Mayans M.C. 3×03: “Overreaching Don’t Pay”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
3×03: “Overreaching Don’t Pay”
Directed by Rachel Goldberg
Written by Andrea Ciannavei & Jenny Lynn

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Coco's MotherWe see a sad glimpse of Coco’s childhood, as he was the one in charge of shooting his mother up with heroin between her toes. She warned him to “never be like mama.” But it was probably always destined to happen. Now, Coco wakes up on Meth Mountain being shot up by the woman, Hope, who recognised him the night before.
Gaby’s back at Felipe’s place, listening to tunes while she brightens the place up from its melancholy state. EZ’s doing a bit of home workout in the yard at the clubhouse. Angel wakes up next to someone new today, though he may be getting tired of the routine. Later, EZ’s laying out the plan for everybody; they’ve got “200 keys” to shepherd, a big load. Bishop thinks the whole thing is solid, even if some of the guys have doubts. They just have to go see Alvarez now, too.

In prison, Alicia gets a visit from Vicki. She doesn’t want her kids to see her like this, so she tells Vicki to tell her mother to keep them away. Vicki gets real with Alicia: “Do you think they give a shit about you? About us?” She warns that the MC won’t stand behind her. She says that Alicia should give up information and not take the fall for the Mayans. Jesus!
EZ and Bishop go to see Alvarez with the big plan. First, Alvarez wants to talk with Bishop about something alone. He knows about the tension with the other Kings. Bishop explains the 200 kilos, but Alvarez makes clear that his word still has sway over the Mayans, given he chose the Kings. He never gets around to fully discussing things openly. But Bishop’s still determined to go with their plan, and he still says “fuckem all.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Bishop Lies to AlvarezCoco finally comes to on Meth Mountain and makes a run for it, feeling sick to his stomach. He meets Isaac, the leader of Meth Mountain, who talks in half-aphorisms. Coco lashes out only to be beaten down again. But nobody on Meth Mountain wants to hurt Coco. They all understand Coco more than he’s willing to admit right now. He leaves that place, yet Isaac thinks “Little Bo Beep” will be back again. Coco’s worst nightmares are coming true now that he’s got track marks in his arm: he’s becoming just like his mother. When he gets back to the clubhouse he’s not given much compassion by Gilly, even if the pain in his eyes is real. Yet soon Gilly softens and realises that his brother’s hurting; Coco just needs a bit of love, man.
Soon, Happy and Montez show up to make clear the Mayans need to let the Sons know when they’re riding through Sons territory. Tension between the Sons and the Mayans has certainly renewed. (Great moment as Steve asks “Whos Jax Teller?” and Gilly replies: “Who gives a fuck?” Oh, how the time flies!) Either way, Montez’s got secret things going on that even Happy probably doesn’t know about either. At least Bishop’s aware that Montez is a craft little bastard.

In the desert, an Asian gentleman called Juan Denver leads EZ and Angel to a desolate spot where the drug pickup is hidden, complete with recounting a few John Denver song titles. Hilarious! Back home, Felipe goes on being grumpy but also talkative while Gaby makes him coffee and does more cooking. He laments EZ’s talents going to waste, talking about how smart he was as a kid; not just book smart, but emotionally intelligent. Outside a diner, Emily and Erin talk about the former’s relationship. Erin says: “You used to be such a force, now youre someones wife.” They’re interrupted when a “littledicked walrus” of a man tosses a milkshake at Emily’s vehicle, angry about the problems her and Miguel have caused in town.

Vicki’s pissed when the Mayans turn up on her property to do their business. She protests at first, then lets it go. But will she do anything drastic? She already suggested that Alicia turn on the club. Might she use this as some kind of leverage? Oh, Christ. Elsewhere, down below ground, EZ and Angel are having issues transporting all the product with just the two of them when their cart breaks down. They still manage to make it all the way, met by Creeper at the other end of the tunnel. Bishop tells EZ that he may have saved the charter itself with his plan. I do wonder if it’s safe having Coco around all that product. No time for worrying: Gilly sees Border Patrol on their way towards Vicki’s place. Bishop orders the club to bring everything back down into the tunnel.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Juan DenverSteve takes a vehicle to head off the Border Patrol, giving EZ and the boys time enough to dump all the product back into the tunnel with Creeper and Taza. Then the Mayans find a place to hide while Border Patrol swarms the property, and once it’s safe they make a run for it.
Back at the clubhouse, Bishop’s in a dark mood, though nobody is happy at all. There’s already a greenlight on some Mayans in prison. The plan fell apart pretty quickly, even if the heroin remains intact; for now, anyway. Bishop is left wondering what to do now, especially since Alvarez will soon figure out he’s been lied to, along with the other Kings. None of this is good for anybody in the club, or for the charter as a whole.

Sadly, Coco goes back to Hope and Meth Mountain, shooting up more instead of running from his addiction. When Coco passes out he’s photographed by Isaac. This is creepy, and ominous. What’s going on here? Again, not good for anybody; not Coco, and not the MC, either. There’s nothing positive happening for ANYONE at the moment!
And why exactly is Bishop feeling so sombre lately? It’s a bad anniversary. Bishop’s been hanging out by his ex-wife’s place a lot. Right now, he’s doing some drinking outside. So Antonia invites him inside, at least to keep the neighbours from calling the cops. On a more positive note, Gaby tells EZ his father is “a good man.” She likes spending time with Felipe because she misses some of her own family. She and EZ say goodnight, sharing a kiss. A bit of good amongst all the bad.

And Angel gets a surprise at night when none other than Adelita turns up.
Goddamn, girl.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Coco Shoots Up Again

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