Father Son Holy Gore presents The Nightmare Bazaar

We’re taking a new step here to branch out at Father Son Holy Gore.

And so, I’d like to introduce FSHG‘s first podcast: The Nightmare Bazaar.
The Nightmare Bazaar - Podcast Title PhotoThe podcast is going to be 90% original content by myself (and soon, others), padded with 10% of classic or underrated piece of literature by some of my favourite authors. The stories are all going to be weird, creepy, horrific, though they’ll cross several genres; you can definitely expect lots of horror and science fiction. At first it’ll be mostly me reading these stories, however, as things continue to grow here at Father Son Holy Gore, I intend to hire freelance voice actors and other writers to help create more diverse, exciting tales for people.

Right now, the podcast is available through Anchor and Spotify, soon to be elsewhere like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. The 1st episode is titled “A Face of Nothing”—a revamped, extended version of my 1st published horror story, “Book of the Black Moon,” published by Centum Press in 2015—and it’s already available. Get your headphones on, turn off the lights, and walk with me headlong into the dark.

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