Animal Kingdom 6×11: “Hit and Run”

Animal Kingdom
4×11: “Hit and Run”
Directed by Sherwin Shilati
Written by Matt Kester

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Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom S06 - Craig Sending Money OrderFlashback to when Baz was still alive, waking Pope up suddenly so they could get moving. There were things to be done and Baz was pushy. They were preparing to do a bank job. Such a shock seeing the grown Baz again after so long. Feels like forever since he died. In present day, Craig’s using a fake ID to send an international money order to Singapore. Is it preparation for them going on the run after they bust Pope out of prison? Could be. And what about J, still pushing a romance with Penny even as they’re planning such a major job. He’s just stringing her along, even though he’s also helping her with a place to live amidst life troubles. “You are my situation,” Penny tells J. Meanwhile, him and his uncles are preparing the job of a lifetime that’s going to shatter all their lives.
Another further flashback shows Janine giving Julia a kimono as a gift. Mom was trying to get her daughter to dress a certain way, claiming it was “a reward” for handling the recent job well. Julia could mostly see through everything her mother did, and it didn’t matter anyway because she was already putting away that money she’d been siphoning from Smurf, making her own plans.

Deran meets up with his father Billy for the first time in a long time. Good ole dad turns up with a nice black eye, courtesy of his new girlfriend apparently. They do some catching up. Billy almost has a year of California sobriety: “dope free” but smoking a little weed. He knows there’s something on his son’s mind. Deran needs help, but it isn’t a job. He knows Billy spent time locked up in San Diego, so he wants any potential contacts to get information like blueprints. He’s offering $5K to his dad, and that’ll motivate Billy to help.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom S06 - Billy & DeranFlashback to Julia debating whether to go to college. She wasn’t sure what to do. She was also being chastised by Pope for stealing for their mom, mostly because he knew what his mom was like and how Smurf would’ve likely reacted. He figured his sister was stealing money to afford college. There’s probably a few things that Julia didn’t tell her brother, not just the stuff between her and Baz.
In present day, Craig and J are trying to sell Craig’s place. Only one problem is they have to disclose any deaths on the property. But they lie, not telling the real estate agent that Baz died there. Flashback to Baz and Pope doing reconnaissance for the bank job they were preparing to do. They had to talk about Pope leaving flowers for Catherine. “I dont like it,” Baz said, telling Pope not to do it again because it made Catherine uncomfortable. “Dont be such a weirdo,” Baz told Pope.

Later, Deran gets a visit at the bar from Billy, who’s already connected with his prison contact. Billy’s trying to get a better idea about what his son’s looking for, though Deran doesn’t give up a whole lot; just enough for his dad to know. He keeps pushing for more info, so Deran mentions Pope being locked up, potentially for life. Billy realises what’s going on, advising against it. He says Pope being in jail is “a positive development for all of civilised society.” Not to mention the boys would have to go on the run outside the country permanently. A massive decision with huge consequences that can’t be taken lightly. Craig’s already got the passports lined up now, so there are only a few more things to look after before the job. He’s got baby Nick and Renn heading for Singapore, which is why he’s sending the money orders. J has his own plans: “Im sick of the beach.” Those plans may or may not involve Penny.

Billy finds out from Deran that Pope’s in jail for killing Catherine. It doesn’t entirely surprise him. He figures Pope has probably killed a few people. But Deran insists it was all about love for Baz and trying to protect them. Billy’s just concerned about his son right now. Or that’s how he acts. He’s probably worried about money. Deran talks about how they’re going to split everything up evenly before they all leave. Things were all fine until “shit happened.” Now everything’s changed. Billy says J doesn’t deserve anything from the money. Perfect time to flashback to Julia going to Baz’s place, only to discover him with another girl in bed. She punched him in the face before walking out with little Deran and Craig at her side.
Another more recent flashback shows Pope and Baz preparing to head into the bank. Pope didn’t like being called a weirdo. He also didn’t like Baz fucking around on Catherine: “She deserves better.” Baz said Pope scares people, and Catherine was scared of him. When they finished arguing they rolled into the bank. A couple minutes later, Baz came limping out and took off in the car before Pope got out because the police were pulling into the parking lot. This left Pope to run with his gun, dumping it in the trash while he tried evading the cops. And these are the events which led to Pope’s original incarceration, the one that ended just as Animal Kingdom started, as soon the cops caught up to Pope and surrounded him.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom S06 - Pope's Original ArrestFlashback to Julia coming home to tell Pope about what happened with Baz. Her brother assured her there was somebody better out there for her; it wasn’t Baz, who only “looks out for himself.” Pope said Julia deserved someone who loved her and bought her things. Then he tried to kiss his sister on the mouth. An awkward moment. Pope immediately apologised, not wanting Julia to think there was something wrong with him. But they both knew something was deeply wrong. And they probably both knew it was Smurf’s fault, too. Still a troubling development.

In present day, the boys are talking about how to split up all their assets amongst each other when they leave after busting Pope out of jail. J’s got everything pretty well planned. When they get Pope out, he’ll go with Deran until he’s on his feet; his share of the money will go to Deran until that time. Once they’ve pulled Pope out of prison somehow, they’ll go on the run for good. Deran wonders if J actually wants to “cut and run” after doing so much work after Smurf died. J says that it’s for Pope, and Pope would do the same for them if it was the other way around. But is that really the truth? Might J still have ideas about cauterising the wound by taking care of things another way?
At the bar, Deran gives Billy $5K and wants to cut his dad loose. He wants to deal with the prison contact himself. He gives his dad $10K when Billy doesn’t want to let it lie. Billy says Deran doesn’t need to do the prison break. He suggests going up north and working together. Nothing can budge his son. Deran’s made up his mind, so Billy hands over the contact’s info. He plans to head for Indonesia. Billy laments how “Smurf really did a number on you boys.” Then he leaves.

By the pool, Craig tells J he never had anything against Julia. They talk about their past relationship, and the present relationship. J says Smurf used him, but Craig’s correct when he says Smurf used all of them. Craig respects how things have gone with J, and he admires the work his nephew’s put in, especially now with the whole Pope issue. Family keeps them all bonded together while the chaos rages around them constantly. In prison, Pope’s woken up by a ghostly vision of Baz. He’s happy to see his friend again, even if it’s not real. He’s probably still medicated to some degree. He talks to Baz about what he did to Catherine. “I deserve this,” Pope says. The ghost of Baz doesn’t agree: “Says who?” Pope talks about how he loved Catherine, and the ghostly Baz says that it was all because of Smurf. Despite Pope’s horrible acts he really “never had a chance” like Baz’s ghost says. A little later, Pope snaps out of it, knowing that Baz isn’t really there with him. And then he wants to make a call.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom S06 - Baz's Ghost Visits Pope

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