Queer Bodies/Love Surviving Patriarchal Pressure in ATTACHMENT

Two lesbians fall in love, but one of them is gripped by something sinister, turning love at first sight into a struggle for survival.

[31 Days of Halloween – Day 13] PRIMAL (2010): Settler Patriarchy’s Destruction of Women & Mother Nature

Day 13 in the 31 Days of Halloween examines PRIMAL (2010), which features a bunch of white folks messing around where they shouldn't, and a lot of patriarchy.

“We are one body working together”: Terrors of the Nation State in WRONG TURN (2021)

Everyone works. Everyone contributes. If not? Well, you'll pay the price one way or another in the Wrong Turn reboot.

The Entertainment Industry Will Suck Your Blood in TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT

One woman's soon-to-be unemployment collides with a vampire bat. The results? Surreal workplace mayhem.

[Fantasia 2020] KRIYA and the Ancient Curse of Patriarchy

A guy just trying to get laid ends up back at a woman's house after the club, where he's roped into performing last rites on her dying father. Buzz kill.