The Walking Dead 11×05: “Out of the Ashes”

AMC’s The Walking Dead
11×05: “Out of the Ashes”
Directed by Greg Nicotero
Written by LaToya Morgan

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Aaron Dreams of WolvesAaron and his daughter are in a tough spot, surrounded by zombies, Wolves, and the whistling of the Saviors. All a dream, of course. Not surprising that anyone in this group of survivors would have trauma to carry around. Life is trauma in the post-zombie apocalypse wasteland. Aaron and the others wake up to a breach in Alexandria’s walls as a zombie strolls through the streets. There are more already coming through the giant hole in the community’s wall. Everyone bands together to get the walkers killed and the wall back in place. But how long will that wall hold up? One day it’ll create a serious problem.

Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) appears on an `80s-style video about The Commonwealth, introducing newcomers to orientation and everything else. Absolutely hilarious. Eugene and the others get their assignments, as well as living arrangements. They’re not prepared to have an extended stay, though. Eugene’s going to teach, Ezekiel will work in animal control. Yumiko gets a fancy invitation to have a talk with someone important at the Office of State Affairs. She asks about her brother, too, hoping for answers.
At Alexandria, things are getting bleak. They have to look for more food, and they have to find out how to keep the place secure, or else find someplace else to go. Aaron’s determined to fight and stay.
Elsewhere in the woods, Maggie and Negan are together trying to get back to their friends. They’re also trying to simply coexist. Yet Maggie doesn’t kill Negan when she’s had a ton of chances. Wonder why?! They hole up to wait for their friends but Negan suggests they only wait so long, otherwise their friends probably aren’t coming.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - The CommonwealthAaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Carol go to Hilltop, where they see the ruins of that place and the remaining zombies who were once their people. Sad to have to kill friends, even if they’re now undead monsters. The group do what must be done, and they search for any materials or food left there that could be usable. Back at Alexandria, Judith tries to tell a few teens not to mess around with zombies outside the wall and one guy pushes her down, insulting her/her mother. So she pulls out her sword and threatens him. Proper thing! Fuck that young dummy. I love little Judith Grimes and it’s painful to see her have to go through life without her father, her mother, or her adopted mother currently. She’s grown up tough.

At a shop in the Commonwealth, Yumiko finds her brother Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale), and he’s very surprised to see her again. Another Walking Dead family reunion! At the same time, Eugene’s with Stephanie having an ice cream and taking a stroll. He’s amazed at all the “creature comforts” he hasn’t had in so long. Yet he knows he can’t stay in the Commonwealth, too. Stephanie thinks maybe it’d help if Eugene could contact his friends. She might be able to get that done. If they can cut through the Commonwealth’s bureaucratic nonsense, anyway.
Back at the decimated Hilltop, Lydia notices walkers moving in a strange way, as if they’re “being herded.” They know it’s the Whisperers. They find a man Lydia knows amongst the crowd in his Whisperers mask. Oh, shit! The group questions the man, Keith, asking for more info. He claims he’s the only one left after the herd scattered. Most of the group think the guy’s lying, but Lydia believes him. So they decide to lock him up for now. Then they find more people down in the cellar, and more Whisperers masks. As they debate on what to do, they’re attacked by Keith and the other couple folks make a run for it. But Keith ain’t getting away from Aaron. He’s tortured via zombie so Aaron can hopefully extract some truth. He doesn’t say much so he gets his hand chomped by a walker.

At the Commonwealth, Eugene and the crew are seeing more of the sprawling community; it’s almost like normal life, before the zombies. Stephanie and Eugene are going to try sneaking themselves into the communications room. Princess does her best to create a distraction, to keep prying eyes away. Across town, Yumiko and Tomi catch up after all this time separated. He doesn’t save lives with his surgery anymore, he’s a cake maker. And he’s happy with that. He doesn’t want his sister to ruin anything for him. He tells her this place is good, “as long as you follow the rules.”
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Negan & Maggie on the RoadCarol’s bothered by Aaron getting out of control with their Whisperers captive. She tries to stop him: “This is a path you dont want to go down.” She advises from experience, having gone into a downward spiral after Henry was murdered. The plea reaches Aaron, who lets Keith free to get rid of that infected hand. Back home in Alexandria, Rosita and Judith hear a transmission over the radio from Eugene, reporting from the Commonwealth. They tell him about the Whisperers war being over, but soon their connection breaks up and Eugene’s gone.
Right about that time Eugene and Stephanie are caught using “government property” without the proper authorisation. Whoopsy! Eugene gets charged with a bunch of bullshit from the “Commonwealth criminal code” and he’ll have a trial, probably to be banished later. Suddenly, Mr. Hornsby shows up and says they ought to be let go. Hmm. Mixed messages.

At their shack, Negan and Maggie get up in the morning, finding none of their friends. He wants to go, and he’s taking the supplies back to Alexandria, too. She won’t let him and they start battling a moment. Then they’re interrupted by Father Gabriel and Elijah, who’ve made it mostly in one piece. Good for Maggie’s cause because Gabriel won’t leave without waiting longer for their pals.
Keith mentions someone coming out of the cave where Alpha kept the horde. He says the woman was alive by “the screaming cave.” Lydia knows the place and now Carol’s intent on going to find Connie the next morning.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Survivors at Hilltop Again

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