The Mist – Season 1, Episode 9: “The Waking Dream”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 9: “The Waking Dream”
Directed by Nick Murphy
Written by Amanda Segel

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Pic 1After the last episode, all its horror, what will become of Kevin (Morgan Spector)? Left back at Adrian’s (Russell Posner) all alone – left BY Adrian. Mist pouring into the house. Lucky enough, he runs into Vic (Erik Knudsen) from the video store. He stayed behind, as the others believed Kevin dead. And man, is the poor guy ever in rough shape.
Meanwhile, Adrian is telling his tall tale to Jonah (Okezie Morro) and Mia (Danica Curcic). So, he piles it on, talking about his abusive father and how he killed Kevin. Over at the mall there’s even wilder stuff happening, particularly now that we know Jay (Luke Cosgrove) didn’t actually rape Alex (Gus Birney). He’s stuck in that room, locked away by Eve (Alyssa Sutherland). He keeps telling her he “didnt touch” Alex that night. Doesn’t help his own dad believes he raped her.
Down under the streets, in the sewer, Connor (Darren Pettie) leads Nathalie (Frances Conroy) and her new, faithful followers through the dark tunnels safely away from the mist. Although not all of them are overly thrilled.
Pic 1AThings are getting fucked up at the mall. Manager Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr) killed that woman and now Alex is the scapegoat. This leaves Eve and only a few souls left against the “full panic” on the other side. People want the young girl to hang, believing her evil. They’re pushing Gus to take action.
Kevin and Vic are doing a “house hop” and going several houses up the street at a time, moving in steady stretches towards the mall. When they stop into one, they come across several military men dead on the floor.
The others get to the mall. Adrian heads in to find Alex and Eve, first practising his fake story, shedding fake tears to prepare for the lies he’ll tell them soon. Inside, mom’s collecting her daughter so they can figure a way to get away from there. At the same time Jonah and Mia go shopping for supplies.
In the sewer, one of the followers takes a fall and breaks his leg badly. Nathalie determines his “journey ends here.” Ah, we see how the religious fanatics, no matter what they believe in, are quick to dispel those who aren’t strong enough. Like basic eugenics. The coldness of Nathalie is stunning, added to the ruthless and sociopathic tendencies of Connor, who’ll do anything to aid her in worship of nature. Very chilling scene, as he leaves a wife and husband to die together in the tunnels with the rats.
When Adrian finally gets to Alex and Eve, he breaks the fabricated story. They’re naturally devastated. But as much as they’re hurting under this false shit, whenever Kevin manages to get back to his family there’s a world of hurt coming for this young dude. For now, he acts as if he’s their protector. Hideous. And in their time of need with the rest of the mall ready to execute Alex for yet another lie.
Pic 2Note: I’ve already said this, probably a few times. The score in this series is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Particularly the excellent piano piece that recurs throughout the series which we hear during the sweet scene between Mia and Jonah. The notes have this beautiful, light feeling, yet underneath is a dark and sort of dreadful melody that wraps you up the longer it goes on, similar to the mist itself. Great work courtesy of Giona Ostinelli.
Jonah bumps into soldier boy Wes (Greg Hovanessian) while trying to grab a few things. They end up fighting, and Jonah gets put to sleep. Uh oh. This might start a whirlwind of a mess, seeing as how the people there in the mall are already halfway to psychosis.
Nathalie: “Death supports life
Worse is happening in that house where Kevin and Vic stopped. Someone’s still there, and he’s got a gun. He holds them both up, worried they’re army, too. Eventually the situation calms down. He tells them the army’s up to bad things, as well as the fact he’s having trouble telling reality from hallucination. Thus begins a bit of a gunfight when Kevin’s positive it won’t end well if he doesn’t grab a gun. Then they’re able to take the guy down, long enough to grab a few things off the military corpses.
Only problem is, the guy in the house also has himself a grenade. Kevin scrambles, grabbing a dead body for cover. However, it’s only a bit of cover. He still takes a good beating. After that the cop Kevin encountered back awhile ago, his brother, they return in the mist that crowds the house through the shattered window. Others, as well. “The evil one is coming,” says the orderly from the hospital, dead and shambling at him. He also sees that double again, himself in the mist brandishing a weapon. The double stares and says: “I see you.”
Somehow, Kevin survives. But he’s got to keep moving. Oh, and Vic hasn’t taken off, either. He found the military vehicle that’ll take them to the mall.
Pic 3Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 11.49.18 PMSpeaking of the mall, Alex is torn up over her dad. Adrian informs them he’s got a way to get them out of there, with his new friends. So, they’re set. I wonder if, like ships in the night, Kevin and his family will pass one another in their respective journeys. That’s if mom can help her daughter survive long enough. She leads Alex and Adrian through the back corridors. She hides a moment, before jumping out to fire a shot at one of the men. But she’s dropped the gun. They’re being driven further into a corner until Gus has them caught. Everything comes out now, they’ve found Jay in that locked room. Man, it’s getting scary.
Outside, Kevin pulls up. Finally arriving to look for his family. What he’ll find is a tangled knot of hysteria.
And Jonah, he’s tied to a chair. Wes and the military, they’ve been looking for him quite some time. Problem is our guy still can’t remember everything. Strangely, Wes gives him a salute: “Im just happy youre safe, sir.” WHO THE FUCK IS JONAH?????
Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 11.57.27 PMJesus, this series continually throws me for a loop! I never know what’ll happen, only the most broad strokes. Every episode consistently amps the energy, the disturbing elements, and of course the intense themes at play. “The Tenth Meal” is next week.


The Mist – Season 1, Episode 8: “The Law of Nature”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 8: “The Law of Nature”
Directed by Guy Ferland
Written by Andrew Wilder & Christian Torpe

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Pic 1Kevin (Morgan Spector), Mia (Danica Curcic), Jonah a.k.a Bryan (Okezie Morro), and Adrian (Russell Posner) are out in the streets, in a vehicle, of course. They’re near Adrian’s parents’ place. He wants to “say goodbye.” They’ll also be able to likely gas up a bit.
The other three head inside while Kevin watches the car.
Nathalie (Frances Conroy) survived the mist. When people are asking for answers, she tells them: “The Black Spring is the miracle.” Apparently when it occurred in 1860, it due to the abuse of a young woman. Thus why it’s back. She explains nature has taken others because of crimes they’ve committed, terrible things they’ve done, et cetera.
Pic 1AAt the mall, Jay (Luke Cosgrove) is cooped up with Alex (Gus Birney) and Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) and the others. The adults worry about what’s going on between the groups, as well as their own. Strangely, scarily enough, the fierce mother asks to find a room with no windows. Is she planning on doing something nasty to the accused rapist?
At the church, Connor (Darren Pettie) discusses his problems with the church as he and Nathalie talk awhile. He also speaks of raising his boy alone, a single father. Not knowing how to show someone how to “be a person.” And now he admits he believes his son raped Alex. Whoa, didn’t expect that. Certainly, he blames himself. He’s got Nathalie and her newfound trust in nature to comfort him.
When Adrian finds his dad Duncan (Shane Daly), things aren’t entirely well. His mother’s dead. No eyes. Rotting on the couch. Seems birds from the mist got her on the porch outside. Gruesome shit.
Nathalie: “Bad people, bad, bad people hurting the very thing that gives us life. And now Mother Natures had enough.”
Alex and Jay are spending time together, rooting through the sports store. They wind up getting very, very close. Of course the mother of the dead girl, Shelley DeWitt (Alexandra Ordolis), sees this, automatically assuming this as more proof the girl was lying. Instead of realising being raped is a complex thing, you don’t always act how you want or usually do. This is going to cause something bad, I feel it.
Pic 2Later, Jay winds up going to get some water. Supposedly. One of the women’s sent him into a trap set by Eve. She’s stuck him in that room with no windows, couple rolls of toilet paper, the essentials. And now there’s a level of madness going on in there that’s terrifying.
Nathalie believes they must “offer those who trespass against the natural order of things.” Exactly how far does that go, and exactly whom is it decides what goes against nature? Depending on who’s the judge, this could extend to many things. A dangerous, slippery slope. She says they’ve got to head for the mall, to find Jay, since his father’s confessed that he is likely guilty of rape. She describes to her followers the “purposeful violence” they must carry out in order to appease nature. We’re seeing a great parallel to certain current events, in my mind. How someone with a radical view can rally people, no matter how mental, in the name of “order.”
In the street, Kevin finds Vic (Erik Knudsen) running by himself in the mist. The young guy tells him about the escalating situation at the mall, how scary it’s getting. Speaking of which, mall manager Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr) and army boy Wes (Greg Hovanessian) are trying to figure out what to do about the grieving mother, she’s bound to light a bad fire under someone in the group if they aren’t careful.
Most interesting is Adrian, having to deal with a rotten father who hates him simply for being gay. Duncan is a scared, frightened homophobe. He pokes at his son, saying awful things. Calling him a “monster.” Saying his mother didn’t even love him. Then it all gets too much, shooting his dad in the stomach. Between all this, Adrian says that he had sex with Alex. Holy fuck. Is he the one who raped her? Is that what we’re hearing? If so, I’m devastated.
Either way, he covers up killing his dad when Kevin runs in to find him. And suddenly I’m feeling there are a lot of other lies underneath that seemingly gentle exterior. What’s more is that it’s tough to see Kevin offering the kid so much love and acceptance while he was the one who hurt his daughter. It all comes out once the father finds the exact drug in Alex’s system that night right in Adrian’s medicine cabinet. This puts the two at odds, a shotgun between them in the kid’s hands.
Adrian orders Kevin on his knees. Before he can pull the trigger Kevin knocks the gun to the side, blowing off a shot, getting knocked out in the process. He runs to the car, telling the others his father killed Kevin. Meanwhile, poor Kev is left with the mist seeping into the house.
Pic 3Shelley admits to starting that fire at the mall, she also says she knows Alex didn’t do anything wrong. Furthermore, she’s found a stash of food in Gus’ office. So they’re in a deadlock. He won’t tell the others about his food, in turn she’s going to tell everyone. This prompts Gus to smash her in the head, killing her. “Go be with your daughter,” he tells her as she slips into death. He passes it off like she was found that way. Except not everyone believes him.
After that? He blames Alex.
While Nathalie and others head out to the mall from the church, some others wish to stay. But off she goes, Connor and a few others alongside. They’re not leaving the church, though. They douse the place in fuel, then the cop’s given the match to strike.
How quickly people descend into primitive chaos, excusing violence as somehow useful. Cold blooded murder. All over town, in different forms, violence has fully taken hold.
Nathalie: “Every act of destruction is an act of creation
Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.44.47 PMWow, this is the craziest episode yet. There’s no telling where things go from here, on many ends. I mean, damn! So much happened in the span of one single episode. Things are about to get terrifyingly rocky.

Mr. Mercedes – Episode 1: “Pilot”

AT&T’s Mr. Mercedes
Episode 1: “Pilot”
Directed by Jack Bender
Written by David E. Kelley

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Pic 1We start in 2009, in Ohio. Extremely early in the morning at a City Jobs Fair. People are lined up outside through a roped walkway. Everyone waits patiently, some introducing themselves to one another. Others aren’t entirely happy to be there, not into the socialising. Regardless, everyone there’s starved for work, from the older folk to a young mother with her baby and every sort in between.
Suddenly, a Mercedes pulls up. Lights beaming onto the crowd. The driver slides on a clown mask, breathing heavy. Then he drives directly through the people, barrelling forward at top speed. People scream, running away fast as they can.
But some don’t escape. The driver ploughs over them, including the young mom and her child, a man helping her. Tons and tons of bodies lie bloody, crunched, smashed to bits in his wreckage. Holy christ, what a brutal sequence! When the smoke clears, Detective Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) turns up on the scene to survey the carnage and begin an investigation along with fellow lawman Pete Dixon (Scott Lawrence). The senselessness isn’t immediately evident. Pete thinks the driver “lost control” of his vehicle. Hodges knows better.
Pic 1AWe jump ahead, two years later. Looks as if Dt. Hodges is a bit rough around the edges, lying in his own wreckage now. Mostly consisting of beer cans, cigarettes, and peanuts. Bit of a mess, in more ways than one. He’s got a lot of time to himself these days. Him and his friend Fred, the tortoise in the backyard. Seems they’re sort of at the same pace. He still has dinner with Pete, keeping in touch after his retirement.
One thing’s clear, though – Bill’s got unfinished business. Like many cops who’ve retired with unsolved cases. He doesn’t even feel like himself. While Pete and a local waitress named Sheila (Tuesday Beebe) try keeping him on track, as does nosy neighbour Ida Silver (the incomparable Holland Taylor), there’ll always be something not right with him. He just slides further into the bottle.
Bill: “Ever notice everythings upside down on a spoon?”
Sheila: “Maybe thats how life is, hon. Spoons just got it figured out.”
Perfectly with The Ramones playing “Pet Sematary” on the radio, we’re introduced to Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway). He works at a store dealing in electronics, computers, all that sort of thing. He’s got a regular life, he and co-worker dealing with shitty customers and a corporate cut-out boss. And his boss, oh, man: a piece of work! He’s basically jealous of Brady’s talent with computers, cutting him down a peg at any corner possible.
We see that Ida’s nosy because she’s looking for a companion, at least a sexual one. But underneath all that – she’s a proud lady, after all – there’s a genuine concern about Bill. She doesn’t want to see him waste away, she’s seen it before. She doesn’t want him to have “retreated from the living” just because of retirement. So, despite her sort of snooty attitude at first, she’s genuinely worried the man doesn’t have any purpose. And without purpose, without telos, what IS a man?
Pic 2Well, there’s still a purpose. Deep down there somewhere.
Particularly after he gets an e-mail addressed from Mr. M. Subject line: Long Time. We see a clown mask briefly. Then the screen switches to a smiley face, speaking to him with an electronically disguised voice. Taunting about his retirement, his weight gain, and the fact he never solved his case. Up come a bunch of pictures of the victims driven down outside the City Jobs Fair. He even tells the former detective he wore a condom that night, for fear he’d ejaculate and leave evidence. The whole video is wildly disturbing, and totally terrifying.
So if there wasn’t purpose before, if he didn’t consciously care about it already, now Bill is paying attention. Now, he has something he must do. If not, he’ll likely suffer the rest of retirement in a haze of insanity.
We also cut back to Brady, his mother Deborah (Kelly Lynch) worrying he’s working too many hours. That he’s “all work and no play” – sound familiar, Stephen King fans? Similar to another fella named Jack. She worries more about him, that he’s never had a girlfriend, that he’s withdrawn, even if he’s a smart guy. Oh, and it turns out mommy has other things on her mind. Things no mother ought to be doing with her son, y’know, like incest. Yikes. Although Brady leaves before things go too far. Instead he spends time alone stroking one out rather than go all the way. Man, that’s unsettling.
If you didn’t know already, Brady is Mr. Mercedes.
Pic 3Pic 3AThe fun will-they won’t-they between Ida and Bill continues. She’s not happy she showed him a nude on her phone and he wouldn’t look at it. She insists he looks. He does, if not a bit reluctantly. I hope they continue this relationship, on any level, because Gleeson and Taylor together’s like some kind of sweet magic.
When Bill clicks a link on his computer with a smiley face, it goes to a short few clips of Mr. Mercedes driving through the people in the crowd that day, the clown mask, his distorted laughter. A fucking evil thing to witness.
Bill: “Now personally I think closure is overfuckingrated, but the nightmares, the panic attacks I could do without.”
So he’s poking around more, asking Pete questions about the case. His friend doesn’t want him to obsess anymore, like he did at the end of his career. Later, he ends up at the electronics store where Brady works. He’s looking for a surveillance camera, though he doesn’t come in contact with the young man. A slick moment of near chance.
Afterwards he heads to a towing lot. A place he’s evidently been quite a few times. There lies the bloody, beat up Mercedes kept in storage. Just seeing it leaves the retired cop in agony, imagining all the people being run over in those seconds of brutality. He sits in the driver’s seat, as if imagining himself driving.
Pic 5At home he gets the camera installed with help from a neighbour kid who does stuff around the house for him regularly, including with the latest e-mail business. And who else is rolling around the neighbourhood? It’s Brady. One of his other jobs is as a Mr. Friendly’s ice cream truck driver, serving up scoops for the kids, and fucking with Hodges, tossing a tennis ball with a smiley face into the yard for him to find.
Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 5.15.26 PMMan, oh, man! I did not expect the first episode to be so damn good. Much as I love King, I’m always sceptical going into a film or television adaptation of his work. Which is a bonus when it’s actually fucking great. So much to love here, and not least is the use of punk rock in the soundtrack. Love it!
“On Your Mark” is next week, so stay tuned. We’re going to get deeper into this creepy little world of Mr. King’s together.


The Sinner – Part 2

USA’s The Sinner
Part 2
Directed by Antonio Campos
Written by Derek Simonds

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Pic 1After the surprising, devastating first episode, The Sinner continues as Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) faces the court after committing a brutal and spontaneous murder on the beach. She pleads “guilty” and prepares on facing the consequences of her actions. Detectives Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) and Dan Leroy (Dohn Norwood) watch on, as does the terrified husband Mason (Christopher Abbott). Now, Cora’s ordered to psychological testing, to see if she’s fit to stand trial.
After the court adjourns, Mason comes across a police officer he knows from back in the day in school, Caitlin Sullivan (Abby Miller). He tries getting info out of her, but she’s too professional for that. Inside, his wife gets a visit from Dt. Ambrose, who knows that she knows the man she killed, Frankie Belmont. Although she denies it. However, it’s like she’s resigned herself to being guilty. As if she believes she’s guilty, knowing something more than she lets on.
Flashback to her life as a girl. Her father rants and raves about not being able to sleep in his own bed. Clearly, their love life has suffered because of their sick child. Meanwhile, dad looks to be sleeping in bed with one of the other daughters, young Cora (Jordana Rose), only eight. And there’s something not quite right about it, either. Christ. So much ugliness in her past that’s yet to be uncovered.
Pic 1ADt. Ambrose keeps on trying to suss out the truth. He talks to Frankie’s wife, Leah (Teri Wyble). Apparently the husband once told his friends about a girl with whom he had a relationship, something tragic happened. They had an “intense connection” but the girl was damaged. Later, an accident nearly ruined his whole life. Hmm, all about five years prior. This is interesting, ramps up the mystery to a serious degree. The intrigue’s already high, but now my Spidey senses are TINGLING!
Flashback to Mason first meeting Cora, the latter waiting tables in a nice little place. They talk a bit, he chats her up. After she’s off they go for a stroll together, getting to know one another, the usual first meet/date type of thing. It’s cute. Very sharp juxtaposition against where we are now. What this does is show us their connection, particularly we see why Mason’s so torn up. It isn’t like she wound up a serial killer. This sudden outburst of violence in her life is totally inexplicable to him, so to see their beginnings as a couple is kind of poignant.
We get a look at some of Dt. Ambrose’s rocky relationship with his wife (Kathryn Erbe). They go to therapy, but the separation between them is shocking. Not entirely surprising, still shocking. He’s not exactly the doting husband, having left her in the hospital once to go spray his plants at home. Even when she calls him out on it he’s poised to argue rather than admit he fucked up. Typical man blinded by his own bullshit.
Another flashback to young Cora, her aunt Margaret (Rebecca Wisocky) leaving a treat with her before leaving. They’re all together in vigil for her little sister Phoebe, sick, frail. We see the first semblance of a second life for Cora. Aunt Peg gives her a Delicieux chocolate bar, a little treat she takes to a secret hiding place. Where she’s got other items most likely from her aunt. She stashes them, so nobody will find her special items. Sort of how she’s stashed away all the secrets of her previous live, so deep down and in the dark that even her husband has no idea what’s gone on.
Those closest to her, then and now, they don’t truly know Cora.
Pic 2In the interrogation room, Harry gets Cora to start talking. She met Frankie in a bar five years ago on the “Fourth of July,” though he went by a different name, J.D. They took some pills, drank, dance. The song she heard on the beach that day is the one he used to play endlessly. They had sex, of course. A couple weeks later? Pregnant. She panicked, not even having Frankie’s phone number. So then she finds out he gave her a fake name.
And she stepped in front of a car on the road. No longer pregnant, banged the fuck up in the hospital, she was still clinging – for a while – her religious upbringing. Before realising God’s shit. Cut to five years later, she stabs Frankie to death on the beach. All good, right? Well, Harry doesn’t seem convinced. Not yet.
Flashback to Cora and her mom Elizabeth (Enid Graham). The little girl kneels in the yard in the middle of the night, praying to God for her sister. The recurring theme is religious fanaticism. Mom found the stash, the chocolate bar. She says “one bite” could mean God will decide to let Phoebe die. Holy fuck. It’s like everything wrong with Cora’s sister is blamed on her, in some way. A life of having sin heaped upon her, sin that isn’t her own.
Another flash to Mason and Cora in bed together, what looks like their first time. Or at least the first time Mason is about to go down on her and she almost cracks his neck in half, squeezing her thighs around his throat. When he asks what happened, she replies: “I dont know.” Although we know, at least in part. There’s a terrifying trauma in there somewhere.
Caitlin, talking to Mason, lets slip bits of the story concerning his wife and Frankie, the secret history. Naturally, it rocks him. All the while Dt. Ambrose continues combing through evidence, to find a better answer. He goes to Carl’s Taproom, where Cora met Frankie. The bartender remembers her, though confirms a different man than Frankie being with her, also mentioning she was extremely drunk. Might be possible something non-consensual happened that night. Cora is absolutely not telling the whole truth.
The big news? Harry gets over to Frankie’s parents place. Turns out, their boy wasn’t even on the same coast as Cora that Fourth of July. Oh, shit. Moreover, the cops are coming up with more lies she’s told. They have to dig much, much deeper.
Pic 3Another flashback to young Cora, her mom, sick little Phoebe. “Youre not doing your part,” the hideous mother says. She makes Cora tell her sister she isn’t better because she’s “a sinner” and took the chocolate bar. This poor little girl grew up having to bear the brunt of all the supposed sins her parents blamed on her. That could really fuck a girl up.
Ambrose: “The truth is my job
In the interrogation room Harry presses Cora harder than before. He’s getting pissed off about her lying. He even puts on the song she heard that day. You can see by the look in her eyes it dredges up horrible memories. Finally, she jumps on top of the detective, pounding him and screaming: “Im gonna kill you!” WHOA.
Mason comes to see his wife. He mentions J.D. and knowing him before they met. He’s also getting pissed. The person he pledged to love in sickness and in health won’t tell him the truth. This sends him off looking for J.D. in any place he can think, old buddies from his younger days. Uh oh. I feel something bad coming.
There’s also a tenderness we see in Harry, after he and his wife start their reconciliation. While they eat dinner a bird flies into their patio door. He picks it up, nurturing the bird and helping it fly once more. Not long later he also has an epiphany about Cora. She smashed him on the chest in specific places. Right where she stabbed Frankie. And she hit Harry the same amount of times she stabbed him, too. A pattern. She’s subconsciously repeating that pattern. I assume it’s got something to do with what happened to her as a girl.
But there’s really no telling. Cora is an enigma, wrapped in a mindfuck. Who knows what the key will be to unlock all her mysteries.
Pic 4Pic 4AHonestly, the first episode was good! Enough to get me into the whole concept. This episode blew me out of the water. I never expected the twists that came here, nor the final little revelation Harry has about the wounds. Interested for Part 3. So much dark, dangerous stuff to explore.

The Mist – Season 1, Episode 7: “Over the River and Through the Woods”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 7: “Over the River and Through the Woods”
Directed by Matthew Penn
Written by Daniel Cameron Talbott

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Pic 1Mia (Danica Curcic), Kevin (Morgan Spector), Bryan (Okezie Morro), Adrian ( Russell Posner) and Tyler (Christopher Gray) get through the mist to another one of the wards: the psychiatric wing. An orderly named Nash knew Mia’s mom, saying there was “nothing bad in her” and assuring she wasn’t like the other patients. Meanwhile, there’s plenty else to worry about than the mist, with Kevin still drugged up and having been exposed to it by the doctor, as well as Bryan and Mia’s now tenuous relationship.
At the mall,  Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) and Alex (Gus Birney) are holed up with Jay (Luke Cosgrove) and others. The protective mom is keeping an eye on the rapist, not willing to leave anything to chance. Not to mention there’s trouble with the new society in the mall, people eating too many rations. And people still believe the military’s coming. There’s a real hostility, too. Towards Eve. Although she manages to plant a baby monitor in the other camp, to figure out what’s been going on.
Over at the church, Nathalie (Frances Conroy) is having her face treated after taking abuse from that insane follower of Christ, the wayward sheep of Father Romanov (Dan Butler). The idea of faith, particularly Catholicism with its confession, is funny. You can do bad things, yet God is perpetually willing to forgive, so long as you repent. Thus begins Chief Connor Heisel (Darren Pettie) putting the priest to a confession, asking him if he’s responsible for what happened to the older woman. The cop beats Romanov to the floor, as Nathalie hums in the background. Eerie moment. Church and state coming apart, a new religion taking hold. However, the priest isn’t so innocent. This beating’s gonna put him over the edge.
Pic 1ABryan Hunt isn’t Bryan Hunt, he’s Jonah Dixon. He beat up the real Bryan, a soldier at Arrowhead military base. So she’s worried he could be “psycho” or it could be amnesia. The two talk about things, he tells her about meeting the real Bryan, that he was attacked. She then tells him about what happened at her mother’s house, the apparition of dear ole mom, the thought of fading into death. What brought her back was Jonah. In order to feel worthy of it, of anything, she’s doing a rapid detox. Harsh, brutal.
Particularly considering there’s a mist outside with terrible creatures inside.
Note: The score is absolutely perfect. Giona Ostinelli’s a killer composer, he’s done good stuff on several Mickey Keating films such as Darling and Pod. His music here comes perfectly fitting, punctuating the creepiest and most emotional moments alike.
Alone later, Adrian and Tyler talk about the worst things they’ve ever done. Tyler talks about beating up a guy who walked “swishy” and threatened his faux-masculinity, his closeted sexuality. Beat him then pissed on him. That’s how much he hates himself. So he apologises to Adrian, who offers forgiveness. Perhaps this is the relationship which helps a guy like Tyler accept himself. Maybe. Just maybe.
Nathalie questions Romanov about his beliefs. She’s reading the Bible, for the first time. He believes she’s holding people’s souls in her hands. But also, he admits to letting his insane follower do what he did to her, knowing it would happen. He speaks about a “trial by ordeal” that involves walking into the mist, seeing if God and nature spare the two of them: “Whoever dies, we will provide an answer for the people here.” Does she accept?
Pic 2When Adrian’s nowhere to be found, Tyler panics. He goes to Kevin, then the orderly tells them not to bother. That the kid’s a bad person, he can “see people” and who they are underneath. Turns out the orderly is not an orderly, he was a patient. An especially violent one. He runs off before the two can get to Adrian, who’s bound, gagged in a room. Not far from where the guy’s got a bunch of dead bodies stashed in a closet, piled atop one another like sides of beef.
At the same time, Jonah’s seeing Mia through her detox, a gruelling stretch ahead of them, as she sweats and cries and teases him with more information about his real identity. Lies from the throes of withdrawal? Or truth? Suddenly, he remembers bits and pieces on his own. And nothing good at all.
The ordeal of Father Romanov and Nathalie is set to commence. Whomever survives may have a chance at saving those in the church, rescuing them all from whatever’s in the mist. While the priest goes in his robes, she does so naked as the day she was born. As nature intended. Out from the doors they go, into the mist. They close their eyes and wait for whatever comes. Romanov hears the hooves of horses come near: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The priest calls out scripture, receiving nothing in return but an arrow through his torso before they pull him back into the mist with them.
The only one left is Nathalie, so she goes back inside. Welcomed by everyone eager to hear what went on outside. One of my favourite couple scenes in this first season as a whole! Great, spooky stuff.
Pic 3Jonah remembers being experimented on, zapped, a woman speaking random words to him through all the pain. He sees all sorts of things coming back to him. He tells Mia about it, how he survived, and coaches her through the pain she’s feeling.
Simultaneously, Kevin’s trying to reason with Nash. He has serious issues, this dude. He talks about a nun that taught about the evil in people, having to beat it out of her. He’s gone past the deep end into an abyss. Determined to purge evil. Until Kevin says Adrian isn’t evil; he’s the one. This sets Nash after him, just long enough for Kevin to get in the room with him. They fight, tooth and nail. To the death.
Now people at the mall, some of them, are starting to look for a scapegoat. Why not start with the family who supposedly makes up rapes? That’s what the mother of the dead little girl’s suggesting. Not everyone is on board. But some are, and that’s scary.
And sadly, as Kevin and the others leave the hospital, Tyler refuses to go. Despite he and Adrian becoming closer in private. Teary eyed, the kid stays while his secretive gay lover Adrian, just as devastated, leaves with his close knit group.
Pic 4Wow, this episode was one of my favourites! If not the best of The Mist‘s Season 1. Such good stuff, on all ends. Interested to see what happens in many areas, like the gay relationship which is awesome – and so needed in this day and age for representation, very well written, at that – and also the budding trouble at the mall. Many things to come!
“The Law of Nature” is next week.

The Mist – Season 1, Episode 6: “The Devil You Know”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 6: “The Devil You Know”
Directed by James Hawes
Written by Noah Griffith & Daniel Stewart

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Pic 1Bryan (Okezie Morro) is figuring out he forgot so much since being at the military base. He may not even be himself. The man in the hospital, the one Mia (Danica Curcic) talked to before taking off, he lunges at Bryan, and the two men fight brutally in the hospital room. Bryan keeps pleading, violently: “Tell me who I am!” All before he has to choke the man out.
In the hallway, Kevin (Morgan Spector) is left with his brother’s blood all over his hands, after having to put Mike down, leeches covering his body in the mist. There’s other bad shit going down, too. Adrian (Russell Posner) can tell, even if the adults, the nurses, the doctors are keeping secrets. Apparently people have been… disappearing. Nevertheless, he and Kevin and Bryan want to leave.
Pic 1AAt the mall, Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) and Alex (Gus Birney) are surviving. As are the folks at the church, from Father Romanov (Dan Butler) and his staunch faith, to local cop Connor (Darren Pettie) who’s having a crisis of faith and of duty and of manhood. The man of faith and the man of the law, they chat a bit. The priest talks of being “loyal to God” and it’s less like an assurance, more like trying to gain favour against Nathalie Raven (Frances Conroy), her unholy worship. The woman’s still speaking of “the Black Spring,” she’s trying to bring others into her fold. Romanov combats this with a hymn on the organ. Drown it out. Not so easy, though.
Only now are Kevin and Adrian finding out the keys are gone, so is the vehicle. Shit. At the same time Mia’s out in the mist, on her own personal journey.
There’s trouble brewing at the mall, as well. The woman who lost her child to the mist sees only resentment when she looks at Alex. I worry there’s something sinister brewing, whether by her hand I don’t know. But she’s throwing off dark vibes.
There’s a danger in the relationship between Connor and the widowed Mrs. Raven. A parallel of how fanaticism mixed with the arm of the law can possibly turn into an ugly thing. Hasn’t happened yet, of course. There’s a connection already apparent between the two. We’ll see if it goes where I feel it’s headed.
Kevin’s sneaking around in the hospital. He finds Dr. Bailey with a nurse, mouth taped shut on a gurney. The doc asks for help. Then he attacks, putting a needle into Kevin. Out goes the lights. Goddamn, that’s not good. After an hour gone, Adrian’s beginning to wonder if something went bad. More importantly: the fuck is this doctor up to? Well, Kevin wakes strapped to the gurney, mouth also shut. All under the guise of medical “experiments” and trying to help people. Same shit the Nazis said, like Mengele.
Pic 2While Nathalie’s new faith in nature is a bit disturbing, on the opposite side is the church. And while Romanov isn’t entirely full steam ahead, one of his followers is determined to stop the blaspheming, no matter what it takes. This is where things get scary. All forms of faith can turn mad, from the organised religions to the more pagan-like worship. It’s all corruptible.
In the mall Alex winds up being locked in a small room. Someone pours lighter fluid under the door, igniting it. The place goes up in flames. Who comes to her rescue? Jay (Luke Cosgrove), the guy who raped her. He risks himself to put out the fire, burning his hand. Then she accuses him of pulling the stunt to “play hero.” Is he gaslighting her, in the most brutal of ways? Hard to tell. Certainly conveys the often problematic relationship some women wind up in, by no fault of their own, with the men who’ve assaulted them.
Mia’s out on her own, looking for a big bag full of cash. She encounters something after coming through a patch of mist. A presence in one of the rooms. Writing appears carved on the wall. Music plays suddenly from a radio, despite her smashing it to pieces on the floor. Between withdrawals and the mist, she’s up against the shit, man. “Its not real,” she tells herself. But it’s painfully real, as her mother appears to scold and shame her.
And what about the priest’s crazy worshipper? He hauls Nathalie into a dark room, bullying her into being loyal to God. He starts slapping her around. She gets the jump on him, smashing a nearby window and locking him there with the mist. You get what you give, buddy!
Pic 3I worry most about Kevin. He’s had it rough. He’s being tortured via experiment by Dr. Bailey, wanting to see more of how the mist reacts with people. So he drugs the poor dude up, sealing him in a room and letting the mist in to do its work. Kevin experiences a hallucination of various things: a bending gurney, a white owl, a version of himself. All before Bryan and the kid come to get him out.
Mia barely gets away with her life, too. After tangling with her mother in mist form, she manages to escape. Bag of cash in hand. Why risk herself? What’s her plan? I guess she’s still withdrawing, so it could be the junkie brain fuelling her decisions.
There’s a sinister side to Jay, no matter how he acts. The way he comes up against Eve is especially telling, to me. In these moments he’s dark, almost grotesque. And mama bear, she does not back down. Punches him right in the face off the bat. This lady does NOT fuck around! Love her.
At the same time she conspires to give people hope. Photocopying a bunch of leaflets to make it look as if troops are coming for them soon. It’s a good gesture, a thoughtful one. Shows that Eve has both sides of a leader in her, that she’s tough first and foremost, as well as capable of treating people well. Gonna need that in the days, weeks, months to come.
And at the hospital, the power goes out, the automatic doors giving way to the air outside. The mist starts coming in and everyone’s forced to head out or find a place to hide. So where do they go? “The only place the doors will stay shut.” In the psychiatric ward.
Pic 5Great, tense episode. Really didn’t know what was about to happen with Kevin. Now I wonder, will this affect him? Will he have a neutrality in his blood in some way that’ll protect him from the mist? Could get interesting. It will, I’m sure. Also, the crowd at the hospital are being forced into a smaller space, which is always good for claustrophobic tension and suspense. Maybe some outright madness.
“Over the River and Through the Woods” is next week, can’t wait to see more.

The Mist – Season 1, Episode 5: “The Waiting Room”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 5: “The Waiting Room”
Directed by Richard Laxton
Written by Amanda Segel & Christian Torpe

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Pic 1With Bryan (Okezi Morro) wounded from the gunshot, Kevin (Morgan Spector), Adrian (Russell Posner), and Mia (Danica Curcic) rush trying to get him to a hospital, driving through the mist. They get him there, but like everywhere else people are stuck together, stuck inside, there’s no telling what the situation is like amongst the staff, patients, and anyone who’s ended up in that building as a result of the encroaching mist. As well as the fact Mia blames Kevin for Bryan getting shot, treating it the same as if he shot the bullet himself.
Luckily, the guy’s going to recover. Just a good deal of blood loss. Meanwhile the hospital’s on an emergency generator, only a few days left. Food and medicine are depleted. Mist has taken over a whole wing of the hospital.
We get a flashback to Kevin and Eve Copeland (Alyssa Sutherland) as they move into their home for the first time. A happy, excited couple. Far cry from where they are now, and that’s not just including the town’s latest situation. Their marriage is rocky after Alex (Gus Birney) was raped. Mom blames dad in a way, for being too lenient. Because of her own past I’m sure Eve has troubles with trust, particularly concerning the trust in men.
Pic 1AKevin doesn’t stop looking for his family, though nobody’s seen them anywhere around the hospital. One of the worst places to be trapped is the hospital. There’s death around almost every corner. Moreover, Kevin finds his brother Mike (Peter Murnik) in a bed, a brutal wound in his gut. His brother said “they knew me” – whatever’s in the mist – that they knew things about his past. “I dont even know whats real anymore,” Mike says. The two brothers clearly have NEVER seen eye to eye, yet there’s a comfort in the older of the two with his younger brother there. Perhaps that’s because he’s on the edge of death. Or maybe he just hides his affections.
Either way they’re stuck, for a while, in that hospital together. At the same time Bryan’s recovering, his connection with Mia deepening. She’s got demons, very dark ones. She tells him: “Im not ready for you to be nice to me.”
More flashback. Eve and Kevin talk about the nature of women. She says that “all women are two people.” You can see he desperately wants to understand and know his wife completely, and there’s a resistance in her, even if she obviously loves him. Their connection is clear and strong, but she’s mysterious in ways.
Then later, Mike asks his brother the unthinkable: put him out of his misery, to send him on from the pain. Only Kevin can’t bring himself to do that, even if it’s meant as mercy. They go from anger to nostalgia to laughter in a matter of moments. It’s touching, and also eerie in a way. Because no matter what happens Mike’s going to die, one way or another.
Pic 2Another flashback shows a brief moment with Mike and Eve, as they’re all together in the new house. The older brother’s comment puts a momentarily sour look on her face. Afterwards, she and Mike have sex, she asks him for it harder. I worry there are dark secrets, darker things about the town, what happened to Eve all those years that we don’t yet know. I’m not sure exactly if I have any theories yet, I do know there’s something else there yet to be revealed.
Now, Mike needs to be taken to the OR. But it goes through the mist. They’ve got to get through it with a hospital bed. However, the doctors won’t go, so it’s up to Kevin: go and his brother may die, or stay and his brother will die anyways.
Adrian’s run into a guy from school in the bathroom, Tyler (Christopher Gray). He approaches him and then goes in for a kiss. Tyler responds with “faggot” and beats him brutally, kicking him, punching him. Instead of just, ‘yknow, saying: I’m not gay. And Adrian gets right back up, goes in for another kiss, finally accepted with little reluctance as they make out.
More flashback shows us that the thing with Mike and Eve is that the older brother talks about her as the “town whore” and speaks ill about her to the parents of children at the school, all sorts of other nasty shit. While Kevin wanted to rush out and “beat the fuck” out of his brother, his wife makes clear: “I just dont need you to save me.” Now we can see all the conflicted feelings further between Kevin and Mike.
Pic 3Pic 3ALost souls Adrian and Mia bond over being single children in their respective families, over trouble with her mother, his father. The junkie, and more experienced sleazeball, snags the keys from the kid without his knowing. After that she makes a swift exit, driving away from the hospital in a hurry. And this not long after her discover of a Bryan Hunt in another hospital bed, who says he was attacked by a man at the military base. Ohhhhh, shit.
Kevin rushes through the misty wing of the hospital transporting his brother to the OR. They barely make it there before Mike’s fingernails start bleeding, his nose and his mouth, too. Now it’s left to the younger brother, to take orders over a headset and do surgery on the older one. Before they start Mike mentions he and his friends were “all in love” with Eve; part of his hatred for Kevin stems from jealousy, that his younger brother was the one who wound up with such a wonderful, beautiful woman instead of him. Petty masculine bullshit.
Kevin manages to get the rebar out of his brother’s stomach, then he has to stop the bleeding, close the wound with stitches. He finishes up before having to head back through the mist to the other wing.
One more flashback reveals Kevin is not actually Alex’s father. They also make a promise not to tell her, so as not to break the little girl’s heart. So, is the birth of their girl a result of what happened to Eve? Wow, that adds a whole other layer to their family and relationship if so. Jesus. Heavy stuff.
When Kevin takes Mike back through the hall, he slips on some blood and his brother topples to the floor, more blood coming from all over his body. The mist drops leaches onto him, they cover his skin and start sucking the life from him. When it’s too much, Kevin has to put his brother out of his misery finally, and get out of the mist.
Pic 5What a fucking episode! I’ve seen people rating this low, and I have no idea why. Crazy. Such history, character development, as we figure out more of the Copelands’ inner lives, what drives them, what’s brought them to here. There’s so much to unpack. The writers are doing a great jog so far. “The Devil You Know” is next week.

The Mist – Season 1, Episode 4: “Pequod”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 4: “Pequod”
Directed by T.J. Scott
Written by Andrew Wilder

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Pic 1AKevin (Morgan Spector), Mia (Danica Curcic), Bryan (Okezie Morro), and Adrian (Russell Posner) make it to the vehicle outside the church. But when Mia tries hotwiring it, nothing happens. The engine won’t even turn over, whatsoever. At the same time, Adrian’s the only one who witnessed the terrifying butterfly death of the other man recently.
The mall’s getting more tense, as well. People are having panic attacks, anxiety running high. So mall manager Gus Bradley (Isiah Whitlock Jr) breaks out board games, a football, little things to keep people and their minds busy, to not let cabin fever set in too deep. Alex (Gus Birney) still has to deal with being trapped in there with her accused rapist Jay (Luke Cosgrove), though it’s hard to tell how she’s feeling, she likely doesn’t even know. Nevertheless, it ain’t good.
Father Romanov: “Im not scared because Im losing my faith. Im scared because its stronger than ever.”
We start seeing how different people are reacting to the horrors they’ve seen. Father Romanov (Dan Butler) is beginning to feel a responsibility, to save his congregation, his town. Judgement Day is upon them, so he believes. Simultaneously, Natalie Raven (Frances Conroy) is following a different sort of faith: “The moth is a friend of mine.”
Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.16.54 PMAt a gas station, Kevin and the others run into a man with a gas mask and a gun. He knows that Kevin is Eve’s (Alyssa Sutherland) husband. His name is Clay, he has a boy in her class. He’s lost now, somewhere else. But the group knows more than they tell him. Probably best, in case it drives him mad. He’s the one with a gun.
Everybody’s figuring out how to navigate the latest stresses of their lives, stuck indoors. The priest keeps people fed, busy. Connor (Darren Pettie) laments looking weak in front of everyone at the church, as Natalie comforts him. In the mall, Eve admits to a couple of the other women she’s “happy ” her husband isn’t there, she in part blames him for their daughter’s rape, because he loves Alex so much he can’t say no, which Even says led to her getting hurt. A tough, honest admission.
Natalie’s freaking Father Romanov out, talking of the Black Spring when he’d rather speak of the Bible. He wonders if she knows what it is she’s looking for, calling into question her judgement of her own pain. She knows exactly what she’s seeking out. To others it seems like madness. Yet I wonder if she’s one of the only ones who’s got it all figured out.
Moreover, through Clay we find out about the cars not working, that everything is mostly fried. He’s got himself a vehicle, purchased from a survivalist, so it’s one that won’t burn out if the apocalypse comes. Still there’s the problem of gas. Kevin asks if he’ll take them in his vehicle. Clay clings to finding his son. Will they break the news to him? He won’t leave if he thinks there’s hope. I’m just afraid that he’ll snap if he figures out his boy is dead.
Pic 2The games store boys have a harpoon, they’re latching onto the soldiers corpses in the shopping carts outside. Trying to reel them back inside. When one gets stuck Ted (Jonathan Malen) goes out using it as a lifeline. He doesn’t come back and Vic (Erik Knudsen) gets a shock as the glass breaks, the mist beginning to seep in through the book store. Where Alex and a little girl are reading together. A black mist creature appears, Alex and the girl trapped with it next to them. The thing grabs the girl by the face, sucking the life out of her. It stands in front of Alex, ready to do the same. Only it doesn’t. She walks free, seemingly unharmed. Although I’m curious to know if the mist has possessed her in some form.
Connor mentions to the priest it felt as if the mist knew him when he was outside. He’s becoming part of the faithful in the natural world, alongside Natalie. Like they’re pagan worshippers. Could get scary; it will.
Everything goes sideways for Kevin and the gang, after Mia delivers the tough news to Clay. Not in the most diplomatic of attitudes. The man goes from stable to angry pretty quick. Bryan winds up with a bullet in the thigh after he and Clay wrestle. As I predicted, things have gotten ugly.
And the mall’s experiencing their first brush with law in their new little civil society, as Vic is faced with being ejected. He’s put them all in danger, a kid died. So a vote is taken. Several wish to forgive his sins. The rest want to toss him. We’re starting to see a distinction between levels of morality now. A greyer area than we already know in real life emerges, as even accused rapist Jay doesn’t want to feed Vic to the mist like the others. It’s an odd, compelling mix of perspectives that I find interesting the deeper we get into Season 1.
Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.35.59 PMBest of all is the religious war brewing, in the church no less. Natalie has called the spider in the jar “God” and she worships it; a false idol. This worries Father Romanov, some of the others. Especially considering they believe it’s Judgement Day. So the priest forcibly takes the spider, crushing it on the carpet. Horrifying Natalie. It’s a double-edged sword for the man of faith – on one hand, it illustrates how deep his faith is that he does feel they must adhere to the word of God or else perish; on the other, shows the weakness of his belief, that he’s threatened by an old lady and a spider in a jar.
Alex: “Why didnt it want me?”
Things at the mall are only getting worse. Alex breaks down saying she lied, that she didn’t fight against the monster. That she waited for it to kill her. It didn’t take her. This troubles the mother of the dead little girl, knowing Alex lied. Divisions have begun. Compounded by the fact people already believe she lied about the rape, as well as the fact many believe her mother did something similar years ago, there’s looking to be trouble coming for the Copeland family. Yikes.
Kevin and the others prepare to head out. Without Clay, who still holds out hope despite being told otherwise. He’s given up the car, though. To help them on their journey. A lot of sacrifices will be made in this dangerous landscape. This is just one of them.
Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.52.28 PMGreat episode! This series is getting stronger with every chapter, honestly. Started out just decent, now I’m gunning for this one. The Mist continues with “The Waiting Room” next. Surely there’ll be more tension and creeps in the episode to come.

The Mist – Season 1, Episode 3: “Show and Tell”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 3: “Show and Tell”
Directed by Nick Murphy
Written by Peter Biegen

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Pic 1Everyone at the church wakes up, the first morning after the mist came over their town. Adrian (Russell Posner) worries the others are “all dead” but Kevin (Morgan Spector) assures him they’re okay, that they’ve survived just like them. Upstairs, they look through a stained glass window’s scratch to spy a vehicle worth taking. They’ll need Mia (Danica Curcic), though the kid doesn’t trust her. And there’s the fact Connor (Darren Pettie) has her handcuffed. Those two dads are going to have a difficult moment, at some point.
Over in the mall, Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) comforts her daughter. Alex (Gus Birney) doesn’t exactly know how to be comforted, with the things outside, her rapist Jay (Luke Cosgrove) inside, people hanging themselves. The bodies are cut down by Jay and mall manager Gus Bradley (Isiah Whitlock Jr) – they’re military personnel, soldiers. Even more unsettling. There’s discussion of what to do with the corpses, then they want to search everyone for dog tags. One other soldier is left, a private in the army; he doesn’t have any information, so he says. But it’s more likely the military knows exactly what is happening.
Thus, suicides.
Pic 1ANatalie (Frances Conroy) talks about finding something 1860 in the newspapers. She’s told it’s supposedly a local legend concerning “the Black Spring” – a curse, after the murder of a young woman. Even creepier is they can see her husband Benedict lurking out there in the mist.
Then Kevin asks Connor to help them with getting to the mall, he needs Mia. Of course the cop won’t help. He’s suddenly concerned with law, despite leaving people behind to maybe die at the station. They get into a big argument which leads to the cop putting Mia in the basement. Bryan (Okezie Morro) keeps on looking out for her, helping her through the withdrawal symptoms; with a bottle of pills. Plus he gets her cuffs off. They form a mutual trust, as he’s just as lost in his own ways amongst the rest of the town. He didn’t even remember himself when he woke up.
After getting chewed out by the mall manager, the game store guys – Vic (Erik Knudsen) and Ted (Jonathan Malen) – decide they’ll make themselves useful. By using the bodies found to test the mist, to see what’s going on out there. Hmm, could make for interesting trouble.
One interesting note: I love the moral implications at play, in terms of the way Adrian sees things. He doesn’t like Jay, for likely raping Alex. He also does not trust Mia, as she’s accused for murder. The way Kevin sees no problem trusting Mia under the circumstances of what they’re facing, Adrian can’t reconcile morality on those terms.
Pic 2Later when Kevin tries helping to free Mia and Bryan, he winds up down there with them after Connor the pig – in two senses of the word at this point – says some heinous shit about his wife and daughter.
Speaking of, Alex runs into Jay in one of the mall shops. He says he “didnt hurt” or “touch” her that night. So, is he a liar? I think so. He acts like he did something noble, taking her upstairs and covering her up to sleep off the drunk. Why not get her out of there, get her home? Anything could’ve happened by leaving her there. He’s a rapist, gaslighting his victim.
Out of nowhere, Natalie decides she’s going home. She means out into the mist, with her husband. When one of the men tries stopping her, a bug flies into his ear. Then, perfectly, it bulges out of the moth tattoo on his back, splitting him open, sprouting the wings through his flesh. A swarm of bugs flying from his mouth. Almost more terrifying is how Natalie reacts, as if she’s seen a revelation. Although not one out of the Bible.
Natalie: “Its okay, I dont want to die anymore. Im happy. Ive seen God.”
The remaining soldier flips when he finds the games store dudes put the bodies out in the open, as an experiment. Gus finds out and he’s not entirely pleased, either. But there’s no bringing them back inside. Moreover, they need to “establish a set of rules.” This could be where things begin getting out of hand, when new rules are imposed on people. Might get tricky.
Pic 3The priest believes God’s testing their faith. Of course, what else would be think? He reels off the story of Job to Adrian, telling about the challenge of Satan to God. Et cetera, et cetera. Job prospered in patience, ever faithful. The kid’s reaching out for any kind of love, even if it’s the love of God. So long as it’s genuine. An interesting gay character I want to see more of throughout this season.
Mostly the new rules at the mall cover not stealing from the various shops, these types of things. Then one of the security guards decides anybody who “endangers the group” gets tossed. Jay’s writing down the rules, clearly a part of the new makeshift administration with Gus. So Eve isn’t having that. Neither is shopkeeper Raj Al-Fayed (Nabeel El Khafif), not wanting to see what the prejudice against someone like himself will produce. To get themselves in a more suitable position of power, Eve grabs the guard’s gun: “I always was an anarchist.” Nice fucking move, mom! This woman is a goddamn survivor.
Adrian decides he wants to be baptised in the church, which Father Romanov does gladly. Helping him accept the love of God into his heart. Now he’s repenting sins. However, things get sort of weird. As if the boy’s being turned inward on himself. Yet he manages to slip some keys out of the priest’s pocket. To help his friends in the basement. WHAT A SMOOTH CAT! Jesus, people are surprising me here in this episode. Dig it. Not only that, Kevin gets to lay a few punches in on the asshole cop Connor before their little group makes off out the doors.
At the mall, Alex works on notes to tie on a ton of balloons, they let them fly in the air outside to maybe reach help somewhere, to reach anybody and let them know survivors are there. Let’s hope Kevin and his friends get there soon. In one piece.
Pic 4I’ve got to say, The Mist is defying my personal expectations. I didn’t think it’d thrill me in the way it is already. First three episodes are fantastic, I look forward to the rest. These characters have drawn me in, their predicaments are compelling. Effects aren’t always perfect but they’re intense and imaginative at times so far, so that’s enough for me.
“Pequod” is the next episode and it’s sure to provide us with something wild again.

The Mist – Season 1, Episode 2: “Withdrawal”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 2: “Withdrawal”
Directed by David Boyd
Written by Peter Macmanus

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Pic 1SO MUCH TENSION in the pilot episode! Now, we’ve got people stuck in tight little places together, all their various beefs and tensions locked in there with them. Juicy, and scary.
Everybody more or less knows something sinister, something horrible lurks in the mist. Kevin (Morgan Spector), Bryan (Okezie Morro), Mia (Danica Curcic), and Adrian (Russell Posner) try to determine what they ought to do next. Kevin wants to go to the mall, to find his wife Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) and daughter Alex (Gus Birney). Meanwhile, big brave Connor (Darren Pettie), man of the law, left them at the station to run like a coward. He ends up having a moose crash right through his windshield, then must go the rest of the way on foot.
Poor Natalie (Frances Conroy), having watched as an unknown man blew her husband away, so Father Romanov (Dan Butler) comforts as much as he can. Nobody knows what’s going on. Not only has the mist crowded the land, it’s bringing an almost peak level of hysteria already.
Gus Bradley (Isiah Whitlock Jr), mall manager) asks Eve and Alex about what happened to the woman who went outside. Hard to explain, though she does. Nobody can tell what’s inside the mist. Only that it’s horrific. There are many people stuck in the mall. Gus makes sure nobody goes through the doors, locking them. All they can do now is sit tight, be safe. Awkwardly painful for Alex, as her accused rapist Jay (Luke Cosgrove) is in there, too.
Pic 2We see that habit of Mia kicking up. She’s obviously got dependency issues, looking for a few pills in the evidence locker. Wonder if she’ll cause a problem on the way to the mall, once they’re at the mall. Either way, Bryan finds her out, and he’s willing to help her. If she goes into withdrawals then it’s going to get ugly.
Eve and Alex and a woman named Kimmy go around helping to lock the doors at the mall. One of the hallways is “filled with mist” and there’s already a dead body. Not looking fucking good! There’s a radio in their security office. Only problem is it’s past the misty hall. People speculate whether this thing is natural, if it’s “terrorism” or who knows. It really doesn’t matter particularly, not at this point. All that matters is staying safe and survival.
They use a drone from one of the stores to get a look down the hall, Jay flies the unit on through. They locate another dead body; on the floor, something spelled out in blood. AMMO? ANNA? Now someone must go for the radio. Nobody exactly wants to volunteer. Therefore, they’ve got to a lottery-type draw.
Kevin and the others are trying to get out of the cop shop. They run for a cruiser outside, the longer they stop the more the mist envelopes them. Luckily, they’re able to get away. Although Mia’s starting to get the shakes, the sweats, not sure how long she’ll be good to drive. Someone stops them in the road, drawing a gun to steal the car. Rather than wait for anything to happen Mia runs the guy over. Before flipping the car in the road.
Nobody’s hurt too badly, which is the only saving grace. Yet the mist stats pushing in, cracking the window while they’re all stuck momentarily upside down. After they get out it’s either run or die. They flee towards the church bells ringing. Mia is about to go back for the guns when she comes across her dead mother in the mist, calling out to her; fuck that, go to the church!
Pic 3When they get inside Kevin confronts Connor, who ends up putting the cuffs on Mia. This guy’s a real piece of work. The cop blames them for taking too long, for Kevin staging a “prison break.” Truly he’s just a coward, doesn’t want to admit that. He’s meant to serve and protect. I guess that means only if he feels brave enough. We also see how lost Natalie is without her husband, lost in such a brutal, random killing.
Natalie: “Theres no spirit. Theres just nature. Theres here, and not here.”
At the mall, Eve is drawn in the lottery to go get the radio. One man refuses to let her go alone. They head downstairs, into the hallway, rushing through the mist. In the security room they get to the emergency radio. We gather this guy with Eve is a military man, he’s got a gun and knows more than it seems. She wants to get away, worried about being alone with him. She takes off, they end up wrestling in the mist. And she puts a bullet in him to escape before whatever’s in the mist can get her. Knowing she already has past issues with men, in some awful way, this can only exacerbate her fears. When she gets back to the others she says they lost each other down there, that the radio didn’t work. Shit, I hope that lie doesn’t come back to bite her hard.
Natalie finds some communion wine, to make a toast for Benedict. She talks about their lives together, the simple joys of their marriage. “We had money, but we never stopped drinking cheap wine.” It’s tragic. Everyone joins in for a toast, even those who didn’t know him well. Bryan gives a bit to Mia, to take the edge off. But there’s big trouble brewing between Connor and Kevin, they won’t last together under one roof for too long.
This is the first night in the mist. Everyone lays their head down with a wariness, that tomorrow might bring anything, and who knows what it’ll be, in what form. And life still goes on, people can’t turn their lives off just because of this incident. So all those tensions keep on rising. Not to mention, Bryan confirms to Mia she wasn’t having withdrawal when she saw her mother in the mist: “I saw her, too,” says Bryan.
In one of the mall bathrooms, Jay finds two people hanged by the neck from a pipe.
Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.21.59 AMMan, I’m impressed. Not everything’s perfect, but it’s a great show so far! I’m eager for more. These first two episodes flow really well and the excitement’s growing. Bits and pieces of horror along the way. Like any good slice of Stephen King, what’s best are the characters, their lives, their stories, and how they react in these mortifying moments.
“Show and Tell” is next. Will we see more devastation? Count on it.