Animal Kingdom 5×02: “What Remains”

TNT’s Animal Kingdom
5×02: “What Remains”
Directed by Mark Strand
Written by Bill Balas

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Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Milauna Jackson as PamThere’s more of Smurf’s estate stuff that needs handling, though Pope doesn’t want anything to do with that. They’re also getting visits from a parole officer looking for Angela, who hasn’t checked in for a couple weeks. More things for the Cody family to keep juggling. Although Pope’s a master at juggling. However, he’s still dealing with his mother’s ashes, too. Can’t be easy for him; despite his hatred for her, he also has that twisted love for her. At the bar, Deran’s also juggling his business and employees. He keeps telling people that Adrian’s on a “boating trip” somewhere when they ask about him. When he leaves he goes to meet J and Craig. They’ve got to talk with a lawyer about Smurf’s will. They want to talk with Pamela Johnson, but the lawyer says no. J slyly asks what happens if Pam doesn’t “show up” to the probate hearing. Jesus, J! Right now it looks like Pam’s getting everything.

We see a quick flashback of Janine doing a quick robbery on a jewellery store while Pam waits with the kids in the car. They have to make a fast getaway. In the current day, J and the uncles are talking. Deran seems suspicious of his nephew, wondering if J and the lawyer had previously been in contact. J denies it, though Deran isn’t so sure. It’s not a surprise things are deteriorating now that Smurf is dead. At home, Craig finds Renn continuing to deal out of their place. She calls it a one-time thing and he isn’t happy about their child being present for a drug deal. For once, Craig is TRYING to be the responsible one.
At the bar, Pope shows up with Smurf’s ashes. He tells Deran they have to put her to rest. He thinks they’re not facing her death. Deran doesn’t care about “a loving burial” right now, more concerned they’re going to end up on the streets due to the way Smurf changed her will to purposefully fuck her sons over. So many things happening at once; par for the course for the Cody family. Craig turns up after Pope leaves, pulling Deran away from the bar with a new plan.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Cody Family PhotoBack in the day, young Janine and Pam were at odds over the latest robbery. Pam didn’t want to go back to jail, for any reason, after already dealing with previous charges which took her away from her son. She wanted to try something new instead of pulling fast holdups. Janine wasn’t thinking that far ahead. In the present, J meets with Frankie looking for a new fence for stolen goods. They have a frank chat about Smurf and her success. Frankie knows “a network” is needed; similar to what Pam once told Janine in their younger days. But the Codys, without Smurf, don’t quite get that. They’re too insular. For the time being, J’s got to go with whatever Frankie offers.

Craig and Deran are at the pier. They’re looking for a boat belonging to some big internet guy. The brothers haul on a couple masks, load their guns, and it’s yet another robbery—like mother, like sons. They storm the guys up top playing poker, tying their hands and checking for everybody’s phones. Craig takes care of the guys and Deran goes for the cash, realising there are only $1 bills on the table. Seems these nerds do bitcoin and all that shit. This leaves the brothers without much of a haul. What do they do? Take the boat for a drive, drink a little champagne. Then they set the ship off running while they use the jet skis to head back for shore, once Craig’s done calling over the radio for the Coast Guard and dumping cocaine all over the tied up dudes.

Back at the bar, Deran talks with J about dealing with Frankie. He’s not thrilled, but agrees with his nephew. He agrees to be the one to talk to Craig about it, too. Elsewhere, Pope’s trading in his mom’s car. Then he goes to a funeral home, looking into the burial plots Smurf purchased. He starts to get a bit crazy when the woman at the funeral home is leaving for the day. Not only that, he doesn’t have any paperwork, and all the rest of the logistics that go along with someone dying properly. What this shows most is how desperate Pope is to be free of Smurf, once and for all. He needs to get away from her entirely. Back at the bar there’s trouble when Agent Livengood comes by to tell Deran he knows about Adrian taking off. Now, the game changes; big fuckin’ time.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Craig's MaskAt the bowling alley, J receives a visit from Pete Trujillo. Seems that Pete’s got a job for J and the crew, something he’d never have brought Smurf when she was alive. There’s a single-engine plane that crashed in the mountains. There was “some shit in it.” Through it all, Pete has the GPS coordinates. He figured that the Codys and their thrill-seeking ways would be perfect for such a treasure hunt. “Its finders keepers,” he says. But it seems a little suspicious, no?
Years before, young Janine went to a party with Pam and did a little of that networking. She did cocaine with a rich guy, Marcus, who owned lots of impressive art; he referenced Scarface while they took a snort. Janine didn’t automatically fall into Marcus’s arms like he expected. He pulled a big power trip, taking out his gun like it was supposed to scare Janine. Instead it made Janine go wild, telling him to “pull the trigger.” She was never afraid of anybody, clearly. Out in the graveyard at the burial plot, Pope has a look around. He looks over his sister’s grave. Then he takes out Smurf’s ashes. But it’s all too much for him and he starts to break down. He almost seems to start digging a grave out with his bare hands.

J calls a meeting at the house with Deran and Craig about Pete’s job and the “smugglers plane.” He says there’s a stash of money on board. They have a couple days before someone else gets to it. The uncles agree if Pope signs off on the job. Meanwhile, Deran can’t get Adrian off his mind, whether it’s watching the latter’s competitions on television or going home and seeing pictures on the fridge. So he starts to angrily clean the place out, hoping he can rid himself of the memories. He smells one of Adrian’s shirts a la Brokeback Mountain, before gathering everything into a pile and setting it on fire. Right on the floor, Deran? C’mon, guy.
Deran gets real drunk and then swings by to pick up Craig for late night surfing. Oh, lord.

More flashback. Little Pope was home alone watching bad movies when Janine and Pam arrive. Pam wasn’t happy about the way Janine acted at Marcus’s place, given she was trying to be seen as a professional. She wanted to know why Janine was acting so crazy, pushing Janine to get her shit straight, if nothing else but for the two kids. Skip to today: none of Janine’s offspring, or the offspring of her offspring, have their shit together. Like Pope, who wakes up with dirty hands, next to the pool where Smurf’s ashes are mostly dumped out. Things are falling apart, very, very fast.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Deran Burns Adrian's ThingsGreat season so far. No telling how dark things will get before this all ends.

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