Frontier – Season 2, Episode 3: “The Wolf and the Bear”

Discovery’s Frontier
Season 2, Episode 3: “The Wolf and the Bear”
Directed by John Vatcher
Written by Chris Roberts

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Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.54.44 AMMichael Smyth (Landon Liboiron) and Sokanon (Jessica Matten) have become intimate, which isn’t entirely a surprise, particularly seeing as how she’s gotten fond of him lately more than ever. Partners in bed, partners in crime. And soon, they’re reunited with Declan Harp (Jason Momoa), his lads McTaggart (Jamie Sives) and the freed slave Charleston (Demetrius Grosse) alongside. They’re getting ready to go to war, baby!
On the ship, Lord Benton (Alun Armstrong) is palling around with Chaulk (Kathryn Wilder), the young girl posing as a boy. Likewise, we see Mr. Darrow (Joel Thomas Hynes) stepping up for Chaulk, to the dismay of Commander Everton (Jean-Michel Le Gal). Could be trouble out on the open ocean.
Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.55.03 AMLater together, Michael tells Declan what’s been going on, after he went missing for ages and Dimanche left, too. The big man believes his friend and Sokanon “belong together.” But he reminds the young man: “Just remember, shes family.” Michael keeps trying to push his fur thieving onto everybody, but it isn’t big enough an impact to start taking down the Hudson’s Bay Company.
In Fort James, Grace Emberly (Zoe Boyle) is having a real hard time with her husband Governor Chesterfield (Evan Jonigkeit). He’s taking over all her property, all her father’s things. He wants her to “be reasonable” aka fuck him. Our lady’s too strong, she won’t let this slide. Such was the plight of being a woman under the thumb of the patriarchy in the 18th century.
Still hoping to sway the Marquis Beaumont, Cobbs Pond (Greg Bryk) and Samuel Grant (Shawn Doyle) are turning Clenna Dolan (Lyla Porter-Follows) into a proper high class lady. She’s up against a rock and a hard place. Either she sways the man, or she’s cut loose with nothing. Hopefully she doesn’t have to do anything disgraceful, she won’t have that shit.

Coin for blood is Bentons way
We can fight them without becoming them, Sokanon.”

Harp’s agreed to do a bit of thieving. Except no small-time job, they’re robbing Fort James: 10,000 pelts. Hmm. I wonder if Grace might prove helpful to her old pal Declan, which could perhaps help with her situation concerning Chesterfield; or, could make it worse, who knows. Just a thought. First, Michael and Declan and their gang have to figure out a solid plan.
Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.55.43 AMWhen the lads get going, McTaggart gets shot in the leg from further in the forest. Charleston’s pretty keen on weaponry, sure it’s only one man attacking. He even gets a makeshift tourniquet on his new buddy, before Harp sends them off to their destination, a friend named Jack’s cabin. Then our big bad warrior goes after the man preying on him, Vlad Tetukin (James Preston Rogers), the Siberian bounty hunter. This puts the two men into a man-to-man fight after Harper breaks his gun with a tomahawk. Only the Siberian has other ideas, like tracking the others to the cabin. Oh, damn.
Out on the town in Montreal, Elizabeth Carruthers (Katie McGrath) and husband Douglas Brown (Allan Hawco) run into Cobbs and Clenna, on their way to see the Marquis. Liz is continually plotting, trying to get the upper hand on the fur trade. Although Douglas isn’t happy to see she’s planning on including Clenna in her machinations against Grant’s business. He’s experienced jail for crimes he didn’t commit, he knows the horror. And he’s a man! Imagine what it’d be like for a young Irish girl like Ms. Dolan. Lord almighty.
Sokanon takes Michael to see a Native man named Wahush, he makes canoes. They’re old friends, these two. Possibly closer than that. Regardless, he’s happy to meet the Irishman. They go with Wahush to where his people stay along the river. We find out more: Sokanon and Wahush were “promised” to each other, before Lord Benton turned up and tore the place apart. The two nearly embrace, alone, though she realises coming to him was a mistake.
Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.56.15 AMGrace goes to see Chesterfield, who gives her back a hat belonging to her father. He’s a bit more sweet now, all of a sudden. She’s also suddenly trying to be nicer, even if just for her own sake right now. She wants to try settling into the house with him. There isn’t much choice for her, unfortunately. She tries a bit of snooping while he’s out of the room, looking to find more of her father’s official things, regarding the ale house; Chesterfield doesn’t mince words, he intends on taking anything she owns for himself.
At night on the ship, Darrow talks with Benton. The Lord tells him that Everton has discovered “Chaulks secret.” And so now, he wants Darrow to help conceal the truth. But the Commander supposedly has ideas about what they’re going to do to the young girl. This all sets Darrow on a collision course: will he do what I believe, in order to save the girl? Chaulk looks for him a while after, finding Darrow going to work on the Commander.
In Montreal, Grant receives the Marquis at his grand home, live musicians playing music from Vienna, Clenna there to woo him. We’ll see how well it goes. Meanwhile, across the city, Douglas and Elizabeth rage at one another over the latest hiccups in her quest for domination. He apologises to her for what Grant put him and Malcolm (Michael Patric) up to, sabotaging the furs; he confessed so as not to let Clenna take the fall. He wants to try making it up to his new wife, no matter if Malc is happy. What does the brother do? He goes behind Douglas’ back, right to Mr. Pond. This is right when Liz strolls in to see Grant, the Marquis, revealing the damage of the furs. Cocking things up bad for Grant.
Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.56.50 AMHeading further to Jack’s cabin, Charleston and McTaggart find only the Siberian. But through a bit of fuckery, Harp gets his boys out, and blows the place sky high with the bounty hunter inside. Their friend Jack’s been killed, so at least there’s a slice of revenge.
In the meantime, Wahush agrees to help Sokanon and Michael with the robbery at Fort James. However, there’s a reluctance, or a slight sense of competition between him and Michael that won’t quite end just yet.
Chesterfield is gone mad back at the fort. Because Grace is gone. She’s set off to Montreal, to find her father. So the spited governor husband decides to give the ale house away, anyway. Like a right prick. This also puts the women working there in hideous danger.
Oh, and the Siberian? Ain’t dead, dude. Bad motherfucker. He’s beat up, but not dead.
Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.57.45 AMWow. This was one of my favourite episodes of the whole series, Season 1 included! Love it. Also really dig that Joel Thomas Hynes is getting more screentime, I hope he’ll stay around. He just won a Governor General Literary Award (Fiction) here in Canada, so he’s not only a Newfoundlander, born and bred – and he’ll be one ’till he diesssss – he is also a big time author to boot.
“Mutiny” comes to us next week. I’m sure that word might involve Mr. Darrow, somehow. Is Benton mounting a comeback strategy? Oh, so exciting, so devious.

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