Picnic at Hanging Rock – Episode 6

Foxtel’s Picnic at Hanging Rock
Episode 6
Directed by Michael Rymer
Written by Beatrix Christian

* For a recap & review of Episode 5, click here.
Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.24.53 PMMiranda (Lily Sullivan) and Sara (Inez Currõ) enjoyed freedom on their Christmas Holidays. They became closer, even more like sisters. They were surrounded by Miranda’s father (Richard Sutherland), her mother (Zoe Bertram), and all the brothers. We see how at odds Miranda was with her parents, though, when not out enjoying the wilderness.
Again, the theme of civilisation v. wilderness. Civilisation becomes more a cage. All those unknowns of the wilderness are like the knowledge held back by God from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, hidden by society, particularly from girls and young women. The wilderness offered so much opportunity. Civilisation only meant Miranda had to “marry up.”
In the present, Mademoiselle Dianne (Lola Bessis) has taken Sara’s suitcase to Sgt. Bumpher (Jonny Pasvolsky), only the copper isn’t home. She sits and waits with Mrs. Bumpher (Kate Box). Elsewhere, Dora Lumley (Yael Stone) and Reg (Aaron Glenane) exist in their creepiness— she’s found his nasty pictures, he’s found the dildo, the “devils crucifix,” she found in Ms. Greta’s (Anna McGahan) things. They’re one seriously messed up family. Dora’s also beginning to suspect awful things of her brother. This prompts an argument, ending in a fire that engulfs both Reg’s house and her dress. Jesus.
Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.30.27 PMLooks like Hester Appleyard (Natalie Dormer) is readying herself to leave for good from the college she founded, that’s crumbling before her. She starts remembering the past, when she was trying to flee London the same way. She got her name from a soap company that was setup at the train station, crafting a new life as she went. This was the secret Miranda discovered earlier on before the picnic, seeing the soap tin the headmistress kept in her drawer.
The gardener, Mr. Whitehead (John Flaus), remembers telling Miranda and Marion (Madeleine Madden) about the grisly truth of Hanging Rock, how men were hung there and left for wild animals to feast on. He and his brother saw human ribs there once. He also finds something horrific in the flower garden outside: Sara’s cold corpse.
Bumpher’s found the Lumley tragedy, just two burned corpses. When he gets back he finds his wife and Dianne waiting. They further run into Jasper Cosgrove (Huw Higginson), who’s got no idea about what has been going at Appleyard College. Uh oh. Right at that moment, Hester’s leaving the college by carriage, and the coppers miss her by mere minutes. Bumpher’s led by the gardener to the little girl’s body.
Jump back. Hester confronted Sara up in the attic, asking where the missing young women went. Sara taunts of “a vow” the others made. Suggesting there was something else to their disappearance.
Hester goes to see none other than Tomasetti (Marcus Graham). She believes Arthur (Philip Quast) is behind everything going on at the college. Except her old pal tells her Arthur never made it. He did, indeed, die from infection after having to get his arm lopped off. He truly is a ghost haunting his widow. She thought she was running away from a man still living when in fact she was “free all this time.” Which means there’s a whole other slew of explanations for the missing girls Hester hasn’t really considered.
Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.32.42 PM

“I told the wrong lie”

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.37.10 PMA flashback shows us Marion on Valentine’s Day, going to Greta with a card and love in her eyes. Only Ms. McCraw had to reject her, due to their difference in age, and her position as a teacher. This hurt Marion, obviously, believing it was because of the racial difference. Such a heartbreaking thing to see. Just more to add to the mystery of the young women disappearing. So many reasons to suggest it might’ve been a conscious effort. Or, so many red herrings.
We see more of the picnic. Miranda was scaling trees, no gloves, which alerted Greta to the terrible scars on her hands. She also made clear, subtly, to her teacher she knew about the semi-relationship between her and Marion. Marion, Miranda, Irma (Samara Weaving), and Edith (Ruby Rees) went walking in the hills together. Not without rich girl Irma making a “savage” comment in front of Marion. Not without them all dreaming of escape to some other world better than the one they knew. Up on the mountain, they looked down on all the others by the lake. Marion noticed somebody further off from the group, too— Greta. Nearby was also Michael Fitzhubert (Harrison Gilbertson) following. So many possibilities.
What we find is that the young women were going up Mount Diogenes to secure their vow, one they committed to out in the roses. A vow to their “secret selves.” They each cut their fingers on the rose thorns, binding their vow in blood and rose petals. And just as they’d lay together before, they laid down on top of Hanging Rock in a pile. It was there they were found by Michael, sleeping in each others arms, though he left them soon afterwards.
The young women – without Edith – got up from their slumber and walked off. They went to the highest part of the mountain. There, they undid their corsets and stood at the edge of the rocks. They tossed their corsets into the wind.
Hester goes up to Hanging Rock, searching for answers. And when she gets up there, she talks a walk off the edge, never knowing the answer to the mystery.
Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 1.00.47 PM

“Darkness spreads. It gets everywhere.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 1.09.41 PMI absolutely loved the ending. There’s an ambiguity there that existed in the original film. Ultimately, though, Mrs. Appleyard feels responsible, and that’s why she took a jump for herself. Because, regardless of what happened, part of the why will always remain with her. The darkness of her past crept up on her and she was too busy worrying about that to see what was happening in her own school— where she was meant to be looking after all those girls and young women.
So, Picnic at Hanging Rock here stays ambiguous to a point, while giving us a fully rounded perspective on the Widow Appleyard. Great storytelling. This miniseries deserved better reviews than it’s gotten, so I hope more people will watch this soon.

3 thoughts on “Picnic at Hanging Rock – Episode 6

  1. Hi there – I just re-watched all the episodes over the last 2 days – much better than my first viewing on tv with a week between each and my attention probably divided between the show and other things. I missed so much the first time around. I really enjoyed your reviews of each episode and was as surprised as you that the show was written off by some in the media. I too love the original movie and book (there’s an alternate ending to the book somewhere – an extra chapter with more of an explanation to the events – I’ve read about it, but haven’t read it.

    Anyways – a few other thoughts I had. Do you think Hester jumped because she felt responsible for all that had happened, or because, like the others she was escaping her life and shedding her disguise, ultimately freeing her? Did Sara jump from the tower because she was escaping or was she pushed by Mrs Appleyard? Why did Irma not go through with whatever happened with Miranda, Marion and Miss McGraw? Did Miss McGraw catch up with the group and because Irma was not truly ready, took her place? My half baked theory is that Irma still had hopes of snagging Mike as a husband, and so wasn’t willing to commit and only discovered in the aftermath of their bungled near-engagement that she too had been trapped, while the other three were at the point of refusing to surrender. Is there a part of you that thinks that rather than being sucked into whatever time-space vortex existed on the rock, the three ladies actually came out the other side and are now sailing to America to live out their lives in their own way? I’m skeptical about that, but a little part of me likes to think they’re on a horse ranch in California living their best lives. Poor Hester though, didn’t get any kind of cool escape but instead wound up impaled on a rock. I notice that her final dress was the same shade of blue as Sara was always wearing so perhaps in her mind the two orphans had merged finally.

    Anyways, thanks for the place to ramble on about the series. I thought it was excellent – loved the sound design (the heavy footfalls on the rocks) and the ephemeral quality of light and the really bold colours. I also thought that early in the series there were many funny moments with sound effects, particularly around Mrs Appleyard (the swooshing of her dress, and her many side-eyes). Those comic touches were maybe too much to keep doing as the material got darker.


  2. Sheryl Wright

    I have been searching the web to find what operatic music was playing during part of episode 5 of Hanging Rock. I can’t find any reference or acknowledgement of what it is but I know it and have it going over in my head but can’t identify it – can you help?


    1. MaryS

      Hi Sheryl, it is Mozart’s Laudate Dominum. I see it’s been a couple years since you commented but I hope you get my reply, it is a lovely aria. The soprano in this particular interpretation is Catherine Bolzanelo.

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