Servant 3×06: “Fish”

Apple TV’s Servant
3×06: “Fish”
Directed by Kitty Green
Written by Amy Louise Johnson

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Sean PraysLeanne can’t stop thinking of the people who attacked her at the block party. She’s traumatised. But what really happened? For now, Leanne tries to continue her day-to-day at the Turner home. Dorothy’s glad the nanny got back out into the world, even if only for an evening. Small steps. Sean continues on his personal religious journey, praying more and more. He continues to dodge the calls from producers for Gourmet Gauntlet about the spinoff. Dorothy asks about it, so Sean tells her, and he says he won’t be taking the job, even though it’ll be coming to Philadelphia this time. Things have changed since last time. Dorothy wants her husband to take the job, whereas Sean isn’t keen. She wonders if it’s the new religious influence in his life. Leanne’s definitely not thrilled about Sean having an “affair with Jesus,” after her experiences with religion.

Sean tells Leanne he isn’t taking the TV job because “pride comes before the fall,” decidedly religious talk. He believes all things have “a cost.” Is he worried about temptation? Hmm. Leanne accidentally knocks Sean into the oozing hole in the basement, then rushes upstairs. It’s always hard to tell if there’s someone acting weird in this series because so much happening under the Turner roof is absolutely bizarre. So fun!
Dorothy’s excited about “the gorgeous rebirth” of spring, convincing Leanne to come along on a walk with her and Jericho so they can enjoy it together. Of course paranoia soon rears its head when Leanne sees the houseless people. Leanne immediately flashes back to being attacked by the two people at the festival. “We know what you are,” one of them said as they bashed Leanne’s head against a tree.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Mirrored LeanneLater that day Dorothy’s scared when one of the houseless men turns up in the garden suddenly. The guy asks about Leanne, but Dorothy tells him to leave and he does. Very creepy. That evening, Julian comes by for the big dinner with “the god lady.” Dorothy goes downstairs and finds Leanne’s bloody clothes from the festival in the wash, so she goes to the surveillance system, tracking back to witness Leanne being chased through the house, as well as the nanny returning later full of blood. A while later we see Sean preparing for dinner and Julian quoting Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” while eating spaghetti like an disgusting monster.
Soon, Minister Nancy shows up and gets a chilly reception from Leanne. Everyone else is more welcoming. Dorothy pulls Leanne off to have a talk about the security footage. She wants to know why the young woman didn’t say anything. She knows it’s the cult, asking whether the houseless people are involved, too. Leanne says nothing, confirming everything. She tells Dorothy she’s not scared now, but she’s “not ready“—for what, exactly?

Hilariously, Sean didn’t realise Nancy’s vegan, making the start of a fish-centric dinner awkward. While Sean goes to cook something else for Nancy, the minister gets grilled by Dorothy. Julian manages to get a good one in when he makes fun of his sister, and himself, by praising Dorothy’s “WASP linguistics.” Not long later, dinner finally begins. But Leanne can’t help being rude to the guest at every turn. Sean deflects and tries to make Nancy feel welcome at the table, though nobody else is too thrilled by his secret church life. An all-around awkward night at the dinner table. Leanne just stares daggers at Nancy while the hip minister quotes Wayne Gretzky and also lets slip some things that make Dorothy question what she knows as the truth. When red wine gets spilled it takes Leanne back to the two people trying to kill her. Leanne was saved by some of the houseless people, who killed the two attackers, saying: “She must reunite.” The houseless people are some kind of offshoot of the original cult. Whoa.Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Leanne's AttackedLeanne tells Sean, and the others, she “outgrew make believe,” that’s why she isn’t spiritual anymore. This prompts some of Nancy’s minister-y shit, and Leanne’s response is anger, which upsets Sean. Dorothy sticks up for the nanny, knowing what’s been going on. There’s more eerie staring between the minister and the nanny. Nancy tries playing the friendly minister, but Leanne uses her culty powers to stare into the woman’s soul, bringing up secrets Nancy can’t handle. Wildly intense moment. The minister runs out, to the pleasure of Julian and the horror of Sean.

Afterwards, Julian looks Nancy up online, discovering a subreddit about the minister, who apparently abused her own mother. Yikes! Then Julian breaks out some of his old weed stash, giving the nanny a joint to smoke. Leanne coughs a bit but enjoys it pretty quickly. They’re interrupted by one of the houseless people checking on Leanne, as if always on the periphery, watching and waiting to protect her.
Upstairs, Dorothy finds out for herself that Sean’s been keeping the truth from her, watching him on Gourmet Gauntlet when she didn’t realise he did another season. Will she piece together things for herself? Will the truth come together for her? If it does, will that destroy her? At the same time, stoned Leanne tells Sean to take the job on the spinoff. She’ll protect Jericho. And will those mysterious people keep protecting her?

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