American Horror Story SEASON 10 FINALE: “The Future Perfect”

FX’s American Horror Story
10×10: “The Future Perfect”
Directed by Axelle Carolyn
Written by Brad Falchuk, Manny Coto, Kristen Reidel, & Reilly Smith

* For a recap & review of 10×09, click here.
Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story - Lizard KissingerNixon is POTUS in 1972 and he was dealing with lots of protests over the Vietnam War. He wanted to stop the war, as did Henry Kissinger (Vincent Foster). Yet Valiant Thor believed the war is necessary to keep the focus away from “all the Americans going missing.” The creation of an alien-human hybrid was projected to be perfected by 2021. That’s why there was a “menu of distractions” ready for America’s government to keep the public’s focus away from alien abductions and the like. It still didn’t sit well with Nixon. Meanwhile, Kissinger was a reptilian creature of some sort; I always knew it, the bastard!

Three years prior, Dwight Eisenhower was lamenting paving the way for Nixon’s presidency as his own health was wasting away. He lamented what he’d done while in office. He also saw the reptile behind Kissinger’s eyes, even if Mamie wouldn’t believe it. Yet Dwight knew the truth, he’d seen such reptilians before. At the same time, Mamie was concerning herself with yet another nationwide holiday, hoping to bring more parties to America.
One day Valiant came to see Dwight, who was getting worse all the time. He offered to bring Eisenhower to Area 51: “You dont have to die.” Valiant expressed his and his kind’s gratitude for the former president. Then Dwight passed away, leaving Mamie to be with Valiant.
Back to ’72 when Nixon met with G. Gordon Liddy (Matt Nolan) to talk about “the powers that be,” pointing to the sky,” and he suggested the aliens want to get him. He’d become very paranoid. In American Horror Story‘s version of history, Watergate has become part of Nixon trying to find out something on Valiant, tasking Liddy with getting into the Watergate complex. And Deepthroat? That becomes Mamie Eisenhower.
Although I’m not in love with the back half of Season 10, otherwise known as Death Valley, I do love the way the series continually uses history in almost every season. We get these bits of pseudo-history, where Murphy & Co. fill in the blanks in already recorded history by messing up the timeline. It always makes for interesting fun, even if it’s not always perfect.
Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story - Mamie 'Deepthroat' EisenhowerValiant kept sweaty, paranoid Nixon around because it was a good distraction while the aliens continued their work on Earth. Not to mention there was reptilian Kissinger there to keep an eye on Tricky Dick. Kissinger suggested to Nixon it was best to resign and that history would be kinder that way. But Dick wasn’t letting go so easily, especially considering all the secrets he knew about “recent fucking history.” He then received a visit from the aliens, receiving a nasty anal probe to make sure he was prepared to tender his resignation. All was going well; for the aliens, anyway. At the same time, Mamie was readying herself to take the next step in existence, a “quiet death” as herself and a resurrection to live forever.
So, in 1979, Mamie was officially declared dead, then brought to Area 51. There, she’d live out the rest of her endless days. Not what you’d call glamorous. Mamie met Calico in the cafeteria and they hit it off well.

In current day, an alarm’s going off in Area 51. Mamie’s surprised to see soldiers bust in, checking the place. Kendall and the others are confused about what’s going on. An “unauthorised death” has occurred in Area 51, so the place is on high alert. The soldiers find the remains of Troy and Cal, both bloody stains on the moon landing set. Then the alien tentacle baby attacks one of the soldiers. Theta shows up to survey the damage. She wants to have the child examined, to find out why it “regressed.” After that she has the soldiers executed.

Later, Kendall and Jamie search for answers about their friends. They ask Calico, who doesn’t have any answers, except to tell the young women there’s no escape. So Kendall and Jamie go looking for more answers, taking a trip to the moon landing set. They see the bloody corpses of Cal and Troy, along with the soldiers. Theta quickly shows up to put the pregnant ladies out, and the two friends wake up a while afterwards in a lab. Kendall and Jamie are each on the verge of labour, giving psychic sedation by Theta, who’s awaiting one of the women to deliver a very special baby. Jamie gives birth but it isn’t a suitable specimen and they kill it. Next, they kill Jamie, too. Kendall gives birth next and her baby’s deemed “the perfect specimen,” the child that brings the aliens’ big experiment to an end after all these decades. Soon Kendall dies, her body preserved as a “breeding machine.”
Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story - Breeding MachineAt Area 51, Mamie celebrates yet another birthday; she’d be 125 if she were still alive in 2021. But she’s getting weary of things after all this time. She wants to “make new stories,” but Calico knows they can only repeat all their old ones locked away in that place. They hear about the successful hybrid born after 60 years. It doesn’t make Mamie or Calico happy, so the former goes to see Valiant, asking questions. She hears about a world “without humans” now that human-alien hybrids are possible. Why would the aliens keep humans around when a more perfect species is now available? Mamie hears she’ll be spared. But the majority of everyone else? Death, I assume. Finally Mamie sees the aliens could never be trusted. She also realises the reptilians are real, too, and that the aliens are working with them.

Mamie meets Theta for the first time, who speaks highly of her deceased husband. She wants to see more of Area 51, given that President Eisenhower never got to see it all. So Theta offers a tour, showing off the newly successful hybrid. Mamie’s surprised at the beauty of the child, though she’s shocked by Kendall’s new tech livestock form. She isn’t happy about people being turned into machines by aliens. She tells Theta about the plan to end the human race; a plan Theta didn’t know until now, apparently. Later on, Mamie tells Calico what’s going on. She also says she wants to “fight back” against the aliens. She wants to use Theta’s help to get to the baby and Kendall.

The plan is put into motion, leaving Mamie to kill the baby. However, Theta’s not quite so ready to let that happen. She knows humans are “too selfish to share.” It’s useless for any other lifeform to try living alongside humanity. Might as well use Earth for themselves. Can you blame Theta? Not really, when humans are a cancer. Theta offers Calico a choice to be a mother to the alien-human children, a reward for “all those losses” over the decades. It sounds good to Calico, who knows the shittiness of people. Poor ole Mamie gets her head exploded, and Calico assists with the Kendall machine’s next birth. The process continues.
Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story - Mamie & ThetaA poor, rushed ending. Death Valley was severely lacking and I’d hoped for a continuity even between the two quite different halves of Season 10. There were fun things, but overall not one of my favourite seasons. Loved the first part. The second was very much hit or miss; more miss than hit.

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