Breaking Bad 5×13: “To’hajiilee”

AMC’s Breaking Bad
5×13: “To’hajiilee”
Directed by Michelle MacLaren
Written by George Mastras

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Father Son Holy Gore - Breaking Bad - Neo-Nazis Making MethTodd’s got a batch cooked for his Uncle Jack, who’s not concerned about wearing any protecting gear around the meth, and Lydia’s there to make sure all is going to plan. The cook reaches 76%, though it doesn’t have the patented “blue colour.” The percentage jumped up a bit, but the blue is a “brand.” Lydia knows the customers aren’t exactly going to be happy, even if the neo-Nazis attempt to convince her you can see a little blue in the crystals. It’s just so funny to see Lydia dealing with Todd and the neo-Nazis. Weird bedfellows. Plus Lydia has Todd wrapped around her finger, and he’s creepily obsessed with her. When Lydia’s gone, Todd gets the call from Mr. White about a possible job for Uncle Jack… a job to finally take care of the Jesse Pinkman problem.

Hank and Steve are figuring out how to go about their next step. Jesse has an idea to draw ole Heisenberg out, and Hank thinks it’s a pretty good one, too. He knows Walt would never get rid of his money, so they have to figure out where it’s been taken. This involves an elaborate plan involving Huell being kept on ice in a safe house and some meat from the grocery store to look like a nasty hit has taken place.
Hank and Steve go to the safe house after taking a photo. Hank says Huell’s there to be “under protection” because of Walt. He claims Walt and Saul talked about killing Jesse and then Huell. But Huell doesn’t believe it. Then Hank and Steve claim Kuby’s probably already dead because he’s missing. They use the photo of the grocery store meat next to Jesse’s head, posed like a murder scene, to convince Huell to talk with them. Huell says he doesn’t know about where the money is, he only gave the money to Walt in barrels. A dirty rental van was involved, too.
Father Son Holy Gore - Breaking Bad - Jesse's Brain SplatterWalt meets with Uncle Jack and the neo-Nazis about the proposed hit. Jack asks a bunch of questions, whether it’s “rat patrol” or some other reason why Walt wants Pinkman dead. Walt says Jesse simply won’t “listen to reason.” He considers his former partner like family and doesn’t want Jesse to be tortured, only put down without any fanfare. Walt offers to pay Jack, but the neo-Nazis want Heisenberg to cook his blue meth for them. They want him to teach Todd how to perfect the formula. Jack won’t take no for an answer, so Walt agrees to “one cook” upon completion of the job. Pretty nasty stuff having already been involved with the neo-Nazis, but now Walt has truly just gone over the edge completely. This means Walt needs to find Jesse, so he goes to Andrea’s place. A chilling thing to see him around Brock, who seems a bit wary of him. Walt asks Andrea about where he might be able to find Jesse. She hasn’t heard from him in a couple weeks. Walt pretends Jesse is back on drugs and he’s worried. Andrea calls Jesse and leaves a message about Mr. White turning up. Oh, my. Walt believes it’s only a matter of time before Jesse shows up.
Hank intercepts the message to Jesse, still having the Hello Kitty phone. So Walt’s plan definitely won’t work. Now, it’s time for Jesse, Hank, and Steve to enact their own plan to draw Walt out this time. But there was no luck on a GPS for the rental van, so that’s another wrench in the works. Hank’s sure that Walt buried the money, and he’s also sure that Walt doesn’t know there wasn’t GPS on the van, either.

At the car wash, Saul makes a visit, right at the same moment Walt turns up. He tells Walt that Huell’s disappeared. Neither of them know where Jesse is, either. Saul urges that Jesse isn’t dumb and probably realised there’s a setup at play. He’s even wearing a bulletproof vest around in case things go haywire. Walt says if anybody’s going to be killed by Jesse it’ll be him; Jesse’s only angry at him. It’s only moments later when Walt gets a photo message of one of his money barrels. Jesse calls, claiming he found all the buried barrels. He says he found out from Huell, getting GPS from the rental van, and claims he’s going to burn the money unless Walt meets him in the desert. Trick is, Walt’s actually going to lead Hank and Steve right to the location in the desert where the money’s buried. A smart play. Walt tries to apologise for Brock, claiming he had it all planned out to make sure the boy would be okay in the end. He goes on to say everything he’s done is to help Jesse, but, as usual, descends into anger, yelling at Jesse like a child. And soon, Walt gets out to that old spot in the desert where he and Pinkman first cooked meth together.Father Son Holy Gore - Breaking Bad - Walt Loses His BarrelsIt doesn’t take that long until Walt realises he’s been lured to his money spot and Jesse’s nowhere to be found. He rips the SIM card out of his phone, angry he fell for this plot. Then he sees dust on the road coming towards him. He panics and looks for a place to hide, waiting out some kind of inevitable shitstorm headed towards him. He grabs his phone and SIM card again, then takes shelter behind some rocks. He calls Jack and the neo-Nazis, telling them Jesse’s coming for him with backup. They start gearing up to head for the desert with plenty of weaponry.
Then Walt watches Hank, Steve, and Jesse pull up near his car. He’s devastated and tells Jack: “Do not come.” After that he decides to give himself up to Hank and Steve, who are both armed. Walt’s arrested by the DEA as Hank cuffs him. He’s put in the vehicle, though not before Jesse spits in his face and they wrestle a bit, despite the cuffs. Hank makes a call home to Marie, letting her know that Walt’s in custody. He says he’ll probably be home late tonight.
Suddenly, Uncle Jack and the neo-Nazis come over the horizon. Walt is horrified, trying to warn Hank, but to no use. The neo-Nazis get out with their guns pointed at Hank and Steve, as Hank and Steve ready their guns. Whatever happens, it’s not gonna be good. Then the gunfire erupts.

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