The Walking Dead 11×20: “What’s Been Lost”

AMC’s The Walking Dead
11×20: “What’s Been Lost”
Directed by Aisha Tyler
Written by Erik Mountain

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Carol's Baked GoodsCarol’s preparing to leave the Commonwealth. She’s gathering baked goods. Ezekiel comes by to see her before she goes. But suddenly he disappears. Then a couple men come for Carol, too. She fights them off and slips out of there, making a run for it before they’re able to grab her. She fared better than Rosita at the end of the previous episode. So, what exactly is going on? It’s definitely got to do with Eugene. Is Pamela rounding up everybody from Alexandria and Hilltop? The Commonwealth becomes more and more like a fascist state every single day.
A couple men come for Daryl, as well. One guy gets killed, but the other proves tougher. Daryl and the second man wrestle while the first dude reanimates as a zombie during the fight. Carol thankfully intervenes and they let the zombie take care of his still-living friend. The Carol-Daryl team are UNDEFEATED, baby! Daryl and Carol realise all their friends, including the kids, have been taken.

Pamela has suspended “all migrant entry” into Commonwealth until the situation with Eugene and his friends is concluded. Typical white people shit. She wants to make sure all the powerful people are happy with things. Yumiko busts into the office looking for her friends, demanding answers from Pamela. She wants to know where Eugene and the others are being held. But she doesn’t get much of anything from Pamela, who only gives the typical politician answers about quelling rebellion and blah blah blah. Pamela’s having Yumiko prosecute Eugene to make it even worse. She even threatens Tomi to make sure Yumiko understands how things will happen. Nasty stuff. Yumiko goes to Tomi for help, though her brother thinks it might just be best to do what Pamela wants. “Its survival,” he says.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Yumiko Signs with ConnieConnie managed to stab one of her attackers and flee. She and Yumiko find each other at the hospital. They also have eyes on Connie’s attacker. She wants to follow him after he’s released. But Yumiko advises it’s too dangerous since people are looking for all of them. So she offers to do it herself, regardless of the danger. And for now, she and Connie must say goodbye until things are settled, just to be safe.
Meanwhile, Carol and Daryl are sneaking in to have a word with Hornsby. They neutralise the soldiers, then they find Hornsby locked away with Sebastian and the bloody leftovers of Calhoun all over the floor. Quite the sight. Daryl finishes off zombie Sebastian while Hornsby rocks around mumbling to himself. He tries to snap Hornsby out of it to get answers about their friends. Carol attempts a softer approach, though she threatens Hornsby, and eventually he says he’ll help. That’s when they notice Hornsby has a monitor on his ankle. Not good. Either way, it’s time to make an escape, and it’s definitely not a quiet one. Carol heads off with Hornsby, and Daryl sticks around to fend off the soldiers.

After the injured man leaves the hospital, he’s followed by Yumiko through the streets. She nearly runs right into him but plays it cool like she’s headed someplace else. Can’t get too suspicious. At the same time, Pamela is preparing a “peaceful return to law and order.” She wants her police state to look friendlier. But she gets a call about the situation in the holding cells, where she finds no Hornsby anymore and her dead zombie son with his head smashed into raspberry jam.
Out in the wilderness, Carol and Hornsby walk together. He rambles on but she pulls out her gun, trying to make sure he isn’t playing any more “mind games.” She needs him, so she can’t exactly shoot him to death. They’re soon interrupted by vehicles on the road: the Commonwealth have search parties out everywhere.

At the jail, Yumiko talks with Eugene about their friends. She says she may not have a choice but to prosecute him, as Pamela ordered. Eugene has accepted his fate already. He only wants to help his “kidnapped compadres.” He wants to help them get free. But how? Eugene holds out hope there’s something to do. He can’t imagine another scenario, especially being locked in a cell. At least if his friends go free, his sacrifice will mean something in the end.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Eugene Behind BarsWhile Carol and Hornsby keep going on their journey, he asks what happens if Pamela doesn’t survive and Carol’s people end up in control of the Commonwealth. Carol doesn’t care about the Commonwealth, particularly if she can’t find her friends. But Lance will not let it go, he’s so concerned about the Commonwealth, like it’s actually a good place for people. They’re down in some dank location, so it’s not long before they come upon a bunch of walkers, and then the situation gets real messy, to the point Carol has to pull out the assault rifle and begin blasting. Hornsby helps out with his flashlight, but it doesn’t help Carol dealing with slippery zombies losing their soaked skin. The two of them make it out, only to walk right into the path of some Commonwealth soldiers. They’re about to be executed when Daryl shoots them down and saves the day again. Another wonderfully-timed Carol-Daryl reunion.

Yumiko has resigned herself to the “bullshit theatre” of Pamela’s administration. She doesn’t want to, but she has no choice right now. The Commonwealth announces to its citizens that it will be moving forward with a trial against Eugene for his supposed crimes. Yumiko has to get up in front of everybody and speak to the citizens. She reads the prepared speech as written. She then goes on to explain her relationship to Eugene, before explaining the charges against him. She pivots and speaks about her brother Tomi briefly, too. Then she explains she won’t be prosecuting Eugene, but rather defending him. Uh oh!

Hornsby says there’s a Commonwealth train, built to expand the city’s reach and for a supply chain transport. But he’s given up his cards. Daryl and Carol can just follow the train to see where it goes. They don’t need Lance anymore. He’s worried, but he thinks he’s too valuable to be killed. Carol gives him the chance to run: “But thats all youre going to geta chance.” When Hornsby attempts to grab a gun he gets a bullet in the throat. He’s left to bleed out on the ground, to become a zombie and wander forever. And somewhere out on the road, Commonwealth soldiers are transporting all of Carol and Daryl’s friends with bags over their heads. But, where?Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Hornsby Dies

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