Servant 4×04: “Boo”

4×04: “Boo”
Directed by Dylan Holmes Williams
Written by Amy Louise Johnson & Ishana Shyamalan

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - MannequinLeanne realises the thing she saw in the Turner house in her dream was her. She also accepts that she hurts people close to her, however, she’s beginning to embrace it. She’s starting to love the feeling of her dark power. Upstairs, Dorothy’s watching old news footage of herself and Sean being regarded as the city’s “sweethearts.” She believes it’s all changed, even if Sean insists nothing’s changed. In the attic, the nurses are looking for a last minute costume for Jericho. They’re found by Leanne, who doesn’t approve of Halloween. The nurses say Halloween is time to “indulge in your darkest fantasies.” Maybe that’s something to which Leanne can actually relate. But Julian definitely doesn’t like Halloween. He’s pissed off at having his vehicle toilet papered and silly stringed, whining about “taxpaying citizens” being victimised on October 31st every year. He also says he’s “Team Leanne,” whereas Sean isn’t so sure about what team he’s on, even if one of those teams involves his wife.

People in the street are recognising Sean from television. Simultaneously, Leanne’s watching the street from the cameras upstairs, holding her dagger closely, and looking for anybody suspicious. She brings all the costume stuff from the attic belonging to Dorothy’s mother down to the park. She wants all her houseless friends to dress up and keep watch on the streets. Leanne plans to use Halloween to her purposes while all the cultists are busy hiding in plain sight: “Tonight we get to hide who we are, too.”
Dorothy’s feeling awful because she can’t remember Jericho’s first Halloween costume. She’s more disturbed that there’s a whole portion of her life she doesn’t even remember, a significant piece of time she’s missing. She tells the nurses it hurts her brain just trying to remember, like part of her life has simply disappeared. Bobbie and Bev say it’s “just ageing.”
But Dorothy knows it’s something much different.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Leanne Gives Snake a Mask

“Can I tell you a secret?
Sin can be fun.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Doll LeanneWhile Sean dresses as a typical chef with a big hat and moustache, along with Jericho as a seafood dish he’s preparing, the streets are full of costumed people; no telling which of them are Leanne’s friends and who amongst them is her enemy. Up in Leanne’s room, she listens to music and puts on makeup for her costume as a doll. As the night approaches, Dorothy gets a FaceTime call from Sean and Jericho; she’s thrilled to feel like she’s there with them. Although Sean starts to feel like there’s something sinister outside on the street, too.
Before Leanne heads out she tells Julian he doesn’t need to be afraid for her: “I know what Im doing.” The trick-or-treaters keep on coming to the door. Leanne grabs one of the kids and pulls them inside, scaring them, and Julian disapproves. When he heads off she answers the door, discovering Tobe under a skull mask; she won’t need her hidden knife right now. And then, she goes out into the street. Tobe follows, even when Leanne says she needs to be on her own. Leanne leads them around looking for anybody on the street who seems new. She quickly breaks away from Tobe to go about her secret work. Another person in a skull mask takes Tobe’s place following behind Leanne while Leanne barges into someone’s house, trying to egg them on, but it turns out this person is also not a cultist.

Back in the street, Leanne keeps searching while she’s followed by the skull mask. The masked person pulls a knife, but Leanne gets the jump on them and breaks their arm. It turns out the masked person is just a kid who was playing a joke. Whoops! Better safe than sorry, I suppose, especially when you’re a young woman alone in the street at night. In the distance, a person in a ghost costume is definitely creeping. When Leanne encounters a little girl she asks if she seems scary. The little girl doesn’t think so, giving a shrug. “What about now?” Leanne asks, as wires collapse into the street and spark everywhere, sending everybody fleeing.
Now the streets are empty. Roscoe’s out there watching and he sees the ghostly figure unmask, revealing Uncle George. We see that Roscoe remains under control of the cult. George says “There will be no world left for your children” if Leanne wins. He’s trying to keep Roscoe under the cult’s thumb. He thinks the Turners will be ready to help them when the time comes. At home, Leanne arrives fully intoxicated by the scares of Halloween. She finds Sean in the living room. He says he owes Leanne everything, but he doesn’t want to lose his family. Leanne tells him he has to “be an adult and deal with the consequences” because he’s already made his choice. (After all, many forget that Julian and Sean started everything way back when they decided to shield Dorothy from the truth.) Sean goes up to see Dorothy and says he’ll do anything to get Leanne out of the house: “Im with you now.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Uncle George Ghost

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