a “real man of business.”
On the hills near the beach at Moose Fort, Declan meets with McTaggart and Charlie. They survey the situation, looking for an opportunity to take on the Redcoats. Simultaneously, Benton is preparing to use Grace as a bargaining chip, hoping to trap Declan – whom he refers to as once being a “mongrel pup” – then take him back to stand trial in London. The Redcoats wait with their redheaded bait, knowing Harp won’t be able to resist. Problem is, they’re constantly underestimating the rebel warrior. Declan heads to the beach where he finds Wadlow and the soldiers. He announces himself and threatens them all, teasing “Wadblow” about his poncy name.
Except when Harp goes to Grace he sees it’s not her at all, but Chaulk instead. He rages at the men confronting him. That’s when Charlie lights the place up, shooting barrels of gunpowder and initiating a firefight. Harp and Wadlow fight viciously, as McTaggart and Charlie take on scores of Englishmen. Harp gets the better of his enemy, emerging from the beach with Wadlow’s head and spinal cord, screaming with blood all over him— HOLY FUCK!
Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 1.34.38 AM

“I’m going to rip open the Gates of Hell with the death I bring”

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 1.39.09 AMAnother intense chapter in Frontier. Season 3’s shaping up to be the best of the series yet. Not sure where the story’s headed for this season ultimately. Already want a Season 4. “Satanazes” is next.

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