Channel Zero – The Dream Door, Episode 5: “You Belong to Me”

Syfy’s Channel Zero
Season 4, Episode 5: “You Belong to Me”
Directed by E.L. Katz
Written by Justin Boyd & Angel Varak-Iglar

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Channel Zero's The Dream Door 4x05 "You Belong to Me"The title of this episode refers to “You Belong to Me” by Carly Simon, also recorded by the Doobie Brothers.
Ian (Steven Robertson) is trying to help Jill (Maria Sten) hone her psychological skills. She feels different after losing her “first creation.” He tells her it’s all part of the process, he once had the same issue with his own “Tall Boy” imaginary friend. She tries picturing a rabbit, and opens a new blue door, out of which comes a deformed, rabbit-like thing.
Things are bad. Ian smashed Jill’s phone, and of course he’s merely another man trying to control her. We also hear he created her dog, which is somewhat unsettling, too. Tom (Brandon Scott) was gaslighting her all the time. This stuff with her half-brother is far more dangerous. Now she’s cut off from communication, like many women in abusive relationships— so many real life themes going on, as is usual with Channel Zero.
Channel Zero's The Dream Door 4x05 "You Belong to Me"Around the summer house, Jill hears a strange noise. She finds a stuffed dog toy. Things are slowly starting to become clearer to her. She knows something isn’t right, especially because she had a stuffed dog that looked exactly like that one when she was a girl.
At home, Tom sees a dog that looks just like theirs, following it over to Ian’s place. He heads inside to snoop, finding a strange jar in the fridge with something meat-like floating inside. In the basement, he uncovers a bunch of tiny doors, and a raven looking half formed. He further sees a bunch of kids drawings, such as Tall Boy, a dog, and a bunch of hooded people in different colours. The more Tom digs, the more he finds out about their neighbour— like a picture of Bill Hope (Gregg Henry) and pictures of Jill as a girl. He puts all the pieces together.
Jill and Ian get back home to see somebody inside his house. Oh, and Tall Boy was hiding in the car on the ride home! A great coincidence. Tom asks Ian why he was at the motel, confronting them with what he’s learned about Jill’s family. She’s already figured things out. Not the perfect time for confrontation, given Tall Boy’s lurking. Will there be a reemergence of Pretzel Jack to fight Tall Boy at some point? Lots of pent up anger between the half-siblings that could be unleashed.
Channel Zero's The Dream Door 4x05 "You Belong to Me"After the revelations, Ian says he has “something big” to show sis. He’s left the dead corpse of their father in the garage to be chewed apart by hungry pugs. The psychopath half-brother thinks he and Jill can move on from here together, as if they’ll be a family. She decides to call the police. While she makes the call Tall Boy’s not far, waiting for his creator’s command. Eventually the cops come and the place becomes a crime scene. Ian takes credit for all the murders Pretzel Jack committed, too. He killed the owners of the house, so that’s three actual murders.
The married couple make up. Tom says all he ever wanted was a family, though Jill’s unsure of herself, feeling unstable. They later have sex. A new door’s forming, like they’re almost birthing something together. The new door is sideways this time. They go open it up and inside is a writhing, limbless child-thing. Tom tries picking the thing up, but the flesh is so tender he nearly pokes through it. Did they create a partial child made up half of the husband’s desire and half of the wife’s uncertainty? It’s like an alien crossed with the Eraserhead baby, and Tom can’t handle that shit. No matter, seeing as how the creature’s dying, anyway. Jill cradles it until the time comes.
Ian’s being transported by the cops (Greg Bryk and Marina Stephenson Kerr). In the distance, Tall Boy’s coming to free him, and he butchers the two detectives while they’re waiting for a school bus to move. Definitely one of the most nasty, bloody murders this season, if not of the entire series. And Ian’s back on the loose.
He gets back to the couple’s place, where Tom confronts him and alerts a cop next door. Doesn’t help Tall Boy is close, still wielding a power saw to murder anybody standing in the way of his best buddy Ian. With only one episode left in this season there’s sure to be a bit more gruesome killing and plenty weirdness to come. Remember the drawing of the hooded figures Tom saw? The ones that resemble CRAYONS? One’s coming out of a door right in the front of his own house. Holy fuck. When Jill comes downstairs a little later, she finds nobody— not her husband, not her half-brother, not the hooded figure, only a new red door. On the driveway is left a message in blood.
This episode closes with the song “Always Wanted Your Love” by artist Tony Stevens.
Channel Zero's The Dream Door 4x05 "You Belong to Me"

“Hey there, little guy.”

Channel Zero's The Dream Door 4x05 "You Belong to Me"This season’s been insane! So much to enjoy, and of which to be terrified. There are images from The Dream Door that won’t soon leave my mind.
“Two of Us” is next and last.

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