Servant 4×01: “Pigeon”

AppleTV’s Servant
4×01: “Pigeon”
Directed by Dylan Holmes Williams
Written by Henry Chaisson

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Sean on Gourmet GauntletSean’s Gourmet Gauntlet success is predicated on a Gordon Ramsay-esque personality. The town of houseless people near the Turner house is getting bigger, it seems. And everyone’s preparing for Dorothy to come home after her time in a medical facility. On top of it all, there’s paranoia about what the Church of Lesser Saints could be doing, or where they might be lurking. Leanne’s certainly not letting her guard down, even within the confines of the Turner home. Then suddenly a man is in the house. Leanne attacks the man, but when she runs outside there are more people waiting for her in every direction. She jumps in a vehicle to get out of the way, and the people hide after a car pulls onto the street.
Then all is quiet.

Leanne texts Roscoe. She finds out him and others were swept up by the cops and then just dumped elsewhere. Leanne urges them to hurry back. She tries calling Sean and Julian, but neither pick up. She eventually grabs a pen from the glovebox and gets out, approaching a hot dog vendor. When she takes her eye of the vendor for a second the guy attacks her. She manages to stab him in the neck with the pen, just as a woman running wanders into the middle of things. But the runner’s part of it. She grabs a small bottle of yellowish liquid and tosses it in Leanne’s eyes. Leanne manages to fight the woman off and get back in the vehicle, however, she drops her phone in the process. Then several people beat on the vehicle, trying to get in, until Leanne lays into the horn and scares them off. Leanne lets off a bit of steam when the people are gone. Her eyes are still burning. For an instant, she sees a vision of Aunt Josephine in the black veil sitting in the seat behind her. A tall man appears outside the window and beckons Leanne to return to the cult. Yet the young woman refuses. She knows they have no power over her because she’s not who she “used to be.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Leanne Confronted by CultistWhen Leanne starts the vehicle to try driving off there are fumes spewing inside. She realises they’ve clogged the exhaust. She crushes one of them between her vehicle and another, but she’s barely able to breathe in there. Suddenly birds viciously attack the people outside. Leanne uses the sunroof to get free of the carbon monoxide filling the vehicle, though she’s attacked and has to get back inside. The birds continue their assault, pecking the hot dog vendor’s eyes out and chasing the rest of the cultists away. Leanne gets out of the car and screams at them while the birds do the last of the work before flying back into the sky again. Then the sky pours rain. Snake and Roscoe finally arrive after Leanne’s survived the onslaught herself. “They used to be smarter,” Leanne notes.
Leanne gets back to preparing for the lady of the house to come home.

Poor Dorothy was rendered paraplegic, so it’ll be an adjustment in their several stories high brownstone. She’s like a shell of herself. She doesn’t react much to seeing Leanne again. Julian remarks it’s been a “long goddamn day.” It certainly doesn’t help that there are cult members still keeping close watch on the house, even at nighttime. Julian tells Leanne the doctors say Dorothy will, best case, be able to regain a good deal of mobility if she keeps up with the physio and taking care of herself. When Leanne tries to go see Dorothy it’s Sean who says that his wife “needs space” from all of them. Except it’s really just Leanne since Julian and Sean are spending a great deal of time around Dorothy. Downstairs in the basement, the cement is cracking again, this time out into the street. It’s spreading from the Turner home into the rest of the world outside.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Cracks in the Pavement

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