The Mist – Season 1, Episode 8: “The Law of Nature”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 8: “The Law of Nature”
Directed by Guy Ferland
Written by Andrew Wilder & Christian Torpe

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Pic 1Kevin (Morgan Spector), Mia (Danica Curcic), Jonah a.k.a Bryan (Okezie Morro), and Adrian (Russell Posner) are out in the streets, in a vehicle, of course. They’re near Adrian’s parents’ place. He wants to “say goodbye.” They’ll also be able to likely gas up a bit.
The other three head inside while Kevin watches the car.
Nathalie (Frances Conroy) survived the mist. When people are asking for answers, she tells them: “The Black Spring is the miracle.” Apparently when it occurred in 1860, it due to the abuse of a young woman. Thus why it’s back. She explains nature has taken others because of crimes they’ve committed, terrible things they’ve done, et cetera.
Pic 1AAt the mall, Jay (Luke Cosgrove) is cooped up with Alex (Gus Birney) and Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) and the others. The adults worry about what’s going on between the groups, as well as their own. Strangely, scarily enough, the fierce mother asks to find a room with no windows. Is she planning on doing something nasty to the accused rapist?
At the church, Connor (Darren Pettie) discusses his problems with the church as he and Nathalie talk awhile. He also speaks of raising his boy alone, a single father. Not knowing how to show someone how to “be a person.” And now he admits he believes his son raped Alex. Whoa, didn’t expect that. Certainly, he blames himself. He’s got Nathalie and her newfound trust in nature to comfort him.
When Adrian finds his dad Duncan (Shane Daly), things aren’t entirely well. His mother’s dead. No eyes. Rotting on the couch. Seems birds from the mist got her on the porch outside. Gruesome shit.
Nathalie: “Bad people, bad, bad people hurting the very thing that gives us life. And now Mother Natures had enough.”
Alex and Jay are spending time together, rooting through the sports store. They wind up getting very, very close. Of course the mother of the dead girl, Shelley DeWitt (Alexandra Ordolis), sees this, automatically assuming this as more proof the girl was lying. Instead of realising being raped is a complex thing, you don’t always act how you want or usually do. This is going to cause something bad, I feel it.
Pic 2Later, Jay winds up going to get some water. Supposedly. One of the women’s sent him into a trap set by Eve. She’s stuck him in that room with no windows, couple rolls of toilet paper, the essentials. And now there’s a level of madness going on in there that’s terrifying.
Nathalie believes they must “offer those who trespass against the natural order of things.” Exactly how far does that go, and exactly whom is it decides what goes against nature? Depending on who’s the judge, this could extend to many things. A dangerous, slippery slope. She says they’ve got to head for the mall, to find Jay, since his father’s confessed that he is likely guilty of rape. She describes to her followers the “purposeful violence” they must carry out in order to appease nature. We’re seeing a great parallel to certain current events, in my mind. How someone with a radical view can rally people, no matter how mental, in the name of “order.”
In the street, Kevin finds Vic (Erik Knudsen) running by himself in the mist. The young guy tells him about the escalating situation at the mall, how scary it’s getting. Speaking of which, mall manager Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr) and army boy Wes (Greg Hovanessian) are trying to figure out what to do about the grieving mother, she’s bound to light a bad fire under someone in the group if they aren’t careful.
Most interesting is Adrian, having to deal with a rotten father who hates him simply for being gay. Duncan is a scared, frightened homophobe. He pokes at his son, saying awful things. Calling him a “monster.” Saying his mother didn’t even love him. Then it all gets too much, shooting his dad in the stomach. Between all this, Adrian says that he had sex with Alex. Holy fuck. Is he the one who raped her? Is that what we’re hearing? If so, I’m devastated.
Either way, he covers up killing his dad when Kevin runs in to find him. And suddenly I’m feeling there are a lot of other lies underneath that seemingly gentle exterior. What’s more is that it’s tough to see Kevin offering the kid so much love and acceptance while he was the one who hurt his daughter. It all comes out once the father finds the exact drug in Alex’s system that night right in Adrian’s medicine cabinet. This puts the two at odds, a shotgun between them in the kid’s hands.
Adrian orders Kevin on his knees. Before he can pull the trigger Kevin knocks the gun to the side, blowing off a shot, getting knocked out in the process. He runs to the car, telling the others his father killed Kevin. Meanwhile, poor Kev is left with the mist seeping into the house.
Pic 3Shelley admits to starting that fire at the mall, she also says she knows Alex didn’t do anything wrong. Furthermore, she’s found a stash of food in Gus’ office. So they’re in a deadlock. He won’t tell the others about his food, in turn she’s going to tell everyone. This prompts Gus to smash her in the head, killing her. “Go be with your daughter,” he tells her as she slips into death. He passes it off like she was found that way. Except not everyone believes him.
After that? He blames Alex.
While Nathalie and others head out to the mall from the church, some others wish to stay. But off she goes, Connor and a few others alongside. They’re not leaving the church, though. They douse the place in fuel, then the cop’s given the match to strike.
How quickly people descend into primitive chaos, excusing violence as somehow useful. Cold blooded murder. All over town, in different forms, violence has fully taken hold.
Nathalie: “Every act of destruction is an act of creation
Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.44.47 PMWow, this is the craziest episode yet. There’s no telling where things go from here, on many ends. I mean, damn! So much happened in the span of one single episode. Things are about to get terrifyingly rocky.

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