MURDER DEATH KOREATOWN: Exploitation & Ignorant Whiteness in True Crime

The line between found footage fiction and non-fiction blurs in this horrific true crime mystery.

[Fantasia 2020] KRIYA and the Ancient Curse of Patriarchy

A guy just trying to get laid ends up back at a woman's house after the club, where he's roped into performing last rites on her dying father. Buzz kill.

[Fantasia 2020] The Hot & Cold Paranoid Delusions of BLEED WITH ME

Is it paranoia? Or, is your new bff a blood-sucking vampire of some kind? Hard to tell.

[Fantasia 2020] TIME OF MOULTING: The Suffocating Gothic Weight of Traumatic Histories

A German house, circa 1970s. Time stands still. Can one damaged family shed the weight of history to move forward?

[Fantasia 2020] SURVIVAL SKILLS: ‘Good Apples’ Can’t Exist in a Rotten System

Ever wonder why the system doesn't work so well? Because it was never designed to— not for everybody.

[Fantasia 2020] Michael Venus’s SLEEP: A Surreal Historical Reckoning

Michael Venus reckons with Germany's dark history and shows that the past is never so far behind us.

NOS4A2 2×05: “Bruce Wayne McQueen”

Vic faces off with Charlie Manx once more. But this time she has help. Will it really make a difference?

“Beware the beast”: Demonic Repression & Sex as Religion in CATACOMBS

A demon, a woman, and a chocolate bar-eating monk walk into an abbey. Stop me if you've heard this one...