Wolf Creek – Episode 6: “Wolf Creek”

Stan’s Wolf Creek
Episode 6: “Wolf Creek
Directed by Greg McLean
Written by Felicity Packard

* For a review of Episode 5 “Rome”, click here.
Finally we’ve come to a fitting mini-series finale directed by the one and only Greg McLean! Very excited to see how Wolf Creek‘s 6-episode arc finishes, as Eve (Lucy Fry) is right on the verge of her showdown with slick Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), Australian serial killer extraordinaire.
We start with Benjamin, a.k.a Jesus. He’s busy chopping up ‘roos. He’s definitely some kind of avid reader. Though it’s not always a good thing depending on what you read. Plus the fact he clearly loves alcohol a bit too much. But y’know, could be worse. I guess.
Then Eve shows up to ask about where the place in all his drawings is, where she might find the crater – Wolf Creek, as we know. After pouring out some of Jesus’ precious liquor Eve gets answers. He gives up the name, and now she’s really got her sights set on the ole Mick.
Love how McLean’s title comes up right under the park sign for Wolf Creek. Nice little touch.
So we’re ready for a showdown now between Mick and his one victim that will not quit, Ms. Kick Ass Eve. I’m betting she meets a tragic end. Because who can have such luck against this psychopathic bushman?
And along the trail already Eve finds a nasty treat. This may only push her harder in her quest to avenge those who’ve fallen at the hands of Mick Taylor. She sits with the book of Mick’s crimes and gets a glimpse into his world. A disturbing look at his inner psyche.
Hill is alive at least. But in rough shape and at the hands of a serial killer. So alive is only relative. Mick has plenty of plans I’m sure.
The memories of Eve’s parents infiltrate every moment of her existence now. As she hurtles toward her confrontation with Mick there’s no telling how well her mental state is going to remain. She’s been strong so far, just never know. In the bush, she feeds herself by catching a nice rabbit. Even in the violence to nourish herself those images of her family dying flash fast behind her eyes.
Eve gets to Wolf Creek, only a few miles from the old Taylor place. She makes her way out there and plans carefully the next steps. Mick’s childhood home is like a junkyard, things everywhere in no particular order. Run down cars, bits of scrap here or there. Inside it is worse. The darkness swallows Eve just about whole, as she explores its dilapidated hallways and bedrooms. She even hears the memories of the walls oozing out into the present.
Then Mick comes in, almost undetected completely. Afterwards, Eve confronts him with the fact she knows why he kills – because of his sister and the tragic situation which came out of it. Well, ole Mick talks about his dear dad and all that nice stuff.
But now the hunt has broken out. Fast and hard. Eve soon finds Hill, or what’s left of him.
Mr. Taylor ends up with the upper hand. Furthermore, he offers Eve the choice: kill Hill quick, or Mick kills him nice and slow.
We come to discover Mick watched his sister die after pushing her over a hill. Then he let his father murder that man. Then he skinned him. Vile, right? That’s how the Outback serial killer was born. We’ve been given an inroad to his black heart.


So now, is Eve going to make her choice?
Mick makes it for her after she lunges at him. A belly full of blade for Hill has him gasping for life. At the same time, Mick slashes at his latest victim, but Hill manages to rip down a beam in the ceiling, crashing some boards and debris onto Mick. Of course that hasn’t put the ole boy out. Not yet.
He puts a knife right through Eve, in the chest, preventing her from running any longer. It’s a bad wound, too. Her lungs squeak and she slowly starts passing out. And she summons the strength to pin Mick to the wall with a whip of her spear. Two bad asses, head to head. She even taunts him right to his face: “This ones for my family,” she says before stabbing him in the guts hard. The next one’s for Hill, right in the chest.
The tables have officially turned. Or that’s how it looks.
Eve rushes to Hill, who barely hangs on. They celebrate, even if things are still rough. And bloody. After a few moments he passes: “Im so glad I met you,” he tells her.
With Mick pinned to the wall, Hill gone, Eve lights a match to the old Taylor shack. She even lays to rest with it all the book of memories, that serial killer scrapbook. She stands to watch it burn a while. Have we truly seen the last of Mick Taylor? Seems that way.
Or does it?


There’s no body left after the fire. Could he have burned away that fast? Possible, definitely. As for Hill, Eve leaves him under a tree, peaceful, beautiful, and gives him to the Outback’s wilderness.
Heading on the road again after all is said and done, Eve meets the woman who’d drove the perverts off back in the first episode or two. They ride off into the sunset, and everything moves on just fine.
Except on the wind you can still hear the slight echoes of Mick’s laugh rolling. And after some credits, his truck blows down the highway once more.


An amazing series. Love how Eve survived and pushed through to the end instead of a cliched ending where Mick kills her and the cycle repeats. Still, Greg McLean and Co. leave it open for a Wolf Creek 3. I’d love to see Eve incorporated again because Lucy Fry was beyond impressive, a huge star on the rise now between this and her small role in 11.22.63. Also, I’d love more Mick, can’t lie. John Jarratt is incredible. This little series came off all around spectacular in my books.


  1. Phil says:

    I liked both of the “Wolf Creek” movies quite a lot, but I loved (LOVED!!) this show. Especially the cinematography, which was spectatcular. Far better than the vast majority of films. Hope there’s going to be a second season in a year or two.

    Thank you for these recaps/reviews. I really enjoyed reading them after each episode. I’m off to watch “11.22.63” now, which I haven’t seen yet. Ms. Fry was very impressive. I’ll have an eye out for her in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I 100% agree, Phil. The mini-series was amazing. I don’t think they’ll be doing another season, but rather I’m pretty sure there’s to be a third (and possibly final) film to close it all off. If so, I hope they’ll stick with something character driven like these episodes. Really love the movies, but the story in this series was incredible. Learning bits about Mick especially near the end makes things very interesting.

      Hope you enjoy 11.22.63. I’m a Stephen King fan, loved the book a lot, and also thought the series was good fun. Lucy Fry doesn’t have a massive part, though the episodes she’s in she does a fantastic job as Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife.

      Cheers, Phil.


  2. Nicamon says:

    Since I’m a scaredy-cat I could never watch the movies,but I’ve known Lucy Fry from “Mako Mermaids” and I was curious to see her in this serie.Plus,I had seen the mini-trailer with her with a knife and she looked SO BADASS…then I saw the long trailer…and in the end I was like: “HOLY FUCK,I MUST SEE THIS SHIT!!!!!:-D But…like…NOW!!!:-D” I was so excited and I was hoping there wouldn’t have been too much gore but I was ready to stand it as long as I could watch Lucy Badass Fry!From the trailer I was hoping that,since it looked like it was all a cat-and-mouse-game between Mick&Eve,they wouldn’t have had too many scenes together so if there was some scene with Mick but without Eve that was too rough for me I could just..close my eyes and wait until it was over….;-P Eventually all my hopes were satisfied:I could stand all the scenes and Badass Eve was beyond awsomeness!:-D I don’t know about you,but when I saw her taking Mick’s knife twice I was SO WORRIED that,after all the awful things she went through,she could become the next Mick Taylor!:-S I was like: “Throw it away,throw it away,please,throw it away…!éoè” and when she eventually did it I sighed and smiled of pure relief(even though..I DO think Eve would be the Ultimate Badass with that kind of knife!).And then…oh,the dog scene!I was SO HAPPY when she found her beloved dingo-dog again(damn it,you could give the poor bastard a name,though!),I was smiling SO HARD!:-))) But I didn’t like the damn cliffhanger…I haven’t thought(or believed)that Mick could have burned completely,so I took for granted that he had survived and so I’ve found it weird that Eve just..let it go.Also..if Mick is still alive I can only see 2 options:either they will make a 2nd season with Eve or they’ll leave the open ending or they will make a 2nd season WITHOUT Eve.In the 1st case..I’m worried that they will not be able to do anything better than what they did with the 1st season.I mean..the 1st season it’s so..PERFECT I can’t really imagine a season that matches up with this one.What could happen that doesn’t sound repetitive at best?And if we won’t see Eve anymore the only logical conclusion for me is that Mick has finally found her and killed her.I mean..I can’t imagine him to let her go after all she did to him.But..after all she went through,to be killed off-screen would be simply OUTRAGEOUS!!!X-((( P.S. Sorry if I make some grammar mistakes…English is not my 1st language.


    1. Sophia bartlett says:

      What did eve mean when she said she was going to a wedding in Perth? I’m baffled! Who’s wedding?


  3. Caroline sandalls says:

    I don’t like how hill got killed off in wolf creek it sucks!!very disappointed in deed!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Adam says:

    Loved it! Glad we took a chance on it, although weirdly I had to hunt down the final episode online as it was missing from NOW TV. Great back story on Mick. Will definitely be recommending it and hoping it’s not the last we’ve heard of this heartless bastard!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sophia says:

    Can anyone tell me who’s wedding eve was going to in Perth? In the final episode when asked where she and the dingo dog are headed. I don’t understand the relevance of a wedding, in case I can’t remember something from earlier on. Thanks


    1. Gaz says:

      The person getting married is Eve’s waitress friend she shared a caravan with whilst working the bar in the previous episode. Eve was named as her chief bridesmaid…


  6. Wadsy says:

    I loved Wolf Creek Season 1 more than the first two movies and season 2. What I felt they did right here was give us a background to Mick’s character, but also Eve’s. She came across many people on her quest, most of them bad and she learnt a lot during the series, so did Mick in all honesty. So, because of the character development for both Eve and especially Mick, season 1 is my favourite out of everything Wolf Creek has presented. I hope in the third season, Kelly’s survival will get the police one step closer to catching Mick and putting an end to all the misery. I can’t wait to see how he’ll be finished!


    1. Father Gore says:

      No Season 3 is coming, far as I know. There was supposed to be a third movie eventually, but there’s not been any news on it in a while.


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