Mr. Robot – Season 3, Episode 6: “”


USA’s Mr. Robot
Season 3, Episode 6: “”
Directed by Sam Esmail
Written by Kyle Bradstreet

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Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.26.56 AMWe open on a flashback, to when Angela (Portia Doubleday) was a little girl. She and Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) sit talking a while. They’re at a party, except it’s a party to sort of say goodbye to Angela’s mother Emily (Julia Crockett), to usher her off to whatever comes after life. For his part, Mr. Alderson drops a bit of Back to the Future knowledge to try helping the girl. He also asks her to look out for Elliot (Rami Malek), if ever dad shouldn’t be there to help him himself.
Back to present day, with Elliot questioning Angela, about her role in the Dark Army’s Stage 2 preparations. He isn’t happy that she’s willing to take her rage to such an extreme length. People are going to die. Nevertheless, Tyrell (Martin Wallström) has put everything into action, and Angela’s been manipulating the friend she was supposed to help. It’s an ugly use of Elliot’s mental illness against him. What’s worse is that this all has real world consequences, it’s not just a betrayal amongst friends. This is potentially going to tear the world apart. Our hacker still wants to stop what he can, however, it’s getting even harder to move forward with Angela standing in his way.
Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.32.00 AMThe FBI’s having their own trobules. Darlene (Carly Chaikin) is putting a wrench in the works, even if she’s still working with them. Dom (Grace Gummer) and Norm (Rizwan Manji) are trying to bend her to their will, but the young woman’s very smart, very sly. She tries to do as right by her brother as she can stuck in this predicament. Meanwhile, Dom doesn’t realise her boss Agent Santiago (Omar Metwally) is running with the Dark Army, and there she is, bringing him information unknowingly; he’s relaying it all right to Irving (Bobby Cannavale).
At the “utterly tasteless” Mar-a-Lago Club, conveniently timely, Whiterose aka Zhang (BD Wong) meets with Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer) over drinks before a little get together with a bunch of other rich pricks. They talk in their usual way, a bit venomous, still civil. They also lament the idiot owner, who wears disgusting boating shorts that show off the ole “hanging brain.” Great jabs at the current dumbass POTUS, then just a regular jackass. Also an interesting choice of song in the background – “The Girl from Ipanema” – seeing as how Whiterose is there. Love this series!
Elliot is at E.Corp, wondering why people are headed back inside so soon. The bomb threat doesn’t go over as planned, they didn’t find a regular, expected bomb, so why worry, right? Our hacker must sneak his way into the building, to locate the device itself, by himself. Uh oh. That’s a bit sketchy; then again, sketchy may as well be Elliot’s middle name. When he gets to hacking, he finds Mr. Robot kicking back, worse than he has in a long time. All of a sudden, he’s in a cab somewhere else. That’ll set him back a little bit.
Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.38.45 AMIrving’s packing everything in the secret hacking lab to be taken away. And while Wellick thinks it’s part of the agreed upon plan, still believing his wife is alive, it’s not exactly going to be what he expected. At least he isn’t dead; yet. Simultaneously, Elliot pieces together what happened during his blackout, and he can’t find his laptop. He’s still having trouble, fizzling between reality and his lost time each time he tries to get back into the system, Mr. Robot fighting hard to keep him away.
On the subway, Angela sees someone wearing an fsociety mask. He pulls a gun out, robbing two old ladies. Angela doesn’t want to give over her purse, though. She refuses, and soon he leaves. She’s almost catatonic at this point.
After so much red tape Dom is going to cut through it herself. She goes down to the Red Wheelbarrow, where she heads inside and Norm watches the exterior. She believes that Wellick might be somewhere in the building. She’s done waiting, and goes through the back in the kitchen. She sees smoke coming from a backroom. In there she only finds the remnants of where Wellick was staying, where he burned whatever Irving gave him in the letter before he left. Dom’s instincts were right, she’s just too late; there’s even a tunnel leading away from the place underground.
A little later, Wellick is right out in public trying to run away. He doesn’t get far. And he’s screaming about an attack, wanting it to be stopped, suddenly worried about people dying. This rightfully freaks Dom out.
Elliot takes a fall over the stairs. Then he figures out it’s a good way to disrupt Mr. Robot, even if he’s kicking the shit out of himself. It’s his “kill command.” Both of them are fighting against one another. Elliot hopes that if he keeps moving he’ll manage to win. Hopefully so. Because right now dear dad is trying to keep his boy caged in, at all costs.
Can Elliot convince Mr. Robot to help? Can he change his own mind? Yes. Through it all that other personality listened, they worked together. The attack is thwarted. No explosion. No death. However, where does our hacker go from here? Will Mr. Robot stick around? What will the Dark Army do now? So many possibilities from here, and though there’s hope, I’m pretty damn worried.
Above all else: what’s Whiterose actually plotting? It was far bigger. Explosions at 71 other Evil Corp buildings run across all media. Hideous. Thousands dead. The brutal revolution continues.
Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.55.47 AMScreen Shot 2017-11-16 at 2.02.03 AMWhat a great fucking episode! The intensity is usually high, but this one was just wild. Even the previous episode was pretty damn riveting, the pace was flawless, the cuts hidden perfectly for the one-take feel. But this just had an even further feeling of tension, the suspense was outrageous.
Can’t wait for ” ” next week.

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