Preacher – Season 3, Episode 3: “Gonna Hurt”

AMC’s Preacher
Season 3, Episode 3: “Gonna Hurt”
Directed by John Grillo
Written by Gary Tieche

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Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.01.57 AMTulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga) is on a mission. She heads in to the Grail, only to discover the place has been cleaned out. All that’s left is a picture of Jesus, a deck full of business cards, and a bunch of electrical cords. No Herr Starr (Pip Torrens), no Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) or Lara (Julie Ann Emery). It’s a bust.
She’s still seeing God (Mark Harelik), too. Dressed up in his doggy fetish gear. They meet on the road. God assures everything’s been “by design,” even the screw-ups and the chaotic mess. God riffs a bit on Jean-Paul Sartre and other existentialists when talking about the difficulties and responsibilities of freedom. In the end, freedom’s all what we make it. Even if it turns out shitty for us. Yet Tulip thinks the big man’s just fucking around instead of doing anything by plan. She challenges him, so God gets a little sassy to prove his point.
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.02.23 AM

“Free will is a blessing and a curse”

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.07.50 AMAt Angelville, TC (Colin Cunningham) is looking after the recently shot Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), giving him a nice dose of painkiller gas to dull the pain. They have a little chat while the vamp talks about how many times he was “shot and stabbed” over the years. Many nasty stories of debauchery with men and women alike. Nobody there knows about him, though. They haven’t figured out he’s one of the living dead.
Jesse (Dominic Cooper) warns Tulip not to mess with Gran’ma (Betty Buckley), Tulip underestimates the old woman. They’ve also got to keep Cassidy’s identity under wraps. Wouldn’t help things to have the clan there figuring out there’s a vampire in their midst. Really doesn’t help that Cass and the preacher at still at odds somewhat. Although Jesse tries to mend things between them, admitting the vamp is his “best friend.” Soon, Cassidy also comes to realise Angelville is a bad place for his kind. The picture he’d seen earlier in the house of a man hanging from a tree was, in fact, a vampire being hung up and left until sunrise. Gran’ma and her people don’t take kindly to strange creatures, even if she’s a voodoo witch.
And Tulip just will not quit. She pokes around the house all over the place. Looking in spots she shouldn’t, going where she doesn’t belong. She picks a lock into a set of drawers, finding old bloody handkerchiefs by the dozen. There are more odd things lurking in there, too. She doesn’t stick around too long thankfully. Just enough to know that place is creepy as hell.
Over at a church, Jesse goes to a meeting for addicts. He chats up a man about Angelville. The guy knows about the place, he asks about “the Tombs.” But the preacher says they’re not open again, which greatly disappoints the man. Strike out for Jesse and Jody (Jeremy Childs). They’re seeking prey for Gran’ma. The two of them have history, they know one another too well. And they know all their dirt.
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.26.40 AM

“Magic is one thing, monsters is something else.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.30.51 AMWe see Tulip lure TC in by letting him show her his “dingle.” It doesn’t impress her too much. She just wants to get information about Angelville and Gran’ma, more than she already knows. He tells her about the blood handkerchiefs, the pact made between those who bled and Madam Marie L’Angell. Tulip wonders if someone gets rid of the pact itself, does the debt disappear. This makes TC suspicious. So, he tells her about a “blood compact” between Gran’ma and a desperate man. Turns out, tearing up the handkerchief itself doesn’t totally turn out as expected. Debts must always be paid.
At the house, Cassidy goes to speak with Marie. He’s looking for love. Hmmm. This cold turn out badly, depending on what the vamp intends on doing with the potion she gives him. Certainly a curious situation. Afterwards, Jesse gets back, and Gran’ma starts getting more harsh with her instructions for him. She also begins planting the seeds of doubt in Jesse’s mind about his vampire buddy.
In town, Tulip goes over into Boyd territory, to see the rival Madam. She only winds up in a hardcore fist fight with some of the Boyds. She gets to meet the real Madam Boyd (Prema Cruz), too.
Speaking of, Cass is caught red-mouthed in the garden by TC, feasting on an animal. This is about to begin a shitstorm. As well as a vamp hanging in the yard. Jody and TC string him up, planning on target practise and watching the sun rise. The preacher has other ideas. He’s opening up the Tombs like the good old days. It’s like a weird fight club. Cassidy the vampire takes on a “paedophile science teacher” in a vicious battle.

Until next time!
“The Tombs” will definitely get wild.

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