Servant 2×06 “Espresso”

Apple TV’s Servant
2×06 “Espresso”
Directed by Isabella Eklof
Written by Tony Basgallop & Nina Braddock

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - George Confronts JulianDorothy was upstairs with Jericho, trying to get him to sleep. She rushed to the top of the stairs when Sean got home, calling out to her. He’d just brought home the fancy new espresso machine. After a moment or two, Jericho started crying again. They were both extremely worn out new parents. Skip to the current moment in time, when Dorothy and Sean come through the door with a hostile Uncle George. Sean tries to calm things down and has a chat with George at the table; he also discovers it was Leanne who “set the ransom.” He asks about their deal, but George insists they didn’t have one. The old man believes the house is “festering.” He goes down in the basement and says “she caused this,” blaming it on Leanne’s presence. George is convinced of something awful happening. He rushes to the window, praying to God.
And then it starts to storm outside.

George heads off looking for Leanne, checking all over the house frantically.
When things eventually calm down, Sean again talks with George. The old man talks about his niece having a “rebellious streak.” It mostly sounds like patriarchal foolishness. George talks about his people being everywhere, working for God. Is he saying they’re angels? The whole “second chance” and all? Uncle George says that Leanne never should’ve come here in the first place, which is the reason Jericho wasn’t mean to stay. He doesn’t have much of an answer for Sean, other than to bring Leanne back. He tells Sean to “beg for forgiveness.” He offers to undo what Leanne has done to him, supposedly. Lots of cryptic shit.
We go back to the espresso machine day for a moment.
Sean got a good call about another season on television, but had to turn it down.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Leanne Locked in AtticUncle George is busy making a salve, Sean and Dorothy argue. The husband’s trying to act like he doesn’t buy into George’s words, but he clearly does, to some degree. That doesn’t satisfy his wife. Probably shouldn’t either because George is mixing all sorts of things together with his spit. At the same time, Sean’s up in the attic talking to Leanne about the situation. She doesn’t believe Jericho can return home. Dorothy goes to George with the bag of money, hoping this is the answer to everything. George stops what he’s doing and takes the money, pouring it into the basement’s sunken hole, spitting a bit of scripture. He also pulls Leanne’s hair from the hole.

Sean wants to take Leanne back to the big estate. He brings Julian in on the plan, wanting to get it done before Dorothy figures anything out. They’ll deal with the consequences later, like everything else they’ve been doing since Jericho died. Julian goes downstairs, where he finds George praying, and he pulls the money out of the dirt, releasing bugs. Simultaneously, Sean’s taking Leanne away; she insists he must take her someplace else, “far away.” And she says that no matter what George says he won’t bring Jericho back. Then they see the news on TV reporting a shooting at the bourgeois house where Leanne was working. George, Julian, and Dorothy soon see it, and Uncle George blames them all.

Skip back to the espresso machine day again.
Sean was busy downstairs while Dorothy took care of Jericho. He decided to do the TV gig.
What is this leading to? Are we looking at Sean’s role in what happened to Jericho?
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - George's Salve

“What hath she wrought?”

Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Dirty Money

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