Preacher – Season 4, Episode 2: “Last Supper”

AMC’s Preacher
Season 4, Episode 2: “Last Supper”
Directed by John Grillo
Written by Gary Tieche

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Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Dinosaur ShitWe see God (Mark Harelik) back in the time of the dinosaurs, admiring his “latest creation” while it takes a big, nasty shit. He admires the double rainbow nearby. He tries to shoo his dinosaur away from eating its own poop— doesn’t work. They’re pure instinct. He brought about the Big Bang, decimating the dinosaurs. He’s a spiteful, vengeful god. He wanted something more controllable than lizards.
Like people.

Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) hitches a ride. He’s seeking a penis-shaped mountain in the desert. He sees a vision of Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga) chastising him for leaving her behind without even knowing where he’s headed. On the roadside, he sees someone crying but the woman driving won’t stop. He uses Genesis to stop and gets out. On the side of the vehicle is written Jesus DeSade, House of Entertainment.
(For those who know the comics there’s a treat in store real soon.)
The preacher comes upon a child crying over his dead dog. He turns away for a minute and the boy pulls a gun on him. When Jesse uses Genesis to make the kid drop the gun it goes off and kills the not dead dog. So he leaves the boy all his money and his boots. Everywhere he goes things keep going wrong with his use of Genesis.
Overhead he continues seeing a plane in the sky.
Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Jesus DeSadeAt Masada, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is given a break while he talks with Frankie Toscani (Lachy Hulme). The torturer laments the “old New York days” when “globalisation” didn’t have him traipsing around the world to make money. The vamp talks of getting drunk with Babe Ruth and Owney ‘The Killer’ Madden.
Outside there’s a new development. Tulip shoots an RPG at the entrance, realising even that won’t open the doors. On top of the structure Lara Feathersone (Julie Ann Emery) watches from afar.

In his cell, Cass gets a nibble, enough to regenerate him. When a couple Grail guards come in he chews on them, too. He gets out into the vast halls of Masada. He finds a doctor in a room marked URBAN BLIGHT full of drugs used to destroy communities, robbing his scrubs. He forgets that escape means going into the sunlight. He gets trapped in an elevator with Frankie and a couple guards.
A mess of blood and cocaine later, Cassidy’s caught again.

Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) is crowned the new Allfather of the Grail. He’s doted on by his minions. They ask about the Child Messiah, Humperdoo (Tyson Ritter), whom they’ve lost along with all his clones. To quell everybody’s concerns, Allfather has a PM in attendance climb into a box. The PM is given a grenade to hold, and… BOOM!
Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Bloody Grail

“How can I follow
what I cannot see?”

Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Pip Torrens as Herr StarrThe bar owner gives up Tulip, concerned for her safety. This brings Lara and the Grail down on her. She busts out with her tuned up muscle car. A chase ensues along a bunch of desert roads. They’re no match for Ms. O’Hare. She kicks up so much dust they can’t see her, using it as cover to smash up the Grail’s vehicles. All that’s left is one car. Tulip challenges Lara to a game of chicken and wins. Plus, the Grail car can’t climb back up the quarry hill to chase her out.
But, you see, Tulip’s played a trick. In her car is actually the bar owner. He gave her up as a ruse. The real Tulip is disguised as a Grail guard smashed up in one of the vehicles. She lets medics carry her through the gates, no need to break them down.

At the airport, Jesse searches for the rock on his paper. He’s told it’s the Lost Apostle, an “ancient sacred site” in Australia. We know he’s going to land there eventually, after what we saw in the opening episode of Season 4. But Jesse also left his lighter in the truck earlier. He can’t go on without it. He must go to the House of Entertainment. He gets his lighter back, then sees the child from the road in a window being pulled behind the curtains by DeSade (James Smithers), urging our preacher to go inside.

Later, Jesse is on a plane. He has his boots back, suggesting things at the House of Entertainment got a bit wild. And then there’s God, drinking his diet Dr. Pepper and manipulating events like they’re figurines. You know what’ll happen next. Either way, it’ll be crazy to watch unfold, even if we already know Jesse’s going to going skydiving without a parachute, probably not by choice.
Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Tulip SmilesGood follow-up to the first episode. Father Gore loved it all.
Exciting to see the vile DeSade show up. Should provide more weird stuff before the end.

“Deviant” is next time. Want to bet that the House of Entertainment will be prominent?

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