Fox’s Gotham
Season 2, Episode 11: “Worse Than a Crime”
Directed by Jeffrey Hunt
Written by Bruno Heller

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IMG_0159Alfred (Sean Pertwee) crawls out of the dump, still alive, with Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) and her cronies on his tail. Can he make it out in one piece? Can he save young Bruce (David Mazouz)? At Wayne Manor, Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) is discovering things aren’t quite right.
The little billionaire’s been dragged to Theo’s (James Frain) loft. Where Galavan reveals he is a Dumas, his family having been “dishonoured and degraded” by the Wayne family all those years ago, for centuries. Bruce is the “last son” of the Order of St. Dumas’ enemy. So, he must die, at midnight to be exact. Father Creel (Ron Rifkin) is there for a bit of ceremony. Gotham will be cleansed in blood.
IMG_0160After waking up, Jim (Ben McKenzie) finds himself at Edward Nygma’s (Cory Michael Smith) apartment, where Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) brought him, saving his life. The detective is nursing his wounds. Cobblepot just wants revenge, he believes he and Jim can fully take down Theo if they work together.
The Galavan siblings are not doing well. Tabitha is a bit more aloof about everything, whereas Theo is full on supervillain maniacal. He worries that she didn’t wrap up all the Alfred threads. He also thinks his niece Silver (Natalie Alyn Lind) is “soft,” and wants her to prove herself: woo Bruce once more before they kill him, watch him die. What a brutal uncle! I’d hate to be a part of that family.
At the GCPD, Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) can only assume Jim is dirty, that he’s working with Penguin. While Dr. Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) tries to do her best fighting for her man the Captain can’t go on assumptions. However, she gets a riddle from Nygma.
And what of Bruce? He’s trying to keep his spirits up, chained in a cell. Silver goes to see him soon, all dolled up. She’s trying to sucker him in like before. Except soon she decides on helping him break free. They don’t make it far. Silver’s failed her uncle’s test, now she’s in the cell with young Wayne.
At the same time, Lucius goes to the GCPD, putting in a missing person’s report on both Alfred and Bruce. Neither have been seen for about 12 hours. He wants them to try looking into it, even if it’s only been half a day. With everything going on, makes sense. Problem is – no proof, which Cpt. Barnes requires. At least they’ve found Alfred, he’s in a holding cell right there after a misunderstanding. Now they need to find Bruce, before the worst happens. Alfred decides on taking Bullock and some guns with him, to start tracking the young lad down. First, they go find Gordon. They’re all headed to get Bruce back from Galavan. A proper team.
IMG_0161Bruce has obviously figured out the “ghoulish charade” Silver helped with, at her uncle’s request. The whole thing has been a lie. She reveals to Bruce that it’s all been because Theo made her, by threat of throwing her out, maybe even killing her. The young billionaire convinces her she’s only young, under control of awful people, it isn’t all her fault.
Whereas Penguin wants Galavan dead, Jim just wants to bust in there and arrest his ass. They’ve also got Selina (Camren Bicondova) to help get them inside. A strange, mixed crew, but a crew, no less. They’re packing plenty of heat, as well.
The time has arrived for Bruce to be sacrificed at the altar of St. Dumas. He helps Silver save face with her uncle, kissing her goodbye before they head down. In the ceremony room, Father Creel and the other monks await. Meanwhile, the young cat is clearing a way for her friends to infiltrate the building. At the GCPD, Lucius tells Barnes he knows where Gordon is located.
Death to the Son of Gotham
Right as Father Creel is about to sacrifice Bruce for their ancestors and the prophecy, Silver cries out, distracting them, and Jim enters the room followed by his friends. It’s a stand off between monks and guns. A massive fight ensues. Alfred and Selina get Bruce untied, safe from harm.
Theo and Tabitha are busy getting away. They’ve got no room for Silver, it seems. Uncle is about to get nasty, when Tabitha knocks him out cold. The two girls suit up with parachutes to get out of the skyscraper, leaving Theo on his own to face the music.
IMG_0162Barnes gets to the loft as Jim has Theo at gunpoint. They’re arresting Gordon, he’s a fugitive. But then Penguin takes the place by storm, putting Barnes unconscious with a vase to the skull. The little man wants to take revenge for his mother out on Theo, he can’t watch him get locked up in Blackgate without full repercussions, if they can even stick charges to him.
What will Jim decide on doing? Seems as if he and Penguin are agreeing on something. They take Theo out by the water, where Penguin beats him with a baseball bat viciously. After that, Dt. Gordon pulls the trigger, killing him. Whoa, that is heavy. Another step over the line. Or is it merely what Gotham requires? I know Cpt. Barnes will not be pleased about this situation. Gonna be bad for Jim again. His policing style really takes a toll on his life, personally and professionally.
Down at Indian Hill, Theo’s body is brought in for Professor Strange and the others working there. I wonder what they’ll get up to with this cadaver. Might be worth keeping an eye on.
And there are more unsettling things happening, like someone walking around with a gun that freezes people to death. Wonder who that could be? Wink, wink.
IMG_0163IMG_0165I don’t know what it is exactly, even though the tone’s a bit lopsided at times Gotham Season 2 is even better than the first. Every episode, I’m loving it, front to back. Haven’t been disappointed by one yet.
We’re not into Wrath of the Villains with “Mr. Freeze” as the next episode.



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