Slasher – Ripper Ep. 2: “The Painful Truth”

5×02: “The Painful Truth”
Directed by Adam MacDonald
Written by Ian Carpenter & Aaron Martin

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Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher Season 5 - May Sr is HangedDt. Rijkers remembers 12 years ago and standing over the body of Margaret Mehar. We also see Andrew May Sr. (Rob Stewart) being led to his public execution. He was “guilty in the court of public opinion” for killing Margaret. His son Andrew May Jr. (Steve Byers) watched on while all sorts of people gathered to see his father executed, most of them cheering. Enid Jenkins (Joanne Vannicola) believed May Sr. the murderer, whereas others, like Jasper Cohen (Saad Siddqui), felt otherwise. In current day, Rijkers surveys the latest murder scene in Toronto’s Devil’s Elbow. “You know its headlines like yours that makes violence like this happen,” Dt. Rijkers tells Jenkins, who named The Widow, and who’s now taking gruesome photographs of Horatio’s decapitated body and Daisy’s smashed head, all piled together like meat in a butcher’s shop.

We see Regina Simcoe visit with Georges Rondeau. She’s not as high and mighty about someone like Rondeau, since she’s been told she has “the gift.” She wants Rondeau to do a seance, so that she might speak to Alistair again and potentially get info about his murder. She’s willing to pay to do it today, no matter the cost. Rondeau needs a group of “spiritual believers” to be present, assembled from the friends and/or family of Regina. Elsewhere in bourgeois society, Viviana and Venetia are trying not to fall out of the upper echelons since their wealth is dwindling. Verdi’s been abused into submission now, too. She apologises to her sister for her non-existent sins at the theatre the night before. It’s a great look at how even the women of the bourgeois class perpetuated patriarchal attitudes and misogyny amongst themselves; great and, obviously, sad.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher Season 5 - Detective Rijkers with Horatio's Decapitated HeadDt. Rijkers brings Eddie Jacobs in, questioning him about Horatio and Daisy’s murders. He’s interrupted by Superintendent Kashtinsky. The boss doesn’t care about the opinions of those “in the trade,” a.k.a sex workers and their pimps, and he’s concerned about Eddie’s connection to Garvey. He has a brief chat with Eddie, then he lets the man go free. Of course Eddie did kill Daisy, but he’s skating on that because The Widow murdered Horatio.
Afterwards, the Superintendent talks with Eddie, telling him to warn Garvey that nobody is untouchable entirely. Then he figures out that it was The Widow who offed Horatio. Speaking of the Widow, May Jr. tells Basil that the latter may get a visit from The Widow soon if he’s not careful. This spooks Basil, who goes to see Enid and tells her not to print anything else about The widow. He gets a few threats from her about exposing him, quelling those with violence. “I am the truth around here,” Basil says. “I am light, and I am death.”

What worries me is the killers we dont know,” Superintendent Kashtinsky tells Dt. Rijkers in regards to Eddie and Garvey’s potential involvement in the recent trouble. The detective doesn’t push much any further there. But when he brings up the note about Friends of Margaret he finds his boss very, very evasive. Meanwhile, Enid’s off talking with Crenshaw. She’s hoping there may be good dirt that she could print about Basil. This doesn’t quite interest Crenshaw. He doesn’t want to end up dead. Yet Enid’s not totally out of luck because Salomé might have her own dirt to share.
At the morgue, Dt. Rijkers and Dr. Israel look over the severed head of Horatio. They can tell there’s obvious premeditated murder here, as opposed to Daisy’s more accidental injuries. They look carefully over the wound, determining a knife’s blade was used on Horatio going right to left; Rijkers demonstrates on the doctor how right to left determines that “The Widows left handed.”

Appearances can be deceiving,” says Salomé, before handing over photographs of Basil that will hopefully be of use to Enid. She gets cash for a new wig in return. Such a great scene here! Especially the “size queen” comment, as well as the response from Enid. Fantastic stuff. When Enid heads out into the darkening streets of The Devil’s Elbow and gets back home, she finds a rhyming note pinned to her door. Oh, my. Enid’s probably not long for this world.
Rondeau’s preparing for the seance at the Simcoe home. He greets Viviana, who’s come alone after leaving Venetia to wait for a coal shipment and Verdi to continue with punishment chores. He and Shanika then gather at the table with Viviana and Regina. They all hold hands, then Rondeau ominously begins the seance, as Regina looks sombre and Viviana appears like a giddy schoolgirl. They warm up with some simple questions for “the cosmos.” They chat with Viviana’s mother first. After that they move on to try seeing what really happened to Alistair, as Rondeau calls upon Alistair himself to come speak with them. The table shakes and flies into the wall.
The whole thing is a ruse, obviously. Rondeau and Shanika had time alone in the Simcoe house earlier, which allowed them to steal any goodies they could find. Proper carny magicians. Rondeau keeps up the whole act for Regina, though. A great performance supported by Shanika. Except when Rondeau does his gimmick it seems like things actually work, as the house shakes, and then Regina becomes possessed with the spirit of her husband. Alistair speaks through his wife, saying his murderer “hides behind a widows veil.” He says “six times more” will The Widow kill, and bends his wife into a painful shape, as she screams. Regina passes out and comes to later, unaware of what’s actually happened. Rondeau asks if she’s ever had psychic experiences and she says she was “born with a caul,” supposedly a sign of powers. Regina, it seems, has long had a gift, though she considers herself an abomination. But Rondeau sees Regina as “a revelation.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher Season 5 - Regina Possessed by AlistairDt. Rijkers meets with Enid about the note pinned to her door. He questions her about what the note may mean. Enid only treats it as a run of the mill threat that any journalist might encounter. But the cop knows the note is from The Widow, even if Enid believes Horatio was murdered by Basil’s man. He says it all connects back to the killing of Margaret Mehar: “A lust for vengeance doesnt expire.” Enid still believes she solved Margaret’s murder; yes, she is DEFINITELY a target for The Widow, and this just makes it more clear. She’s advised by the detective to be careful out there.

At home, Verdi’s sitting with Basil, clearly uncomfortable about it, too. The rich man goes on claiming he’s in love with her. He assures he isn’t betrothed to her sister. He says he hasn’t made any promises. And he’s planning to announce an engagement to Verdi soon, regardless of her protests. Perfect timing for the sisters to arrive home, as Basil sees his way out and leaves Verdi at the mercy of Viviana and Venetia. The older sisters call Verdi “a harlot,” then Viviana starts whipping Verdi’s back to ribbons while Venetia holds the youngest sister in place for punishment.
While Dt. Rijkers is putting all kinds of pieces together he gets nothing from Superintendent Kashtinsky, only ridicule. He’s called “Sherlock Holmes” and mocked by his boss for trying to profile the killer. Elsewhere, Enid’s in her dark room developing photographs when she hears noise that gets her scared. She finds her door open, blowing in the wind. Nothing to be worried about, right? No big deal leaving a dangerous tool lying around, either! Nope! Not in a show called Slasher. While Enid’s working at the printing press she doesn’t manage to notice The Widow sneaking into her office. The Widow holds up a photo of Garvey in a compromising position, cutting it apart. Flashback to 12 years prior. Enid was working directly under Basil when she was offered the job of editor. He mostly wanted somebody who’d do what he wanted and not question him. So now, The Widow attacks Enid, trapping her hands in the printing press and turning it on, as the machine drags Enid through its working, splattering blood, bone, and gore everywhere. Maybe the next edition of the paper will be printed in literal blood.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher Season 5 - Bloody Printing Press

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