The Gothicism of Ageing, Death, & Love in VORTEX

Noé's latest film is perhaps his greatest, and it's a fascinating Gothic portrait of an ageing couple nearing the end of their lives.

[Fantastic Fest 2022] Eco-Fascism & The Terrors of Climate Change in THE ELDERLY

As the heat rises in Spain, an otherworldly force is taking over the minds of old folks. THE ELDERLY is creepy and also a smart sociopolitical sci-fi horror.

Better Call Saul 6×12: “Waterworks”

Kim feels the weight of guilt bear down on her after 6 years, and she decides to go see Howard's widow Cheryl. Then, everything changes.


Jamie is in the wind while Harry rushes to try and take him into custody

Better Call Saul – Season 4, Episode 1: “Smoke”

Jimmy deals with Chuck's death. Mike contemplates his work with Madrigal.