Dark 3×03: “Adam and Eva”

Netflix’s Dark
3×03: “Adam and Eva”
Directed by Baran bo Odar
Written by Jantje Friese

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Father Son Holy Gore - Dark - Triquetra RingIn the 19th century, a man and a young boy ride in a carriage. The man has a pocket watched with ‘For Charlotte’ inscribed inside, and he has a triquetra ring, as well as a Sic Mundus cane just like old Tannhaus in 1888— the boy in the carriage grows up to be Tannhaus. In 1888, we see Tannhaus again in the carriage and it’s stopped along the road by someone who kills the driver. Then, in hops the middle man with the cleft lip. The unknown travellers have come to stop Tannhaus from telling the world about their existence.

In the alternate 2019, old Martha— or, Eva— and Jonas discuss reality. They’re in the Sic Mundus temple, where The Fall of the Damned isn’t hanging because Jonas a.k.a Adam never existed. What hangs is a set of two paintings almost identical to those painted by Albrecht Dürer, aptly titled Adam and Eve. Martha says that, effectively, young Martha and Jonas are the new Adam and Eve, each from their own world separated by a “glitch in the matrix.” Now Jonas’s task is to save both their worlds.
So, the body of the boy found is more than surely Mads, but obviously Ulrich and Charlotte have no concept of the time travel swirling around them. Mads would be decomposed long ago after 33 years. If it didn’t get dropped through a crazy wormhole into the bunker. Ulrich can’t be expected to recognise his brother with half a face burned up. He assumes the same person who killed Mads must’ve kept the belongings and put them on another child they murdered three decades later.
Father Son Holy Gore - Dark - Adam and Eve

“What we know is a drop.
What we don’t know is an ocean.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Dark - Tannhaus BelongingsBack to 1888 at the Tannhaus Machinery.
Bartosz is pissed off with older Jonas, and the latter thinks it’s all because of this other Martha. But Magnus and Franziska are on the side of whoever can get them out of there. Bartosz urges the older Jonas to tell the truth about how Martha was killed, that his even older self, Adam, was the one who murdered her. Older Jonas refuses and it begins a brawl with Bartosz that spills onto the rainy street until Magnus pulls them apart. And the truth comes out anyway.

Older Martha in alternate 2019 passes over the medallion Jonas once gave her. She says they’re like “light and shadow,” their bond is perpetual, eternal, never able to fully be broken. What does it really all mean? How can Jonas do anything if things just go on repeating until the end of time? He has to reject everything he becomes as Adam. Although he’s sick of HAVING to do things. Saving the world is quite a responsibility. For him, Martha’s worth the suffering.
Ulrich drops by to see Martha, wanting to know about what she saw in the bunker. She tells him of a light and that the body came out of nowhere. Dad assumes she may have been on drugs, accusing Magnus of the same. Neither of his kids are happy he’s playing the role of “worried father” suddenly. Martha tells the same story over again, insisting they told the truth the first time. Afterwards she has to go searching for her own answers alone. At the station, Hannah’s looking for Ulrich. She gets a literal whiff of Charlotte instead, sniffing out the affair her man’s having at work.

In 1888, older Jonas questions Martha about why he can’t remember being in her world. She doesn’t remember writing any letter to him, either. She asks him more about Sic Mundus. He tells her about how it all really began because of a hope that people could undo the past, the death and tragedy of all our lives. Martha’s only concern is whether she can stop the apocalypse from occurring in her world. Then Martha takes older Jonas out to the forest where she put the time travel ball, giving him the core inside so he might be able to complete his time machine.
Father Son Holy Gore - Dark - Older MarthaOlder Martha is visited by the three with the cleft lips. They’ve brought the things old Tannhaus was carrying in the carriage back in 1888. Oh, god. Appears that this older Martha’s not been fully truthful with Jonas about the path she’s put him on. She seeks to “preserve the knot” between the worlds. She knows that Jonas’s Martha has to die in order for that to happen. Now, older Martha has the keys to the power plant, and all the control lies in her hands.

The bunker in alternate 2019 is a hot spot. Charlotte goes to investigate further and finds a necklace made with a German pfennig. The same pfennig that old, crazy Helge has in his possession. Out of nowhere, the old guy gets up out of his chair— “tick, tock” is all he’ll say— and walks out of the psych ward. Charlotte has new questions about Helge and the bunker. She goes to ask Peter about them only to find out Helge’s at the station making a confession: the old man says he “killed a boy.”
At the power plant, Hannah’s brought Aleksander a proposition. She has important, secret things belonging to him. She’s using them for blackmail. She wants Aleksander to ruin Charlotte’s life in revenge for the affair with Ulrich. That night in the woods, Jonas again attempts to tell this Martha they know each other. He knows she saw herself in the woods because older Martha told him. He uses this to hopefully convince this younger Martha, and she seems curious enough to let him explain more.

Older Jonas in 1888 is using the core from Martha’s time travel ball to open one of those black wormholes. Right as it’s nearly all the way there everything shuts down. Martha runs back to her room, where she has other cores for her time travel ball. She puts a new one in, turn it on, and off she’s headed to another place, another time. She came back long enough to fuck with the time machine, then she left. All a part of the grander scheme of things?
Alternate 2019 Martha’s going into the caves with Jonas to see the truth.
Older Martha continues plotting the ultimate manipulation.
Father Son Holy Gore - Dark - WormholeSeptember of 2053. Martha has come back from 1888 to meet Adam. Holy shit!
So, where did the caves take Jonas and Martha?
To meet a whole other older Martha of the future.

4 thoughts on “Dark 3×03: “Adam and Eva”

  1. Paul Outlaw

    Eva (German) = Eve (German). In case you ever edit these recaps, I think it would make sense to refer to these aspects of Jonas and Martha as Adam and Eve. Then again Jonas (German) = Jonah (English), and no wonder, given that Biblical analogy as well.


  2. mrboogie123

    I don’t understand what you’re saying in this post. Jonas a.k.a. Noah? And then you say the older Jonas, Noah? Isn’t Adam the older Jonas? I’m very confused


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