The Terror – Episode 8: “Terror Camp Clear”

Crozier finds Terror Camp is devolving into chaos. A mutiny may be rearing its head.

The Terror – Episode 9: “The C the C the Open C”

Crozier's crew are deteriorating, both mentally and physically. Just like Hickey and his party, in much worse ways.

The Terror – Episode 10: “We Are Gone”

Crozier is taken back to Hickey's mutineer camp, where he must try to save himself and as many of his remaining men as possible.

The Terror – Episode 5: “First Shot a Winner, Lads”

Another attack of the beast occurs. Goodsir learns more Inuktitut, and also finds more problems with the canned provisions.

The Terror – Episode 4: “Punished, as a Boy”

Francis Crozier must now lead the ill-fated Arctic expedition, as more corpses turn up, and some of the men blame Lady Silence.

The Terror – Episode 3: “The Ladder”

Crozier and Sir John butt heads worse than ever. Gibson has further troubles with Hickey.

The Terror – Episode 2: “Gore”

Something appears on the ice when a crew scouts out leads. Hickey and Gibson are caught breaking rules. Crozier and Franklin butt heads.