Happy! – Season 2, Episode 6: “Pervapalooza”

Syfy’s Happy!
Season 2, Episode 6: “Pervapalooza”
Directed by Marianna Palka
Written by Ashley Michel Hoban & Patrick Macmanus

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Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - WishieMerry (Lili Mirojnick), dressed as a Wishie, keeps trying to infiltrate Shine Tower. She sees another Wishie near the elevator. They stare each other down. Then Merry attacks. They exchange slap after slap, until she shoots it in the ass and finds out it’s Nick (Christopher Meloni) inside.
There’s a great JFK-style diagram of the bullet finding its way across Sax’s “Grassy Knoll.” At least it’s only a graze. Sax and Merry dump the Wishie and talk about the Wishie’s blood from the jam jar, which freaks Nick out. Now he wants to cut the dead Wishie open and see “whats inside.”

Elsewhere in the tower, Amanda (Medina Senghore) is taken off to see Sonny (Christopher Fitzgerald), who’s angry about having something important of his stolen. She’s kept in an eerie, child-like cage. She wants answers about what happened to her last time she was there. She meets the Wishies. They speak to Sonny, without words, and tell him Amanda’s “with child.” He knows what she needs, or so he says. He bestows her a vial of cloudy liquid. Yuck.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Grassy KnollHappy (Patton Oswalt) is off with his new friend Lil’ Bo Peep (Jamie Elizabeth Kelton), though he can’t stop talking about his best friend, Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo). Bo doesn’t dig real friends. “We exist for them,” she says, and they wind up being forgotten. She suggests Happy start living for himself. Later, Ms. Peepe does a sexy dance for him, and then they twirl around, or something, and Happy has a rainbow orgasm.

When Nick tries to cut into the Wishie, he and Merry get attacked by the thing as it writhes and screams in pain. It gets free of the meat hook and runs off. On the way, it bowls over Le Dic (Michael Maize), who’s weirded out and has a story of his own. Mr. Bug came to him asking about a cab driver, which is obviously our man Sax. Le Dic came to see his former hitman pal to let him know there’s something not right about the Bug. He used to be into “weird sexual shit” and went to an orgy at Shine Tower— “Pervapalooza“— and there’s another one happening tonight.

In prison, Blue’s (Ritchie Coster) called to see Warden Kilpatrick (Jeffrey Emerson). Makes things more difficult seeing as how Orcus is calling the shots. The warden’s asking about his recent bringing together of the gangs. The prison’s been quiet for days. No violent incidents amongst prisoners. Kilpatrick says it’s not good, because now the prisoners are getting nasty with the guards, so the warden says it better change, or Blue will be the one who’ll be punished.

While out with his daughter, Nick runs into Smoothie (Patrick Fischler), surprised to see him again after their last encounter. They both sport scars from that violent meeting: Smoothie, missing his eye, and Sax, no longer an anal virgin. These guys are headed for another brutal tango together. Smoothie threatens Sax, via Hailey, having kept his eye on the girl over the holidays. They trade threats. Hard to imagine how utterly wild it’ll get between these two before it’s all over.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Patrick Fischler

“Keeping the peace can hurt”

Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Medina SenghoreNick has to bring his daughter to his mom Janet’s house and we get to see Meloni play his own mother! There’s a little bit of insight here into how insane Sax’s upbringing was, judging by how ole Mrs. Sax. Mom and son have’t seen each other for ages.

Soundtrack note: Bo Peep dances to “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” by Samantha Fox

When Hailey runs off on her drunk grandma, she meets up at the mall with Smoothie. They’re becoming quite good friends. He continues sowing seeds of unhappiness and doubt into the little girl’s life, trying to make her distrust her mother, her father, and everybody else. He’s whittling her world down to nothing, so she has nobody to rely on— except him.

In prison, Big Pink (Paul Wight) hauls Blue to the edge of the roof. He’s going to help his prison lover escape Orcus. He tells Blue one last time: “I love you.” After that, they plummet to the concrete below together over the side of the building.
And at Shine Tower, Sax is attending the leather-furry orgy, dressed as a black armadillo. He sees the Bug dancing. He’s ready to use the gun he’s sneaked inside. But he’s met in the middle of the dance floor by Amanda, dressed all in white. She’s in a trance from whatever that liquid is she drank. Things have just gotten a lot more complicated.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Happy Orgasm

“This is nice—
most guys just wanna fork.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Black PigYet another hilarious, weird, and surreal episode. So many crazy things happening all at once, which is the beauty of Happy! because there’s consistently something interesting happening, whether it’s just really fucking funny or outright disturbing and strange. As always, can’t wait for more.

“Arlo and Marie” is next time.

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