Banshee – Season 4, Episode 7: “Truths Other Than The Ones You Tell Yourself”

Cinemax’s Banshee
Season 4, Episode 7: “Truths Other Than The Ones You Tell Yourself”
Directed by Ole Christian Madsen
Written by Adam Targum

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Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 1.34.47 AM Penultimate episode of Banshee. Forever. Can we handle it?
Let’s make it there together.
Left hanging alongside Agent Dawson (Eliza Dushku) at the hands of Declan Bode (Frederick Weller), last episode came with a shocking finish. This episode begins as Deputy Nina Cruz (Ana Ayora) washes away some of the blood from her fight with Carrie (Ivana Milicevic).
But oh my, Clay Burton (Matthew Rauch) arrives while Nina’s showering. Seems the job wasn’t performed up to task for Mayor Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen).
Lights out for Nina. Not too surprising, but grim and grisly.
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 1.35.23 AM For all her faults, Carrie at least tries to keep up with therapy. Court ordered, but still she does it and does everything possible to try being a good mother for Deva (Ryann Shane). However, the guilt inside Carrie for always having loved Hood (Antony Starr), Gordon’s death, all of it, just bursts out of her constantly. Her therapist sort of agrees with her, though: “So go finish it,” he tells her.
Mayor Kai is having a drug shipment problem it seems. Or rather, a problem with the AB. He finds a man of his with a Nazi symbol carved into his chest. Still, Kai beats him.
Meanwhile, Hood is with Sheriff Brock (Matt Servitto) and they’re trying to figure out the best way to go forward. Nothing connects properly to Bode, unfortunately. Over at the bar with Sugar (Frankie Faison) and Job (Hoon Lee), Hood needs a cellphone dumped to find out some numbers. Job works his magic then sends Hood along with an address.
Now we come to Ms. Dawson, tied up in the dark. Only she manages to slip her hands loose, then her legs. Right before Bode comes back. God dammit.
Waiting for the Aryan Brotherhood, Clay says he’s looking for Calvin Bunker (Chris Coy). I love how none of them know how tough Burton is as one man alone.
And then the glasses come off. This sequence is great because the camera rotates as the blood splats, the screams fly, then we spin around to Clay, blood everywhere, and nobody left standing. He decimated a whole clubhouse full of Nazi skinheads.
But back to Veronica, really in Bode’s grip now. They have a little chat about life, serial killer stuff, y’know, all that kind of thing. It’s a chilling conversation where Declan lays out a bit of his philosophy on existence. She makes clear he’s a mental case.
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 1.48.28 AM Declan: “I like you Veronica
Veronica: “But youre still gonna cut my heart out
Declan: “Yes I am
Veronica: “See what I mean? Fucking insane
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 1.50.09 AM While his wife Maggie (Casey LaBow) is off being protected by his brother Kurt (Tom Pelphrey), Calvin Bunker finally snaps. He tears his shirt off revealing the hateful tattoos before kicking the living shit out of his boss. Brutal, nasty. A wild war is brewing on so many fronts, and Calvin’s mindset is certainly not doing that any favours.
Kai is trying to iron out his “personal issues“, as he calls them. So what’s the next step for him? Certainly most of the skinhead idiots are taken out, Calvin can’t have much immediate juice left without calling somebody in. I’m curious as to where this will be heading.
Over at Bode’s place, Veronica is going along to get along, knowing her fate. Meanwhile, Hood and Lotus are out searching for the connection to Declan. Very close now. But will they be too late? As the time draws closer Veronica gets more worried, though more witty: “Nothing more annoying than a psychopath who engages in Socratic debate.” Then there’s the equally sick Lilith (Jennifer Landon), a.k.a Kim Newton. She believes Declan made her into a woman, so she’s been brainwashed a long, long time.
This entire sequence of scenes is excellent from the way it’s written and filmed to how it’s edited, too. Tense, suspenseful. Keeps you offbeat. Really gets the adrenaline flowing here wondering if they’ll find her, at times believing they’re just around the literal corner.
And then Brock gets knocked out, right under Hood’s nose. Afterwards, he gets knocked out, as well. Uh oh.
Carrie goes so far as to threaten the D.A. Not too unlike what Proctor did to get him in his pocket. But she’s doing it for a good cause. In the name of Gordon, and justice overall. Is her final showdown with Kai? Is that how their respective stories will end here in the final season? I expect a blaze of glory scorching the entire show in many ways.
Waking up, Hood and Lotus are tied. They’re in a basement next to each other. Brock tells Hood about Bode coming to see him recently. Here, we see more of that old criminal in Hood come out. He doesn’t like being tied down, locked in, his freedom taken. “I never got to be the Sheriff I wanted to be,” Lotus tells Hood. They get honest, so close to possible death. He asks Hood who he is, he wants honesty. Finally – FINALLY! HOOD REVEALS WHAT HE DID. He tells Brock exactly about how he’s a “lie” and a “fake“, all about his life as an “infiltration specialist” back in the day. The whole thing nearly caves Brock’s head in. What a god damn revelation. So emotional, too. Hood talks about Carrie, a.k.a Anna, and the whole story. Still there’s a certain aspect of betrayal for a man of the law like Lotus.
Before Hood can reveal his actual name, in walks Bode. The creepy killer has got big plans for their night together, all of them under one big, happy roof.
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 2.05.42 AM Hood: “The lie took over. I believed it.”

The creepy ritual begins. An “unexpected offering” is presented in the form of helpless Agent Dawson. Their cult gathers around, drinking weird substances and chanting: “Gloria Satanis.” In the other room, Hood and Brock try to fight their way out of a corner.
VICTORY! Hood and Lotus make it into the ceremonial chamber. They interrupt just before Veronica can be sacrificed, as they proceed to kick the shit out of everybody in sight. Fists of gury, Hood goes on beating Declan until Dawson actually has to stop him at gunpoint.
Because she wants the last shot. One. Right in the dome. A serial killer’s legacy undone.
Certainly all that’s on Hood’s mind is Rebecca (Lili Simmons). Kai shows up at the scene, too. He and Hood stare over the dead body of the sick bastard who took her from the Earth. Uncle Kai, Mayor Proctor, even thanks Hood for having gotten things done.
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 2.16.27 AM Leo Fitzpatrick (Dennis Flanagan) receives a little visit from his old buddy Job. They’ve got catching up to do. And it isn’t only money Job wants. He can’t get his life back. That’s not possible. So how does one placate themselves? Not by murder, Job decides. He’s switched his identity over to Leo; every last crime tracks back to him from each angle. “I just made your punk ass famous,” says Job with his usual sass.
Poor Dawson is trying her best not to crack. Well, she’s smoking crack. Just trying not to completely break down. Trying.
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 2.22.38 AM One last episode left, “Requiem”, and I’m not ready to say goodbye. This is a beautiful show that only grew and matured with each passing season. This hit its stride perfectly. Perhaps time to say goodbye now before it wears out its welcome. Still, can’t help but mourn. Stay with me, fellow friends and fans! Series finale is just one week away now.

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