[NEW PODCAST EPISODE] The Nightmare Bazaar Ep. 4: “Interview”

Yet another trip into the darkness!

The Nightmare Bazaar‘s latest episode is called “Interview”—an homage to Anne Rice & her vampires, though much more overtly queer.
This episode is already available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts; it should hit all the other pod catchers by the end of the day.

Interview by C.H. Newell COVER

The Nightmare Bazaar‘s intro/outro contain the tracks “Doomsday” & “Pulse” by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio. All tracks are copyright & royalty free use.

If you’d like to get podcast episodes early, as well as more monthly content, you can subscribe to patreon.com/fathergore, where brand new episodes of The Nightmare Bazaar typically release a week or two early for Patrons at the HOUND ($5/month) tier; the HOUND tier also includes access to monthly columns on Queer Gothic cinema & film remakes, plus a monthly scary short story & film lecture.

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