Mayans M.C. 4×09: “The Calling of Saint Matthew”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
4×09: “The Calling of Saint Matthew”
Directed by Brett Dos Santos
Written by Gerald Cuesta & Sara Price

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Miguel Finds Marcus AgainAlvarez finds none other than Galindo sitting outside his house. He puts a gun to the man and asks why Miguel came there. Galindo feels he was abandoned by Alvarez, so he wants to be heard. Perhaps that after his meeting with Soledad, he’s come to make Miguel an offer to knock El Banquero off. We’ll just have to wait and see.
At the trailer, EZ tries to explain to Sofia what she’s getting into with him. She says she isn’t afraid of whatever he thinks she “should be afraid of,” and there’s no reason to doubt that. But what if Sofia did something to threaten things like Gaby did? Surely EZ would kill her, too. Who knows. Suddenly there’s another unexpected visit from Jay-Jay. He’s come to reminisce on old times in prison. He also wonders about EZ being taken out of prison by federal agents. He suggests that EZ is “an informant.” So EZ pulls his gun. Jay-Jay claims he only wanted to get his old friend’s attention somehow. Good excuse for blackmail.

Angel and Adelita talk together about naming their boy. She suggests Angel, Ezekiel, or Felipe, but Angel says the boy “needs his own name.” Angel suggests “Maverick” because he’s obviously a big fan of Top Gun. Adelita throws out Christopher and it just makes Angel think of what he lost with Nails all too recently. Across town, Gilly’s sleeping in the car when Rae wakes him up because her boy had an accident. He decides to take this time to show the kid how to make a bed “military style.” It’s a cute moment. We’ve seen a lot of Gilly this season and in a slightly new way. Wonderful character development to see his backstory and the people in his life.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Jay-Jay Makes a Surprise VisitKody gets a visit from her handler, ATF Agent Lydecker. Oh, fuck. Creeper has no idea that his girlfriend, whose name isn’t actually Kody, is an agent for the federal government. Agent Lydecker makes Kody/Kate take a piss test, too. Seems that Kate’s not in good graces. She’s not just playing a role portraying herself as an addict to Creeper. But she’s certainly playing a role pretending just to be a lover.
There’s a meeting now between Alvarez and Soledad, along with EZ and Galindo. Quite awkward with EZ and Miguel present. The whole thing is about business, though. Soledad wants to “build a bridge.” Galindo says this deal would change everything. He doesn’t want “needless violence” anymore after all he’s seen. He thinks Soledad is the person to help them get to a less violent place. Only thing is, the quantity of product the Mayans take on is now going up big time. The supply is huge. Alvarez says they need time to make a decision.

Surprise, surprise: Lincoln Potter has returned. He shows up holding Adelita’s baby when she walks into the room. Not sure how he slipped in there without her noticing, but it’s TV land! And Potter is incredibly greasy. We do find out that Adelita didn’t actually kill his family, but certainly traumatised them. So what’s his plan here? He’s leveraging the murder of Anna and her husband against Adelita. Potter knows what really happened and he’s threatening Adelita with suggesting they reopen the case.
At a laundromat, Bishop tries to run out when he sees Maggie from the Alvarez dinner party. She calls him an asshole, though she apologises because she didn’t know about his loss. She tells him: “You suck.” She lays into him about his behaviour, especially the fact he skipped the dessert she made. It all makes Bishop think twice about Maggie and her “grandma business.” He asks to see her tonight. Contrasting this pretty cute scene between Bishop and Maggie is a genuinely sad moment when Leticia goes to see her father’s body in the morgue.Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Soledad's New DealAt the table, Alvarez explains his meeting with the still-alive Galindo. He and EZ tell them about the major deal at hand with Soledad and Galindo. It essentially would make the Mayans untouchable. Except Alvarez wants to decline the offer. “Now, all I see is greed,” he says. He thinks they’re getting “karmic payback” now after destroying families with drugs all these years. But so much has happened. Bishop wants to kill the Sons, so does EZ, who advises the President it’s not time to “change course.” Pretty much everyone around the table agrees with EZ. When Taza gets a chance he says his piece about how the club “no longer feels like home.” He wants to leave Santo Padre and “go Nomad.” EZ says go: “If youre not with us, youre against us.” Alvarez grants Taza’s request. After the meeting’s over, Taza says goodbye, at least for a while, to his brothers. Then he heads out on his bike.

While Emily tries to call Erin we see Galindo’s man at her sister’s place. Erin has now become bloody collateral damage in Miguel’s quest to get his family back. So many dead women between the Galindo cartel and the Mayans. It’s terrible. Even our protagonist, EZ, is guilty of it.
Speaking of him, he gets back to his trailer that night and his dad’s sitting in the dark. Felipe says it’s his fault that EZ is who he is: “Youre the weight of my sins.” He sees EZ as his “reflection.” He’s brought along a gun. EZ says that if he’s going to be “a monster,” he’ll be one in the name of protecting his loved ones. He claims that’s something Felipe could never do. Then he kneels and puts his father’s gun to his own head. Felipe could never do that, so he gets up and leaves.

At Kody’s place, she gets a little prison cuisine cooking lesson from Creeper. It gets them talking more personal. Creeper grew up tough and had to “learn to be resourceful,” just like when he was in prison. Kody starts asking questions about the MC, but when Creeper begins to talk a little too openly she puts a hand over his mouth. She takes him to the bathroom and turns on the shower, giving them cover to obviously reveal what she’s been doing. Wow, that was not what I expected to happen after finding out Kody/Kate works for the feds. A swerve, for sure.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - EZ Puts Felipe's Gun to His Head

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