Mayans M.C. 3×06: “You Can’t Pray a Lie”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
3×06: “You Can’t Pray a Lie”
Directed by Elgin James
Written by Andrea Ciannavei

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Gaby Covered in EZ's BloodEZ’s bleeding out from the gunshot, so Gaby has to walk him into the hospital. He’s barely conscious when he’s taken away to the ER. Poor Gaby is left in the lobby with her hands and clothes covered in EZ’s blood. Bishop comes to from a horrible nightmare, surely connected to the loss of his child, and he gets a call about EZ being shot by someone from Stockton. He gets to the hospital where Angel is flipping out at his MC brothers. He sends Angel packing, then asks Officer Franky how things are going. Good news is that EZ’s organs weren’t hit; the bullet was through-and-through. The shooter, Flaco, is in much worse shape after being hit by a van.
EZ wants to go handle the revenge, but Bishop warns against it, instead asking the young patch to get out of town while things are sorted. Bishop suggests to take Gaby and get away for a little bit. She’s right there looking to help, and Angel asks her to take care of little bro. What a tough woman. EZ tells Gaby he wants to show her something important.

At home, Miguel hears from Alvarez about Juan being killed and the product being burned at the site. He’s obviously not happy, wondering why the LNG suddenly have “the fucking balls” to be doing such things. This just means Alvarez has work to do. Perfect time for Alvarez to get another call about a “family issue.” Does Marcus mean family as in blood, or family as in club?
Up on Meth Mountain, Coco’s shooting his life away with heroin to the point he can’t even keep it up while in bed with Hope. She thinks it’s her fault, apologising to him for being “fat” and “disgusting,” but he tells her she’s “sexy as fuck.” They joke a little bit, too. At least if Coco’s going through addiction and he can’t talk about it openly with the club, he has some kind of safe space there with Hope, even if it’s more than a bit unhealthy.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Coco & HopeAt the clubhouse, Emily shows up worried after hearing about EZ being shot. Somewhat awkward since Gaby’s there, too. As much as Emily wants to deny her feelings for EZ, she clearly still cares about him a great deal, and in much more than a friendly sense. She doesn’t stay long, leaving before she’s liable to break down in tears.
Back at the hospital, Angel pulls his gun out in the waiting room and goes straight for Flaco’s room, however, Nestor’s outside standing guard on word from Alvarez. The rest of the crew stop Angel. It’s not a good look, though. And not to mention that things are sketchy for the club when it comes to Alvarez, given Bishop’s big lie recently.

EZ and Gaby stop along the road. She squats for a piss while he takes the time to call his father. Felipe’s glad to hear from his youngest boy, particularly as he cleans the blood out of his truck. He wonders how Gaby’s doing after witnessing the whole mess; he obviously likes her and tells his son to “worry about her,” not him. Felipe doesn’t need any more tragedy in his life after all that’s happened to him. There’s lots of other tragedy happening elsewhere, too. We see the freshly-shaven Adelita searching in a scrapyard, looking for Mini. She finds all sorts of kids in terrible situations, from houselessness to addiction to huffing spray paint. Eventually, somewhere amongst the scrap, Adelita comes upon Mini, her “little mouse.” The young girl is in a horrible state, her mouth stained with spray paint.
When Alvarez turns up at the Mayans clubhouse he isn’t greeted too happily by Bishop. He confronts the charter leader about the heroin lie. Bishop’s pissed that Alvarez is protecting Flaco after EZ got hit. He’s generally pissed about lots more in the relationship with Marcus. But Alvarez is crystal clear: walk the fucking line, or shit’s going to get bad. Is Bishop going power mad? Or is he in the right here?

Great use of “Queen Anne” by Damien Jurado here with a montage going from Coco partying at Meth Mountain, to EZ and Gaby on the road stopping at a church. While EZ looks less at home in a church than Gaby does, he has faith, and he lights a candle, most surely for his mother. Then perhaps one for Dita, too? EZ certainly feels the Catholic guilt, though for good reason. He recounts to Gaby the story of St. Francis being in love with St. Clare. He also talks about how he believes his mother “loved the poetry of church more than the church of church.” What a gorgeous line of dialogue. None of that matters to Gaby. She’s worried sick about EZ. So he finally brings her to the important place he wanted to show her: the beach. Gaby’s never seen the ocean, now she gets to swim in it.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Gaby & EZ at ChurchAt Meth Mountain, Coco discovers there’s some eerie sexual stuff going on. “I can fuck you,” Isaac tells Coco. Then Isaac says he wants three more kilos of heroin. He’s got Coco under his thumb, especially with that photo. He says: “Free will is an illusion.” He’s like a cult leader. And Coco is firmly in the leader’s grip, as is poor Hope, who’s nothing more than a fleshy object to Isaac. Sadly, he seems resigned to this new life, and Hope looks more desperate than ever now as her only chance to get out feels like him.

Bishop and Antonia meet at the roadside memorial for their boy. He’s continuing to go to a dark place. He laments that “the world keeps spinning” even after such terrible tragedy. Antonia has news for him, too. She’s going to be leaving town with her partner Kat. She tells Bishop that “this town is fucking cursed.” He just starts to lash out at her, accusing her of simply wanting to forget the past. Antonia says she feels like she’s carrying “a body bag of shame” constantly, and if it weren’t for Kat she would’ve killed herself ages ago. Now Antonia needs Bishop to sign off on papers because his name is still attached to the house. He does her the favour. Immediately after that he says she should’ve killed herself: “It shouldve been you.” An absolutely brutal and disgusting thing to say. Not the best time for Bishop to get a call about Flaco leaving the hospital. He rings Angel right away to put the greenlight out on revenge.

Angel and Gilly put a bullet in Flaco. It doesn’t go unnoticed, obviously.
Just what will be the fallout from THIS, now? You know it’s coming.

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