Gotham – Rise of the Villains, Episode 21: “A Legion of Horribles”


Fox’s Gotham
Season 2, Episode 21: “A Legion of Horribles”
Directed by Rob Bailey
Written by Jordan Harper

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IMG_0221Firefly (Michelle Veintimilla) is about to burn up Selina (Camren Bicondova), for the amusement and experimentation purposes of Director Hugo Strange (BD Wong). The Cat does all she can to avoid getting scorched to death, running around the little den they’ve created for Bridgit at Indian Hill. Firefly says it’s “a blessing” to be touched by her flame. Eventually, Selina knocks her friend out, giving her time to find a way of escaping that place.
On the rooftops, Bruce (David Mazouz) waits for his friend, though she doesn’t show. Only Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley) does. And now he’s extremely worried what could’ve happened to Selina.
Interim Captain Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) gives a press conference about the “meat dust” that is now Azrael aka Theo Galavan. In the meantime, he’s got help from Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), as usual, whose lack of official connection to the GCPD allows him room to operate as he pleases. That’ll do well considering the young billionaire needs help.
Elsewhere, a court is gathering. The Court of Owls, perhaps?
IMG_0222Oh, Strange, you’ll never be a proper doctor, will you? He’s still playing Herbert West, Reanimator in the basement of Arkham. He’s got another subject he’s working on, a man named Basil (Brian McManamon), or we may know him as Clayface; the man’s been infused with “octopod DNA.” The mad Arkham Director is bringing back subjects at a speedy pace.
Who else is he planning on bringing back? You betcha it’s Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), baby! He’s got big, interesting plans for bringing her back.
Alfred (Sean Pertwee) is pissed at Bruce to find out he involved Selina in his scheme. Now, between Lucius (Chris Chalk), Bruce, Gordon, and Alfred, they’ve got to put their heads together. Helps having a brain like Fox around; he suggests tracing radiation down to the lab. Bruce wants to book a tour via Wayne Enterprises. He wants to take responsibility. They decide Lucius will go along. Gordon and the GCPD will be waiting to bust in if anything goes wrong.
Poor ole Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is back in a cell, stuck with a sometimes cannibal. He tries offering his help to Peabody (Tonya Pinkins), little bits of info he has rolling around in that crazy noggin. He says he’ll be indispensable to Strange in helping thwart the GCPD and Gordon.
In the bowels of Indian Hill, when Fish returns she’s not a blank slate like the others. She remembers her name, who she was before she said: “I said, my name is Fish Mooney, bitch.” Yowzahs!
IMG_0223IMG_0224At Arkham, Bruce and Lucius come for a tour, and this intrigues Hugo to no end. The Director goes out to meet them, offering all his help, condolences on the death of Thomas and Martha to the young man. Strange and Bruce go for a chat, while Lucius is given the tour. Hiding out in the trunk is Jim, disguised with a guard’s uniform, and he heads inside when the coast is clear. A slippery little plan.
Bruce goes toe-to-toe with Strange over tea. Through the asylum, Ms. Peabody takes Lucius on the tour; Mr. Fox uses his little Geiger counter to track down an entrance to the lab, which he marks with chalk for Gordon later. In the office, Strange pushes his luck, almost threatening, as Bruce tries getting a read on the odd man of gruesome science.
Looking for the markings, Gordon follows the arrows Lucius left. However, it’s too late. Jim, Lucius, Bruce, they’re all swept up by the guards. The Director is one step ahead of everybody. Downstairs, Selina’s using the flamethrower to try opening the doors, and Firefly is coming back to consciousness. Then there’s Fish, she’s confined, with wildly interesting powers coming out gradually.
All of a sudden at the asylum, Strange gets a message from the Court of Owls. They’re not happy with the way he’s operating, all the eyes on him, the publicity. Too much focus on monsters for their taste. The Court likes what they hear about Fish, one step closer to life after death; so long as Hugo can “repeat the process.” Indian Hill will need to be erased off the map. He has to move his operation somewhere else.
IMG_0226Selina tries convincing Bridgit of her true self, that she isn’t Firefly, but a real person, with memories and friends and feelings. It takes a little pushing, then Bridgit starts remembering. Little by little. Is it enough? Not yet. The Cat tries burning her, realising Firefly is resistant to flame entirely. So, she offers to be servant to the “Goddess of Fire.” Saves her, for the time being.
Worried sick, Alfred goes to Bullock to tell him their pals are still at Arkham, so the interim cap orders a full team out with guns to go knocking the door down. At the same time, Bruce and Lucius are stuck together awaiting whatever Strange is plotting. The Director’s actually letting Nygma have his fun, tasked with finding out what Bruce and Lucius know, equipped with poison gas.
As long as there is life, there is hope.”
Before anyone shows up, Strange has Gordon strapped to a chair, they’ve got a contraption they’re putting on his head and it’s being filled with a solution. This is creepy. He’s sat across from Basil, Mr. Clayface. The Director gives Basil a dose of the same solution that was run through Jim and the contraption on his head. What results? Clayface does a damn fine impression of Gordon, only needs a wig. Uh oh.

Such a fun, freaky, wild episode. Lots of Gotham fun! Getting to see more supervillains from the canon is exciting. Cannot wait for the next chapter.
“Transference” finishes off Season 2.

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